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Local victories.

Gays and lesbians across the country had newly ascendant out elected officials to celebrate in January:

* CHRISTINE QUINN, a lesbian New York City council member, was elected by her peers to the post of council speaker, widely regarded as the second-most powerful city post after the mayor.

* GINA GENOVESE, a lesbian Democratic township committee member, was elected mayor of the Long Hill Township in New Jersey by a 5-0 committee vote.

* JON COOPER, a gay New York legislator, was elected majority leader of the Suffolk County legislature on Long Island.

* KEN REEVES, a gay city councilman, was elected by the council to serve his third term as mayor of Cambridge, Mass.

* JIM ROTH, one of the first openly gay elected officials in Oklahoma, was reelected by the Oklahoma County commission as county chair.

* PAULA ABOUD, a lesbian Democratic activist in Arizona, was elected by the Pima County board of supervisors to fill a vacancy in the state senate for district 28.
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Date:Feb 14, 2006
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