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Living hell...

The illegal terrorist regime of Israel, using its sophisticated war machine, is slaughtering the Palestinians.

In addition to the 50 years of oppression and living hell that Israel has imposed on the defenseless people of Palestine, having usurped their land in the first place, it is now spilling their blood in broad daylight.

The one who hears the call of the Muslims for help and does not respond is not a Muslim.

The one who wakes up in the morning and is not concerned about the affairs of the Ummah is not a Muslim.

O, Arab governments! Is this how you show your concern for your fellow Muslims and Arabs? With silence!

O, people of the Arab world! If your governments do not carry out their duty, and choose to cling to the love of this world over the pleasure of Allah, then rise up and throw them down from their thrones and seats of power.

Take affairs into your own hands and spare no effort to cut off the life vein of the Zionist entity.

If you do not act today, it will be you in the place of the Gazans tomorrow, who will have to taste the missiles of Zionist hatred for Islam and Muslims.

And peace be on him who follows right guidance.

Abdullah Al Katib

Shocking atrocities

As we all have been witnessing, Israel continues to attack and kill innocent children and civilians in its fiercest air assault on Gaza for decades.

It rejected world appeals for a truce and warned its deadly assault on Gaza could last for weeks as warplanes plummeted the region and tanks were amassed along the border.

Despite repeated pleas by UN chief Ban Ki-moon to stop the "unacceptable" violence that has sparked outrage in the Muslim world and protests in many countries, Israel waved aside calls for a truce.

Israel is committing shocking atrocities by using modern weaponry against defenceless people, attacking a population that has been enduring a severe blockade for many months.

Not a single day passes when we do not hear, read or see (TV) the atrocities bombarded upon our Palestinian brothers and our attention is riveted to the fearful expressions and images on the victims of Zionists brutality and yet not even a tear is shed!

More than 450 Muslims brothers and sisters have been slaughtered. A whole tribe has been wiped out...

Have our hearts become so hardened that by the mere flip of the newspaper page or the pressing of the remote control button we forget about them and the ever-growing orphans?

How can the massacre of Palestinians not jolt your conscience, break you down or at least bring tears to your eyes! How can you ignore the continuous cries of our own brethren?

Dear reader, I beseech you, if you can spend hundreds of dinars on mobile phones, MP3 players and DVDs, then surely you can spend BD5 at least to help your defenceless brethren.

I appeal to everyone to come forward and donate generously for the innocent victims in Palestine. I appeal to the various ministries and all private companies to contribute by asking their employees to donate just one day's wages for this noble cause.

If only LMRA sets aside BD1 from every BD10 they receive, they alone can contribute in thousands of dinars every month.

For those who have even a little mercy, the least you can do is to offer aid to Palestine Support Society - dedicated to providing aid to our Palestinian brothers.

For more information contact: 'Jamiah Munasarat Palestine' on 17333112 or

The rest lies between you and God.


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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Jan 5, 2009
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