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Local sections air views in Montreal.

The CIC sponsored a one-day workshop for local section Executives in Montreal on November 1. There were 32 people in attendance, including representatives from 16 CIC local sections and four CSChE local sections, as well as various CIC and society officers and national office staff.

The major part of the day was devoted to small group discussions of very specific issues, such as how to encourage more active participation by members in local section activities; what kinds of programs to offer that would be of more specific interest to members from the industrial sector; what new benefits or programs the CIC could offer to attract new members; what kinds of articles should be included in ACCN; what role can local sections play in building the public image of the profession; what can local sections do to increase undergraduate student involvement in local section activities; and many other topics. Summaries of the recommendations made by the various groups have been sent to all CIC and CSChE local section chairmen.

Also, during the day, CIC president, Don Mutton, FCIC, described the local sections task force he has put together, headed by councilor for local sections, Duncan Bristow, MCIC and including CIC councilor for Montreal, Sandu Goldstein, FCIC, as well as CSChE director of local sections, Ray Tomcej, MCIC, CSC director of education and student affairs, Jim Worsfold, FCIC, CSCT president, Jack Mackey, MCIC and Aff Afghan, FCIC, councilor-elect for Southwestern Ontario. The mandate of the task force is to identify reasons why some sections are inactive or struggling and to make recommendations on how to improve the situation.

CIC vice president, Jim Newton, FCIC described how with the right "map" of the direction we are going in and some diligent work on the part of all of us, any obstacles can be overcome.

Executive director, Anne Alper, MCIC, provided information on the national office staff and the resources they can provide.

CIC Immediate past president, Ed Capes, FCIC reported on progress to date in the Strategic Planning exercise (ACCN September 1992, p. 9) and led a lively discussion. In the final discussion and wrap-up, it was evident that there is a strong feeling that the local sections and regions should be represented on the CIC board in some way other than through the constituent societies. Capes invited local sections to continue to submit their views to the committee as further discussion will take place at The Institute and society board meetings in Ottawa, February 12 to 14, 1993.

Following up on her article in the October issue of ACCN (p. 29), Naomi S. Yergey, an information specialist/vocational counselor with Merck-Frosst, made an interesting presentation on how Merck-Frosst promotes interest in science among young people.

CIC councilor for local sections, Duncan Bristow, MCIC described the process of funding for CIC local sections, using a formula based on the number of members in a section, the number of events held, the number of attendees at events and the available budget. The CSChE funds its own local sections.

This was the first time that such a workshop was organized for local section executives. The consensus was that it was very successful and worth doing again. It would not have been possible without the generous support of Sandu Goldstein and the Merck-Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research, who provided the facility and food. We owe them sincere thanks for their gracious hospitality.
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Title Annotation:workshop conducted by Chemical Institute of Canada
Author:King, Pat
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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