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Load up on loading tips.

Loading Tool

Use the loading tool for loading and unloading rockets. Without the tool, you could jam the rocket in its tube against the rocket stop. Then, when you have to move it forward to lock it in place, the end shield may be punctured and the igniter wire and weather seal damaged. That makes the rocket unusable because of electrostatic discharge and the hazard of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to ammo and rockets.

The loading tool is something you fabricate at the unit with 1-in inside diameter rubber hose with a maximum outside diameter of of 1 3/8 inch. You can get the hose with NSN 4720-00-415-1362. You will also need a 14-in piece of 1-in wooden dowel and a hose clamp. You will need to buy the dowel and hose clamp at your local home improvement center. Instructions for putting the tool together are in Appendix E-1 of TM 9-1055-460-13&P and in the TM for the aircraft the launcher is installed on. Each forward area refueling point should have at least two loading tools.

End Shields

If you do damage a rocket end shield, contact your ammunition logistics/quality assurance representative or turn in the rocket to the ammo supply point. Units aren't authorized to replace end shields on their own.

Fin Restraint Bands/EMR Shield

Don't throw away EMR shields on the MOD 3 rocket motors or fin restraint bands on all other motor mods. You will need to reuse the shields or bands when you unload unfired rockets.
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