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Llapak launches new electronic flowrapper.

Ilapak has launched a versatile, new, electronic flowrapper, developed specifically to offer the poultry industry exceptional versatility and packaging line efficiency. The new Delta 3000 4S is capable of packing poultry in a full range of pack formats, in either trayed or tray-less pack styles. Poultry processing companies can now use a single flowrapper to meet all their packaging needs.

Flexibility is a key advantage of the new flowrapper that can pack poultry ranging from whole birds to single portions. The Delta 3000 4S can run laminates, paper laminates and ovenable films producing pillow pack and quad pack formats in either modified atmosphere (MAP) or ambient packs. The flowrapper can also produce existing pack styles in shrink, stretch shrink and barrier shrink formats.

All these packs can be produced in either trayed or trayless styles, enabling producers to offer customers a complete range of pack styles using just a single machine. With minimal changeover time between runs, producers can also maintain a high level of productivity, helping to increase production line efficiency and reduce packaging costs.

One of the new styles of pack that can be produced on the Delta 3000 4S is the quad pack. This four sided, square pack has a clearly defined shape with four, profiled corners, pack gusseting at both ends and hermetic seals, guaranteed by the specially designed elliptical motion jaw which is supported by four jaw shafts. This ensures a very attractive, high quality pack with good shelf appeal.

As a cook-in-bag style quad pack, this new pack has enormous potential, offering an alternative to traditional thermoform and tray sealing methods. It is ideal for packing whole birds as well as poultry portions, ready meals and other types and cuts of meat.

Ilapak also offers an optional pack format - the ability to die cut the film in line and apply a top label to the pack (a pack style often used on wet wipe packs). This makes the pack perfect For cook-in-bag quad packs, where the whole bird is cooked inside the pack, as it allows the top of the bag to be opened towards the end of the cooking process so that the skin can brown without any danger of being burnt by hot juices in the pack base.

The stainless steel Delta 3000 4S is easy to clean and designed and built specifically to meet the hygiene standards demanded by the food industry.

Contact Ilapak on tel 0208 797 2000 or visit

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Date:May 1, 2014
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