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LockUpLead[TM] Releases The Ohio State University Study Reducing Lead Exposure Associated with Ingestion.

NEW ORLEANS -- This week at the 2012 Healthy Housing Conferences - the nation's leading conferences on lead poisoning prevention, lead hazard control and healthy housing issues - LockUpLead[TM] announces the release of a recent study, by The Ohio State University School of Environmental and Natural Resources, demonstrating that poisonous lead in the home can be detoxified on contact.

In the two samples tested, LockUpLead[TM] was found to conclusively drop the amount of lead that would be bioaccessible between 82.5% to 86%. "That's over 80% reductions in the amount of lead absorbed by the body versus passing through the digestive tract!" proclaims John Cullen, LockUpLead[TM] CEO. "It's important for the health community working in home lead exposure to know that not all lead is created equal and that some compounds are more toxic than others, which changes the fundamental economics of what 'remediation' means."

LockUpLead[TM] provides a cost-effective, easy solution for neutralizing lead dust as a part of following safe lead practices to protect children. The product is under consideration for use in the Obama administration for future White House renovation plans. A new patent-pending soil product designed for playgrounds, yards, and urban gardening is in the final testing stage.

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, LockUpLead[TM] is a new, patented product, adapted from proven technology used in military applications, but reformulated with food-grade ingredients as a 100% nontoxic spray cleaner that detoxifies lead dust on contact. It also reacts on a molecular level with poisonous lead dust to form lead compounds that are permanently detoxified. Columbia University research documents that 68% of children have chronic lead exposure leading to IQ loss, attention and behavior disorders. This is a fundamental part of a child's brain health for those living in urban areas or pre-1978 buildings.

The company's mission is to raise awareness to parents of young children for the risks of lead exposure or lead poisoning, and offer a simple, cost-effective solution. The goal is to reach out to the millions of families who live, work and go to school in older homes and buildings where lead-based paint may be present. Visit for more information. Follow the company's success on Facebook and Twitter.
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Date:May 1, 2012
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