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Local papers are picking up beer tax story.

After a story about rolling back the beer tax went out on the Associated Press wire two weeks ago, some local newspaper have picked up on the story. In the Connecticut Post last week, a reporter interviewed local residents for opinions about cutting the beer tax. Excerpts follow:

"I believe that the United States government taxes the common people excessively," said Andrew Mahoney, 38-year-old plumbing co. owner from East Granby, CT. "Cutting the beer tax just be a start."

"I would be in favor of it," said graphic designer Elizabeth Helling, 48, of Bridgeport, CT. "I think it's always great when things become cheaper instead of more expensive."

Bob Stevens, 72, a manufacturer's rep from Fairfield, CT, also favored a tax cut on brews. "It would certainly be worth my while to cut it," he said. "In fact, I'm for repealing it."
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Date:Jul 9, 2001
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