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Local Camels Enjoy Summer Break to Regain Strength, Energy before Races.

Muscat, Sept 23 (ONA) ---- There are many Omani customs and traditions that the Omani citizen seeks to preserve in various ways due to their importance in public life. Among these customs and traditions is camel summer break period, locally called (Maqydhat Al Hijin), which is especially concerned with camel bred for sports, especially those taking part in different races or events.

"Maqydhat Al Hijin" is a local term that has various meanings, based on the activity. It is customary for camel owners to have a period of camel rest to regain their activity.

The camel racing season ends in different racing tracks after a busy season. The camels are prepared for the coming season to regain their activity in accordance with a specific diet and planned training program.

During this period, it is very important to choose the appropriate location for the residence of the camels. In this period, camel owners are keen to choose a site that is known by the camel's tamers and experts. The sand is soft and clean and does not contain any obstacles that may harm the camel. The weather of the site must be appropriate.

To know more about the season of "Maqydhat Al Hijin," Obaid bin Said al-Junaibi, owner and tamer of camels said: "Maqydhat Al Hijin means that some camel owners move the camels from the homestead, locally called (Al Izba) where camels are trained, to the soft-sand deserts so that the camels take full freedom in their movement and tie them to the rest of the camels without any restrictions. For some camels, which have suffered injuries during last season's competitions, they prefer to keep them in the farmhouse away from external conditions, so that they are under personal observation by the tamer or whoever acts on his behalf.

During "Maqydhat Al Hijin," the camels find the right environment, which helps them to renew their energy in preparation for the upcoming season. The Sultanate's racing courses are rich every year with distinctive camels, which find all means of care and services.

Al-Junaibi pointed out that "Maqydhat Al Hijin" extends for more than 3 months, in summer, and starts from May to the end of August as "Maqydhat Al Hijin" is practiced in most governorates, which are renowned for breeding racing camels and camels' beauty show. All camel owners are keen on camel summer break due to its importance until the camel commences the new season with full strength.

He added that camels have their own food, and have been cared for by man and used in several activities. He further said that at the present time, the camels participate in various competitions during the peak of the season, which drain much of their energy. Such energy and strength must be compensated by the trainer or tamer according to a well thought diet and program as per the type of competition the camel will take part in.

There are competitions for camel beauty show, others for "Al Ardha" or "Omani genuine camel sport where two camel riders run together on the form of a race," most important of which are the races that are very popular among breeders who present specific quantities of food (such as clover, barley, honey, margarine and milk), depending on the age of the camel during the racing period.

In "Maqydhat Al Hijin," the diet program is open where the camel is left free to pasture to compensate for the controlled program of the season. The camels do not follow particular diet. The diet varies and could include dates as it contains healthy food recommended by veterinarians. During the summer, the Sultanate is famous for this type of dates.

During "Maqyadhat Al Hijin," all camel racing courses in the various governorates of the Sultanate are open to all where the tamers train their camels.

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Publication:Oman News Agency
Date:Sep 23, 2017
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