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Location of new bus station must take crowds into account; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION...

Having read the letter from the four Cardiff Assembly Members (You Say, March 15) I cannot help wondering if these people ever travel around Cardiff by bus, and particularly on match days when all the roads around the area are closed to traffic because of the proximity of the Millennium Stadium.

While I agree that we need a new bus station, I cannot see how simply building the new one on the same site is going to improve matters.

Yes we may have a brand new bus station, but if they have their way the travelling public will be no better off because the crowd control system around that area, plus the queuing system in front of the Central Station for rail travellers, would prohibit use of the bus station yet again.

What an appalling waste of money that would be.

The new location suggested, as I understand it, would allow bus services to operate on match days at the Millennium Stadium, and also on Friday and Saturday nights, linking up with the normal bus routes. Presumably the way in and out of the proposed bus station would be away from the area closed to traffic at present.

This would help us all, and also tourists visiting Cardiff.

Whether or not there is any property development in the Central Square area, the fact still remains that the present bus station location is out of use when big events are on at the stadium.

These closures are quite frequent - all big matches, various other events where large numbers are expected, and can be on weekdays or weekends.

Most weekends in November were affected. This problem causes great difficulty for people travelling to and from work, as well as for rail passengers trying to access the station.

It makes it much more difficult for bus companies because of the various terminus points which have to be used.

I have no political motive in drawing attention to the pitfalls in their ideas, but I would ask that they discuss the location with those who deal with the crowd control issues, mainly the police, and go along to this area just before and after matches to see for themselves the difficulties.

During the Olympics there will be the same problems, no doubt. This is something we have had to put up with since the stadium was built 12 years ago.

If they insist on the present site being used for a new bus station, or bus-rail interchange, can they please tell us how they propose to deal with the crowd control issues before and after the matches as well as the precise routes they think the buses could use? * Mrs Margaret Smith Roath, Cardiff
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Mar 22, 2012
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