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Living on the Margins: Undocumented Migrants in a Global City.


Living on the Margins: Undocumented Migrants in a Global City

Alice Block and Sonia McKay

Policy Press


216 pages



Based on interviews and data collected as part of an Economic and Social Research Council-funded project, oUndocumented Migrants, Ethnic Enclaves and Networks: Opportunities, Traps or Class Based Constructs?o, this volume explores the everyday lives of undocumented migrants from Bangladesh, China, and Turkey living in London, to show how being undocumented impacts their experiences, from the initial reasons for migration to their present lives. It examines what drives migration, why people go to the UK, their journeys and how they became undocumented, finding and experiencing work in the labor market, the building and use of social networks, what migrantsAE lives are like outside of work, and the consequences of being undocumented in relation to access to and exclusion from services, resources, and justice, as well as the perspectives of employers who own businesses that largely employ people from the same ethnic group and rely on the low-cost, flexible labor that undocumented migrants provide. It describes the reasons for undocumented migration, the concept of social capital in the form of networks, and the literature on labor market experiences and strategies among undocumented migrants, as well as ethnic enclave employers; immigration policies and regimes, international law, and related human rights issues; migration drivers, differences between and within country-of-origin groups, and the extent to which going to the UK was by choice or circumstantial; the work, working lives, and work strategies of migrants and employers; migrant networks and participation in community organizations and other activities; the impact of being undocumented on access to public and other services; and social networks and their value, the aims and impact of government policies on migration, risk and risk avoidance, and the interaction of class, gender, and ethnicity with legal status. Distributed in North America by University of Chicago Press. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Aug 1, 2017
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