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Load Command[TM].

The Load Command[TM] option has been added to the John Deere 4930 sprayer to provide faster tank fill, easy tender vehicle hookup, minimal chemical exposure and spillage, and automate loading. A key feature is the coupler, which minimizes chemical spill from gallons to a couple of fluid ounces. The tender arm eliminates handling heavy hoses and provides universal mounting. During loading, the operator swings the arm away from the tender vehicle and positions the couplers together. The system detects that the couplers are joined and then inflates an air seal, locking the couplers. A plunger on the sprayer coupler actuates into the spring-return plunger on the tender vehicle, opening the passageway as the on-board pump begins loading. When the system detects that the tank is full, the pump shuts down, the plunger closes, the couplers unlock, and the arm disconnects as the operator drives away. Load Command[TM] can fill the 4,542.5 L (1,200 gal) tank as fast as three minutes.


John Deere Des Moines Works

Moline, Illinois, USA

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Publication:Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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