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Local investors hold total of P3..827 trillion worth of gov't debt papers.

The national government's outstanding short- and long-term debt papers held by local investors reached P3.827 trillion as of January this year, data from the Bureau of Treasury showed yesterday.

Of the total amount, the government issued P3.562 trillion worth of Treasury bonds with varying tenors of three, four, five, seven, 10, 20 and 25-year. However, the figure is almost unchanged compared with the previous month.

At end-January, the government also issued several peso- and foreign-denominated long-term debt papers to retail and institutional investors as well as sold other types of debt.

Meanwhile, the biggest bloc of the long-term debt were P850 billion worth of benchmark bonds, or papers that can be traded in the secondary market.

Of the benchmark bonds, the smallest amount is P26.72 billion, while the biggest, P255.83 billion. These debt instruments will mature between January, 2016 and December, 2035.

Meanwhile, the second-biggest bloc were retail Treasury bonds aimed at small investors. There were P804.88 billion worth of these papers, issued between August, 2010 and August, 2013, which set to mature between this year and 2037.

The third-biggest were seven-year Treasury bonds, worth P486.03 billion, followed by 10-year papers worth P419.22 billion.

The national government also issued P250.32 billion worth of 25-year instruments, P336.11 billion worth of 20-year papers, P176.99 billion of five-year debt and P8.78 billion worth of four-year papers.

Other types of issued debt were Philippine Par Bonds (P97 million), 25-year Central Bank-Board of Liquidators bonds (P50 billion), US dollar-denominated retail bonds (P5.92 billion), Euro-denominated retail (P267.35 million) and onshore dollar bonds (P22.05 billion).

On the other hand, the government's outstanding Treasury bills issuance reached P264.63 billion as of January this year. Of the amount, the government sold P91 billion worth of three-month papers, P84 billion 182-day instrument and P99.63 billion of one year Treasury bills.


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Title Annotation:Business News
Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Feb 13, 2015
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