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Lockdown Networks NAC Adds Guest Registration, and Enhances Performance.

Upgrade to Lockdown Enforcer Simplifies Setup and End-User Management, Bolsters Remediation and Test Capabilities

SEATTLE -- Lockdown Networks[R], the leading provider of Network Access Control (NAC) solutions that keep IT and security teams in control of who and what is on their networks, today announced an upgrade to Lockdown Enforcer[TM] that streamlines the deployment and management of even large scale installations across an organization, while boosting overall performance. Engineered to address the growing number of use cases found throughout the enterprise and education sectors, the latest version of Lockdown Enforcer includes new features that simplify initial setup, enable easy yet secure and flexible end-user and device registration, and expand on Enforcer's strong assessment and auto-remediation capabilities. Additionally, Lockdown is also releasing an updated, high-performance 2U platform capable of supporting very large enterprise deployments.

With this release, Lockdown Enforcer now offers self-registration for guest users and devices. For educational institutions, this feature eases the burden on IT by automating the system to approve or control guests and allowing for "buddy registration" of parents, friends or other campus guests, as well as easy registration of non-PC devices, such as game machines, PDAs, etc. In the enterprise sector, Enforcer's user registration features prove particularly useful in environments with significant guest populations such as healthcare, or where contractors and suppliers abound. By providing multiple approaches to end-user registration, Lockdown allows enterprises to deploy guest registration that aligns to both security priorities and IT processes. In addition, IT teams benefit from a new splash page and GUI enhancements that enable rapid installation and setup, while streamlining ongoing management.

"We have a lot of guests on our network yet must comply with strict government regulations designed to protect classified data. The device and user registration capabilities are a real convenience for us," said George Owoc, director of business administration of Astrium North America. "It's a very complete system that makes it simple for non-technical users to create temporary guest accounts, so IT doesn't have to manage that process."

Product Highlights

Lockdown Enforcer allows organizations to realize optimum benefits from NAC without taxing internal resources. New features in the 4.6 release include:

* User and Device Registration - Supports both end-user and operator assisted user and device registration. Allows multiple devices of different types to be easily associated with specific users. It can allow users to self-register, or has a reduced operator role allowing only user and device registration.

* Simplified Initial Setup - Streamlined installation process based on extensive field experience; enhancements include new simplified splash page and numerous operator enhancements designed to accelerate rollouts and streamline ongoing management.

* Enhanced Assessment Engine - Custom-built high-speed, scalable test engine supports more than 11,000 tests for all IP devices, not just agentable PCs, offering the most comprehensive vulnerability assessment from any NAC solution. Lockdown continues to tune the scanning engine for higher performance.

* New Tests - Lockdown adds more predefined scans for P2P software and networks and firewall configuration, and adds a simple UI for whitelisting and blacklisting of Windows patches, updates and processes.

* Enhanced Auto-remediation - Supports integration with Microsoft[R] Windows Update and Microsoft[R] Windows Server[R] Update Services (WSUS), as well as AV update and scanning. Lockdown remediates the most common PC compliance problems without user interaction or inconvenience.

* New, High-performance 2U Platform - Features an 8-core processor that delivers a significant speed boost for large-scale enterprise deployments

"As the NAC market has matured, Lockdown has seen the number and breadth of NAC user requirements expand and evolve," said Brett Helsel, CEO of Lockdown Networks. "Lockdown's philosophy has always been that a NAC solution must be able to accommodate evolving use cases in order to deliver tangible results and sustained value to the enterprise. With each release of Lockdown Enforcer, we believe we are delivering a stronger, more flexible platform for automated policy enforcement while continuing to push the envelope in terms of deployability and scalability."

Pricing and Availability

Lockdown Enforcer 4.6 will be available in late January 2008. Pricing is $24,995 for a 1U appliance and $39,995 for the new 2U appliance.

About Lockdown Networks, Inc.

Lockdown Networks[TM] Inc. is the leading provider of Network Access Control (NAC) solutions that ensure only authorized users and policy compliant devices participate in enterprise networks, while improving network response to malware outbreaks and security events. Lockdown Networks leverages existing network and security infrastructure to deliver an all-in-one platform for policy enforcement that maximizes network uptime and productivity while reducing compliance costs. Lockdown NAC is delivered on a suite of highly scalable appliances: Lockdown Enforcer[TM], Lockdown Commander[TM] and Lockdown Sentry[TM]. The Lockdown Intelligent NAC (iNAC[TM]) architecture integrates NAC with external security, endpoint, networking and infrastructure systems while the iNAC partner program enables third-party solution providers to collaborate on network access policy decisions, sharing information critical to network and endpoint security. For more information, visit
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Date:Jan 15, 2008
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