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Local, Arab and International Condemnations of Terrorist Bombings Continue.

DAMASCUS, (SANA) -- The International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU) on Sunday strongly condemned the two terrorist attacks which hit Damascus yesterday morning, stressing that they are part of targeting the Syrian people and their security, stability and national unity.

In a statement of which SANA got a copy, the Union added that the two terrorist attacks would not have happened without the foreign, Western, Arab and Gulf support.

The statement stressed that "targeting civilians, the Syrian state institutions and the stable neighborhoods is a serious terrorist escalation." The ICATU said that one of the two terrorist attacks took place near the ICATU headquarters in al-Qasaa and greatly damaged its building, calling upon all international organizations and unions to condemn these terrorist attacks.

The statement indicated that this serious escalation goes in line with Syria's determination to move forwards with reforms, adding that this escalation cannot be confronted without the Syrian unity and the keenness on dialogue as the only way out of the crisis in Syria without foreign interference.

National Union of Syrian Students, General Union of Arab Students, al-Ahd National Party Condemn Damascus Terrorist Blasts National Union of Syrian Students and the General Union of Arab Students strongly condemned Damascus terrorist blasts, in which 27 people including civilians and law enforcement members were martyred and dozens injured.

Both unions underlined that the terrorist attacks will make the Syrians more determined and adherent to their principled stances.

Al-Ahd National Party condemned the blasts, stressing that the black terrorism is a manifestation of a destructive scheme that serves the interests of colonial powers and their allies.

The party said in a statement that the bombings have represented the real image of the terrorists' culture and co-supporters which spread death and devastation, underlining the party's adherence to and belief in the national unity.

Secretary-General of Egyptian Libration Party Condemns Damascus Blasts Secretary-General of Egyptian Libration Party, Mahomud Jaber condemned Damascus blasts, underlining that they are part of the conspiracy launched by the Gulf countries and the USA against Syria.

Jeber expressed the party's solidarity with the Syrian people and leadership, pointing out that the conspirators are resorting to terrorism, which is similar to what is happening in Iraq and reflects their hopeless attempts to pass their dubious schemes to the Arab nation.

Regional Leadership of al-Baath Party in Yemen: The Blasts Are Part of U.S.-Zionist Agenda The Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party in Yemen issued a statement denouncing the two terrorist blasts which took place in Damascus on Saturday, saying they are part of implementing a U.S.-Zionist agenda against Syria.

The statement added that these acts came to take revenge against the millions of Syrians who went out into the streets to support the reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad, stressing the failure of these Zionist powers.

General Union of Arab Farmers, Arab Youth Union and Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions in Diaspora/Europe Express Condemnation of Damascus Terrorist Blasts In separate statements, the General Union of Arab Farmers, the Arab Youth Union and Union of the Palestinian Communities and Institutions in Diaspora/Europe condemned Damascus terrorist explosions, which they said will not weaken the Syrians steadfastness, national unity or principled national and pan-Arab stances.

The organizations considered that the two terrorist blasts comes in the framework of the organized terrorism supported by the US, Israel and the reactionary Arab countries, particularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

They called for stopping all forms of support to the opposition abroad, adding that the armed terrorist groups' acts, which are backed by the Zionist powers and some Arab regimes aim at destabilizing Syria and undermining the resistant forces in the region.

Syrian Human Rights Network Condemns Terrorist Blasts in Damascus Syrian Human Rights Network condemned the two terrorist blasts targeted Damascus Saturday morning, considering them as a form of the foreign-backed opposition's failure and international conspiracy which ultimately supports terrorism and violates all human rights principles, the international law and relevant international pacts.

In a statement, the Network called on human rights organizations which adopt a one-sided view and have involved in politicization to stop their allegations and pretend to representing the social promoter of human rights principles after they tainted with the Syrian blood and terrorism in the country.

It affirmed that all those army members broadcast by channels as being defectors, have initially been kidnapped by the armed terrorist groups and they were reading the pre-written defection statements under threats, clarifying that it has documented several cases by name, date and number.

The Network appealed to the international community with its institutions and the Human Rights Council in Geneva, saying that what is taking place in Syria constitutes a violation of human rights principles and the international law , as it is a terrorism similar to the terrorist attack took place in the USA on September 11 2001, which was condemned by the international community.

Al-Sada al-Ashraf Busalama and Anza clans in Syria and Iraq condemned the two terrorist explosions hit Damascus on Saturday, asserting that these crimes target the security and safety of the Syrian people.

In a statement on Saturday SANA received a copy of, the clans said "Those two criminal acts, which target Syria's dignity, will increase the Syrian people commitment to the national principles and rallying around the comprehensive reform program led by the Syrian leadership." Bani Sakhr Clan Denounces the Terrorist Attacks The Bani Sakhr Clan (al-Khirshan) in Syria and the Arab countries also condemned the two terrorist attacks committed in Damascus, stressing that Syria will remain immune to plots and conspirators.

In a statement, the clan pointed out that the enemies of Syria and the Islamic nation are trying to undermine Syria and its people.

People of the Occupied Syrian Golan Denounce Damascus Terrorist Attacks During their participation in the Global March for Syria on Saturday, the people of the occupied Syrian Golan denounced the two terrorist attacks.

During the march, participants said that the explosions are part of the plots targeting Syria, affirming their commitment to Syria and national unity and their rejection of any foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs.

They also said that Syria will be victorious under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad thanks to the strength and unity of its people and the valiance of its army.

The participants then headed to the memorial of the Greater Syrian Revolution Martyrs where they lit candles for the souls of Syria's martyrs.

Syrian Observatory for Victims of Violence and Terrorism, Syrian Consultative Center for Studies and Human Rights Condemn Damascus Twin Blasts The Syrian Observatory for Victims of Violence and Terrorism and the Syrian Consultative Center for Studies and Human Rights condemned in the strongest of terms the twin blasts which rocked Damascus Saturday.

The Syrian Observatory for Victims of Violence and Terrorism held the so-called ''The International Union of Muslim Scholars'' responsible for the bloodshed and increasing tension which goes as far as giving orders for carrying out terrorist operations and giving the green light to Isranbul Council and its terrorist groups to kill innocent civilians.

The Observatory denounced the international silence over the terrorism hitting Syria which does not spare civilians, and the silence of the Human Rights Council and the humanitarian organizations, considering it as complicity in the bloodletting in Syria.

For its part, the Syrian Consultative Center for Studies and Human Rights said that it has become obvious that the what is happening in Syria is a new chapter of the conspiracy that adopts the choice of violence and killing.

The Center indicated that this heinous crime which goes against human ethics and values coincides with a suspicious closure of embassies 48 hours before the attacks.

Journalists Union, National Media Council Condemn Damascus Terrorists Bombings Journalists Union in Syria condemned the two terrorist attacks targeted Damascus on Saturday morning claiming 24 lives and injuring 140 others, mostly civilians.

The Union said in a statement that the two blasts come in a time while inflammatory campaigns against Syria are increasing and some foreign sides announcing the implementation of sabotage acts through calling on citizens not to leave their homes to foment fear among them.

The statement stressed that the perpetrators of these bombings are linked immediately to the states which call for arming saboteurs and work to hinder the international efforts to find political solutions to the crisis in Syria.

The Union urged international community to take its full role in exposing the lies led by international governments and mass media which continue implementing their scheme targeting the Syrian society as a unique model at the world level.

The statement concluded by praying for God's mercy on the martyrs' souls and wished speedy recovery to the wounded, calling on the Syrian people to show more coherence in the face of this plot.

In a similar statement the National Media Council said that Arab and foreign media, which are still instigating and misleading people, contrary to the simplest rules of professional work and media charter of honor, are partners of those terrorists in their crimes against Syria.

The statement offered condolences to the families of the martyrs and wished quick recovery to the injured.

Arab Socialist Union Party of Syria: This Terrorism Aims at Hitting the Syrians' Will The Arab Socialist Union Party of Syria expressed denunciation of the terrorist attacks, saying that the terrorism hitting Damascus is aimed at hitting the Syrian people's will to subjugate it and break its ability to confront the conspiracy.

Syrian Communist Party (Unified) Condemns The Terrorist Attacks in Damascus The Syrian Communist Party (Unified) strongly condemned the two terrorist attacks committed in Damascus on Saturday.

In a statement, the party added that this criminal act aims at undermining the situation in Syria as a preface to spread chaos before calling for foreign intervention.

The party stressed that the terrorists won't succeed in undermining the national unity in Syria with their crimes.

Syria's Scholars Statement 'Strongly' Condemns Damascus Explosions A statement issued by Syria's Scholars 'strongly' condemned the two terrorist explosions which hit Damascus stressing that the provocative scholars shoulder the responsibility for the terrorist acts.

Heads of Syrian Clans Condemn the Terrorist Explosions Sheikh Abdul-Aziz al-Barak of al-Jabour clan condemned the terrorist explosions which hit Damascus, stressing that these explosions and other terrorist acts will not weaken the will of the Syrian people.

Al-Boumajed clan, Al-Marramera clan and al-Khazaelah clan also condemned the explosions stressing that the Syrian people will remain united and continue rallying around their leadership against all conspiracies.

Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Condemns the two Terrorist Explosions, Stress Syrian People's Will to Overcome Terrorism The Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party condemned the two terrorist explosions which hit the Syrian people and their secure institutions and houses.

In a statement, the Regional Leadership considered the explosions as indicative of terrorism backed from the outside through offering money and ammunition.

People's Assembly Condemn Damascus Terrorist Explosions The People's Assembly condemned the terrorist explosions which hit Damascus early in the morning, stressing that such acts are aimed at undermining the security and stability of the Syrian people.

In a statement, the People's Assembly stressed that such criminal acts will boost the steadfastness of the Syrian people against all forms of terrorism.

Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Arab Writers Union, General Sport Union and National Initiative of Syrian Kurds Condemn the Bombings Condemnations of the terrorist explosions were also expressed in statements issued by Damascus Chamber of Commerce, the Arab Writers Union, the General Sport Union and the National Initiative of Syrian Kurds.

The statements firmly condiment the two explosions highlighted the continued war against Syria and its national and pan-Arab stances waged by the US, Zionism and the Arab reactionary forces, stressing that building homelands can not be achieved by means of destruction and sabotage.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: The Same Killers Committing Massacres from Gaza to Damascus For its part, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the General Leadership, condemned the two terrorist bombings, saying it is the same hands of the killers that are committing massacres stretched from Gaza to Damascus, whose aim is to assassin the spirit and culture of the Resistance.

A statement by the Front said this crime shows the failure of the conspiracy against Syria, stressing that "the flames of hatred will backfire on the killers in Washington, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and all those following their plots against out nation." Syrian Community in Jordan Denounces Damascus Terrorist Attacks The Syrian community in Jordan organized a protest rally outside the Syrian embassy in Amman to condemn the twin terrorist blasts in Damascus.

A joint statement by the Syrian community and the gathering of Jordan national powers denounced the terrorist attacks and their mastermind, stressing that Syria will not bow down.

Syrian Community in Lebanon Denounces the Terrorist Bombings in Damascus Members of the Syrian community in Lebanon strongly condemned the two terrorist bombings that took place in Damascus, reiterating their support for reforms and rejection of foreign interference in Syria's affairs.

Participants in a march to support Syria gathered in front of the Russian Embassy in Beirut, saluting Russia and China for their support for Syria, rejecting all the attempts for supporting and arming the terrorist groups, and denouncing the channels of misdirection that fabricate lies and allegations and support terrorism.

Syrians in Austria, Slovakia Lebanon Denounce Damascus Terrorist Attacks Members of the Syrian community in Austria and Vienna strongly denounced the two terrorism attacks that took place in Damascus, condemning this cowardly act that shows the frustration of the terrorism and their masters.

During a march in Vienna as part of the Global March for Syria, Syrians decried the terrorist attacks affirmed their support for their homeland and reforms and their pride in Syria's national unity.

They also denounced the instigation campaigns and the support provided to terrorists by some Arab countries, thanking Russia, China and the friendly countries which stood by Syria in the face of the conspiracy.

Syrian Community in Algeria, Algerians and Tunisian Journalists Denounce Damascus Terrorist Attacks Members of the Syrian community in Algeria and Algerians participated in the Global March for Syria, condemning the terrorist attacks which took place in Damascus.

Participants gathered in front of the Syrian Embassy in Algeria to affirm commitment to reforms, stressing that terrorism will not intimidate the Syrian people and dissuade them from supporting reforms.

They also rejected calls for arming terrorists, eliciting the support of foreign armies and exploiting human rights to interfere in Syria's affairs.

In turn, Tunisian journalists Kheri al-Nouri and Eskandar Alwani and political analyst Najib al-Dreizi denounced the two attacks, affirming that they're parts of the plots targeting Syria for its resistant stances, calling on Syrians to rally behind its leadership and Arab youths to support Syria.

Syrian Community in Italy Condemn Damascus Terrorist Attacks Hundreds of Syrians in Italy participated in the Global March for Syria, marching in the streets of Rome and observing a moment of silence for the victims of the two terrorist bombing that took place in Damascus.

The participants, who were joined by Archbishop of Jerusalem in Exile Hilarion Capucci, representatives of peace organizations, and Italian journalists, expresses sorrow for the deathsA' caused by terrorist mercenaries carrying out suspect foreign agendas.

They voiced rejection of foreign interference in Syria's affairs, stressing that Syria will be victorious over the conspiracy.

Palestinian Liberation Army Staff Condemns Two Damascus Explosions The Palestinian Liberation Army's General Staff condemned the two explosions which hit Damascus and stressed that the explosions are a criminal step that uncovers the conspiracy plotted by some Arab sides and western powers against Syria.

In Beirut, Maronite General Council Head, former Minister Wadih Khazen denounced terrorists bombings, affirming that the hands, which tamper with the security and stability of Syria, are seeking to push things towards the external military intervention in its affairs.

" What happened of explosions in the heart of Damascus, is a blatant defiance of the reforms approach launched by President Bashar al-Assad and a mixing of papers to lead the situation in Syria into a state which is similar to what happened in Libya, " al-Khazen said.

He pointed out that these sabotage acts which target the civil peace in Syria represent a crazy state to create an out-of-control sedition.

In Moscow, a number of Russian and Syrian citizens, during a stand in front of the Russian Foreign Ministry in solidarity with Syria, strongly condemned Damascus terrorists bombings causing many deaths and injuries.

They stressed that Syria, due to the wisdom of its leadership and people's awareness, will emerge from this crisis stronger.

A number of Palestinian factions, parties and bodies vehemently condemned Damascus terrorist bombings, expressing solidarity with Syria in the face of the plot to which it is exposed with the aim of deterring it from its resistant national stances.

The factions, in statements, said the blasts indicate the state of failure and despair reached by the armed opposition in Baba Amr, Idleb and in other areas, stressing that the Syrian people's high interest lies in the emphasis on stopping violence, preventing outside interference, supporting comprehensive reform process and in adhering to the national unity and resisting the Zionist occupation.

The terrorists bombings also were condemned by several parties, unions, organizations and clans.

General Union of Farmers Condemns the Terrorist Attacks The General Union of Farmers also denounced the two terrorist attacks, stressing that such crimes will not undermine Syria's national and pan-Arab stances under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

In a statement, the Union pointed out that this crime is a cover for Israel's crimes in Jerusalem and Gaza Strip amid Arab silence and submission.

The Union added that the purpose of this crime is to exaggerate the events in Syria in order to pave the way for intervention under fake pretexts as 'defending human rights' and 'insuring humanitarian passages'.

Arab Workers Union Denounces the Terrorist Attacks Rajab Matouk, General-Secretary of the Arab Workers Union condemned the attacks, considering them as terrorist acts funded and supported by external sides.

In an interview with the Syrian TV, Matouk added that the attacks prove that the conspiracy against Syria is in its last stage.

He stressed that the millions of the Syrians who took to streets on Thursday prove that the Syrians are determined to confront all terrorist acts and achieve security and stability.

Syrian Community in Russia Condemns the Terrorist Attacks The Syrian Community in Russia also denounced the terrorist attacks, holding external sides, especially Qatar and KSA, responsible for them.

In a statement released Sunday, the community stressed its support to Syria, highlighted that " These crimes will not dissuade us from uniting in the face of plots or from continuing the reform program announced by President Bashar al-Assad." For its part, the National Union of Syrian Students in Russia condemned the terrorist attacks.

The union added that these crimes were perpetrated by terrorists supported and backed by the oil princes and countries.

Syrian Community in Brazil Condemns the Terrorist attacks The Syrian Community in Brazil condemned the terrorist attacks, reiterating its support to all procedures taken by the Syrian leadership to restore stability and security to the country.

During a mass march in Brasilia Downtown, they expressed their adherence to the leadership of President al-Assad, expressing appreciation for the sacrifices made by the Syrian army.

The participants raised banners and placards in which they expressed their rejection of foreign interference attempts in Syria's affairs.

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