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Living room and next-door solarium...the high ceilings are worth a look up.

Living room and next-door solarium . . . the high ceilings are worth a look up

"Ceilings need texture to be interesting,' contends architect John Evans. Using different materials, he created grid systems in the pitched ceilings of the two adjacent rooms shown here.

In the 18-foot-high living room, texture comes from 6-by-8 rafters supporting a grid of 2-by-4s spaced at 2-foot intervals and backed with exterior redwood siding with its grooved outside facing into the room below.

In the south-facing solarium, 2-by-4s form 12-inch squares that support translucent roofing material--two layers of ultraviolet-resistant fiberglass with an insulating air space between them.

Heated only by the sun, the solarium and connected office are isolated from the rest of the house by French doors and a triangular transom window. On chilly days, owners Karen and Tom Schratter of Half Moon Bay, California, open the doors and a section of window to let in the solarium's warmed air.

Photo: Beams, boards, and siding give texture to high living room ceiling. Grid in solarium shows through wedge-shaped window

Photo: Home office behind solarium has knotty pine ceiling. For privacy, 5- and 8-foot-high louvered panels can close off this section

Photo: Brick floor in solarium stores heat. South-facing room has translucent fiberglass roof, exposed studs covered by lattice panels
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Date:Apr 1, 1986
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