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Living Waters: Scandinavian Orientalistic Studies Presented to Professor Dr. Frede Lokkegaard on his Seventy-Fifth Birthday, January 27th 1990.

Most of the thirty-three articles in this Festschrift address the issue of the relationship between oriental literary and philological traditions and those of Europe. In the nature of things, then, many of them present general overviews of issues rather than pointed, original research.

In the area of ancient Near Eastern Studies are: Bendt Alster, "Sumerian Literary Dialogues and Debates and their Place in Ancient Near Eastern Literature"; Knud Tage Andersen, "Die Berufung Jesajas und seine Sendung"; Ebbe Egede Knudsen, "On Akkadian Texts in Greek Orthography"; Eduard Nielsen, "Shadday in the Book of Job"; Borge Rod-Salomonsen, "kngdw, Erwagungen zu Gen 2, 18"; and Mogens Weitemeyer, "Babylonian and Assyrian Catalogues."

Arabic and Islamic studies include: Jes P. Asmussen, "Bemerkungen zum 'Die Kraniche des Ibykus'-Motiv in der orientalischen Literatur"; Stamatis Giannoulos, "Der Islam und Athens Demokratie"; Henny Harald Hansen, "Foot-Notes to The Arabian Nights or The Book of The Thousand and One Nights," Finn O. Hvidberg-Hansen, "Fra El til Allah"; Gundrun S. Jakobsdottir, "Nasir-i Khosro's beretning om Jerusalem i Safarnameh, 'Rejsedagbog'"; Tryggve Kronholm, "The Fathers of the Grandfather: Notes on the teachers of Ibn al-Jauzi of Baghdad as evidenced by his grandson Sibt ibn al-Jauzi in his al-Jalis as-salih wal-anis an-nasih"; Elsebeth and Neils Peter Lemche, "Tribal Solidarity, Ideology and Reality: Ibn Haldun's Concept of Asabiya"; Karl-G. Prasse, "The Values of the Tenses in Modern Cairene Arabic"; Frithiof Rundgren, "On a Grammatical Term in Sibawayh and What it Has to Tell Us" (on lafz); Jorgen Baek Simonsen, "Deux versions de Futuh al-Buldan?"; Svend Sondergaard, "al-Sarradj's Use of Triads in Kitab al-luma"; Christopher Toll, "Was bedeutet brnz bei al-Hamdani?"; Gosta Vitestam, "Arsh und kursi: An Essay on the Throne Traditions in Islam"; Aage Westenholz, "A Note on the Pre-Islamic Arabic Dialect of Syria on the Basis of Greek Inscriptions"; and Ellen Wulff, "Betrachtungen uber den Begriff rida."

An unusually large number of articles are devoted to relatively unknown Scandinavian orientalists: Marie-Louise Buhl, "Frederik Ludvig Norden a Alexandrie en 1737 et 1738"; Jakob H. Gronbaek, "Lewis Larsson: A Swede in Jerusalem in the First Half of the Twentieth Century"; Lars Kruse-Blinkenberg, "Edvard Brandes som oversaetter af den jodiske Bibel"; P. J. Riis, "Ejnar Fugmann, the Architect, as a Portrayer of the Syrian Town Hama in the Islamic Period."

Other contributions are: Soren Giversen, "Manichaean Literature and the Writings of Augustine"; Ulf Haxen, "An Anonymous Hebrew Erotico-Panegyric from Mahzor Cod. Hebr. XXX, Copenhagen"; Christian Lindtner, "Om Gud og det ondes ophav ifolge buddhismen"; Kirsten Pedersen, "The Incarnation According to Ethiopian Orthodox Catechisms"; Stig Rasmussen, "Adam og Eva--associationer, etymologier og litteraer semantik Perspectivrids"; Finn Thiesen, "Participles and Verbal Nouns Formed from the Derived Forms of the Arabic Strong Triliteral Verb and their Treatment in Urdu"; Ulla Lange Thomsen, "Tadschikistans Latifa"; and Judith Winther, "The Hebrew Revolution and the Revolution of the Hebrew Language between the 1880's and 1930's."
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