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Living and blooming tabletop wreath.

Living and blooming tabletop wreath

Bright winter flowers and small ferns, tucked into a wreath of green moss, make a handsome holiday centerpiece.

To make one about 14 inches in diameter, you'll need 6 to 9 plants in 4-inch pots (good choices include primroses, kalanchoe, miniature cyclamen, African violets, and small ferns); a piece of 2-inch mesh chicken wire 50 inches long by 12 inches wide; an 820-cubic-inch bag of sphagnum peat moss; a small spool of flexible wire; and six to nine 4-inch sections of old nylon stockings. Wear gloves.

Follow drawings at left for making wreath frame: 1. Bend chicken wire into a cylinder and twist cut ends together. 2. Bend cylinder in half toward center. Then turn so opening is up, and bend edges of wire toward each other, leaving a gap between them. 3. Line frame inside and out with moss, poking it into mesh. 4. Wrap with wire to keep moss in place.

Slip plants into frame between wires, spacing them evenly around the wreath. (To keep rootballs intact, first slip them into sections of nylon stocking.) Water wreath.

Keep in a bright, cool spot. Water to keep roots moist; mist moss often. Plants should thrive indoors up to two weeks. After the holidays, move plants to permanent quarters.

Photo: Chubby yellow candles glow above moss wreath inset with yellow primroses, small ferns. Plastic-lined tray underneath catches drips. Keep moss and plants well away from flame
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Date:Dec 1, 1984
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