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Lobsters of the World: An Illustrated Guide.

Another outstanding book spawned by a Marine Fisheries Review article is "Lobsters of the World, an Illustrated Guidell by Austin B. Williams, and with additional materials prepared by publisher lan Dore. Williams' initial article was "Lobsters-identification, world distribution, and U.S. trade," published in issue number 2, 1986, of the MFR. The book is important because it makes widely available the series of excellent color photographs of lobster tails along with the illustrated key for identification of the lobster tails found in world trade. Combined, they greatly facilitate identification of lobsters for fishermen, fish wholesalers and purchasers, seafood inspectors, restauranteurs, and others.

In addition to Williams' fine and well illustrated article, Dore has included range maps for most species and a full-body color illustration of many of them to help facilitate identification. In addition, the original color tail photographs are reproduced in a larger format. Also, a Part 3 has been added providing supplementary information on other types of lobsters, including black and white drawings, size data, and vernacular names in many languages for species including various crayfishes, lobsterettes, rock lobsters, slipper lobsters, and langostinos. Bibliographic references are provided as well as general and scientific name indexes. An appendix provides a selective (noninclusive) list of lobsters and lobster-like species. Part I, also added by Dore, discusses what a lobster is, the different types, their anatomy, how they are classified scientifically, commercial lobster nomenclature, warm and cold water lobster information, and describes how to use the book. Part 2 is Williams' article and key to lobsters. When scientists identify or classify lobsters they normally work with the whole animal, while the seafood trade often deals with tails only which, alone, are much more difficult to identify; thus, this book serves a very real need and gives global coverage of the major species traded; it also lists or describes certain others that might be confused with commercial forms. Hardbound, the 186-page volume is available now from Van Nostrand Reinhold, 7625 Empire Dr., Florence, KY 41042 at US$80.00.
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1989
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