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Living: In the garden: 10 TOP JOBS FOR THE WEEK.

Byline: Howard Drury

1 This is a great time for planting hedges of privet or hawthorn. Existing hedges can still be trimmed back.

2 You'll find lily of the valley crowns for sale at this time of the year, and it's essential to plant them as soon as possible to ensure they grow satisfactorily.

3 Two rather uncommon root vegetables, Scorzonera and Salsify, can be lifted and stored in damp sand or old potting compost for spring use.

4 Clear as many areas of the garden as possible in anticipation of winter digging. 5Some gardeners like to sow broad beans such as Early Longpod but I prefer spring-sown varieties which are much sweeter to eat and are less difficult to grow.

6 There's still time to plant up pots and bowls of bulbs, but complete bulb planting out of doors as soon as possible.

7 Water all houseplants only when they need it, especially during damp weather conditions and poor light levels - they're simply not using it at this time of the year and they can rot off.

8 Get on with winter digging of vacant ground but only if soil conditions are acceptable. Years of work can be spoilt by damaging a soil when it's too wet.

9 Have a thorough check around the garden for loose plants. Prune, stake, tie up as appropriate but get qualified help with trees - don't tackle big jobs on your own.

10 Old herbaceous plants can be cut down and deciduous hedges given a final cut. The lawn may need a light mowing if weather and soil conditions permit.
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Date:Nov 10, 2002
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