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Local officials are heading for Congress of Cities.

The 1993 Congress of Cities and Exposition theme "Cities in Action Working Together" has been put into motion as 9,000 participants from around the country converge on Orlando.

Reforming, Rethinking and Rebuilding completes the idea behind the 70th annual conference of the National League of Cities and delegates have a chance to take full advantage of some new and exciting opportunities.

Complementing the conference motive of serving as a leadership platform to help local elected officials improve overall operation of their government, is the newly added Mini Tracks. These ongoing workshops cover the seven timely municipal topics of public safety; infrastructure; mandates; health care; local economies; small cities and towns; and youth, education and families.

Participants in each of the mini-tracks are working with one facilitator in four concurrent workshops with each workshop having a different set of panelists. The goal is to discuss the topics and develop possible solutions.

Thousands are taking advantage of the half-day and full-day pre-conference seminars which address a variety of municipal issues and are moderated by some noted experts of local government.

Speakers, including U.S. Attorney Janet Reno, are on the scene. Reno is the keynote speaker for the Delegates luncheon on Sunday, December 5. The Opening General Session features Labor Secretary Robert Reich, while political analyst Norm Ornstein will address the closing plenary.

A special part of the closing plenary is the theme which involves a wrap up of the mini tracks. The session will raw some conclusions from the mini tracks as part of a look at future trends for cities and towns.

Keeping with last year's push for great ideas, delegates are encouraged to continue to share ideas with other elected officials and bring home a reference of innovative and exemplary programs and initiatives.

Remember, the 70th annual conference has something for everybody and once again offers a chance for officials to get involved in a unique comradery. With 9,000 co-participants, the opportunities are abundant to find out what's working, learn about what's not and be creative about the future.
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Author:Baker, Denise
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Dec 6, 1993
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