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Location, location, location.

Frankfort, Kentucky's capital, is located in the center of the eastern U.S. industrial and consumer markets. Over 68 percent of the population and personal income and 73 percent of the manufacturing production of the entire United States is within a 600-mile radius of the region. Businesses located in the region are positioned midway between the largest Midwestern and growing Southeastern markets.

Convenient not only by highways, rail service is also convenient throughout the state via CSX Transportation, Inc. and Norfolk Southern System. Even the smaller communities in Eastern Communities are accessible by rail through Class II and Class III service.

Of course, commercial air travel is a breeze throughout the state, with four major airports serving the region, including Bluegrass Field in Lexington.

The strategic location of Kentucky makes the region an ideal destination for relocation or expansion. Kentucky should be central to your relocation and expansion plans.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, not the least of which are our forests. Our state has more than 12 million acres of forest, over 90 percent owned by more than 400,000 citizens.

Our cabinet has long recognized the potential for our forests and has developed stewardship programs to assist these landowners. With proper management, our forests will provide a sustainable resource for our citizens for generations to come.

In the past few years we have witnessed steady growth in Kentucky's wood products industry. Our staff has worked with Secretary Strong of the Economic Development Cabinet, to promote sustainable development of forest resources. A Forest Products Council has been established to advise the Cabinet and work with the timber industry to address sustainability.

We have also sponsored a Forest Summit, a state-wide dialogue on the future of Kentucky's forests. The Summit was followed by seven regional forums. These meetings led to the development of a plan which recognizes Kentucky's forest resources as "Our Growing Future."

Our Division of Forestry has developed several programs to assist forest landowners. The division is one of the major sponsors of the Master Logger program that trains loggers in best management practices.

These assistance initiatives will help guarantee that our forest resources will be developed in a way which promotes sustainability while providing the wood products industry with the necessary quantity and quality of lumber.

Our Cabinet is ready to assist the wood products industry as it continues to grow, provides jobs and helps us realize the full potential of our renewable forest resources. By working together, we all can benefit from our forests.

James E. Bickford Secretary, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet
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Title Annotation:Think Kentucky; strategic location of Kentucky
Author:Bickford, James E.
Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Aug 1, 1996
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