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Living Beyond Multiple Sclerosis: a Women's Guide.

LIVING BEYOND MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: A WOMEN'S GUIDE Judith Lynn Nichols and Her Online Group of MS Sisters; Foreword by Lily Jung, MD

Judy Lynn Nichols and her friends explain, in roundtable fashion, the idiosyncrasies of the disease simply and with humor. But while it calls itself A Women's Guide, this book is for anyone and everyone with MS: women, men, old-timers, newly diagnosed--even friends, family, and employers.

This is the second book Nichols and her online friends have written together. They all met via a computer bulletin board on MS and over many years have become very close, particularly when they discuss problems and triumphs in living with the "MonSter," as they call it. As one woman states: "You gals are as much a part of my life as if you were my blood kin."

Topics in the book are handled with just the right kind of humor. Subjects include diagnostic tools, various kinds of treatment, and how to shop for as well as how to fire a doctor.

The book includes a glossary and a long list of resources.

Hunter House, 2000. 256 pp. $14.95. 1-800-266-5592, <>.

Reviewed by Sharon M. Brown, a charter member of the online group Computer Literate Advocates with MS < >.
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Author:Brown, Sharon M.
Publication:Inside MS
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 2001
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