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Livestock ideas.

Since moving to the country three years ago we have started raising all kinds of livestock. Here are a few ideas:

1) Buy ducklings and chicks from hatcheries in groups of 100. Price per chick is lower, you can afford to lose a few, and if you work it out right, try to sell at least half of them for what you paid for all 100. The chicks you have left are paid for! You invest the cost of feed. (I did this with 100 Rouen ducklings. Made about $32, fertilized my garden, enjoyed the quackers and didn't have to feed them through winter. I also do this with about 500 chicks every year.)

2) Buy chicks that are color sexed, such as Cinnamon Queens. Males are one color, hens are another. Buy them straight run (about half males, half females), sell extra males, keep as many hens as you want or sell some of them, too.

3) Go to a local poultry swap. See what other people raise. Take the opportunity to ask questions of people who probably know answers.

4) Watch a livestock auction that sells something besides cows. Walk around the stalls and see different colors and breeds of animals.

5) Visit a library. Ask to look up information on livestock. You would be amazed how much free information you can find!

6) If you buy livestock from an individual, pay cash, not check, especially if you are going very far to make your purchase or have never dealt with them before. Most sellers already have had enough bad check experiences to only take cash.

7) If you can't afford to feed it or buy medicine for it, don't buy it. Don't spend all your money on one animal... kind of like, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

Uses for plastic gallon jugs

1) Cut 4-inch hole in top and use as holder for food and water for caged chickens. Tie to cage by handle.

2) On same corner as handle, cut about 2 inches below handle diagonally across to bottom and back again to make a useful feed scoop.

3) Cut off top opening; use to carry eggs in from chicken house. Also use in refrigerator to hold eggs if cartons take up too much room.
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