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Livestock owners will be paid for caracal attacks.

Byline: Nasouh Nazzal

Ras Al Khaimah The Ras Al Khaimah Environmental Protection and Development Authority (EPDA-RAK) announced recently that it will compensate Emiratis for cattle and livestock they claim were attacked by caracals (locally known as aeAl Hamra' or aeAl Washaq'), if they can prove their claims.

Dr. Saif Mohammad Al Gais, the Executive Director of the (EPDA-RAK) told Gulf News the authority will give instant compensation. So far, none of them had been able to come up with such proof, he said.

"We have only claims but nothing can justify the killing of a protected animal which is on the verge of extinction," he said.

The (EPDA-RAK) has expressed worry for the killing of the caracal in the mountainous areas of Ras Al Khaimah, especially since the caracal is the number one animal in appendix one of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) which the UAE has signed. He stressed that the caracal is a threatened animal and should be handled in a professional way.

The comments of the (EPDA-RAK) came after a group of Emiratis killed a Caracal in the mountainous area of Wadi Qada'a after they claimed the wild animal had attacked and killed tens of their cattle and livestock.


The tribesmen identified the attacker as the wild caracal and set a trap for it on top of the mountain. When they approached the trap they found the caracal stuck in it. They tried to capture it alive but the caracal shook the trap and attacked an Emirati whose brother grabbed a rifle and shot the animal dead.

Walid Al Hebsi, who was attacked by the wild caracal said he and his friends have killed 17 of them since the late 90s but managed to get one alive.

Dr. Al Gais however said nobody has the right to kill a protected animal that should be handled only by the official authorities.

He stressed that those who are attacked by such threatened animals should report to the (EPDA-RAK) which will take care of it and capture it without killing it.

They need to only report and the officials will take care of the rest.

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Publication:Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
Date:Feb 20, 2010
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