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Lockhart Tactical UBS-12 Shotgun.


The "saying one is none, and two is one" is a mantra adopted by the preparedness community and can apply to many things in life. It stresses the importance of redundancy in everyday things, especially when it comes to being prepared for when Mr. Murphy shows up. Having one gun in a firefight is a great place to start, but what do you do when your main weapon goes down? If you don't have a backup, prayer is a good option. If you do have a backup, you'd better get it into action. The UBS-12 by Lockhart Tactical is designed to give users another option when their primary rifle goes belly-up.

The UBS-12 is a pump-action shotgun that attaches under the barrel of a rifle, be it an AR-15, AK-47 or almost any rifle with 10 Picatinuy rails slots on the underside of the handguard. It holds 2+1 of 12-gauge ammunition that could bail you out in a pinch. It weighs 4.6 pounds, is 16 inches in overall lengths, with a barrel length of 8.5 inches. It fires 2%- and 3-inch shells. You attach the mount to your rail then the shotgun to the mount. Price is set at $795.

For more information, visit or call 250-715-7290.

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Author:Jones, David Hunter
Publication:Firearms News
Date:Sep 10, 2016
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