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Lives ruined for an expensive toy; Emails & letters.

DID Cllr Anderson really say that residents threatened with compulsory purchase orders have nothing to be alarmed about (Daily Post, February 11)? He should know that lives are blighted as soon as the order is received, regardless of whether or not the purchase is eventually completed.

Properties lose their value and become more difficult to sell while occupiers live in a state of suspense until the matter is resolved. If finally they have to leave they lose financially and are compelled, perhaps in old age, to re-locate elsewhere, a known mortality factor.

And all for what? Trams are not even the best alternative to buses.

Those who want these trams have probably had their judgment clouded by seeing trams full of football fans on their way to Old Trafford, but that is hardly relevant to Liverpool.

A few people in the UK may be employed in building the trams and other equipment but the bulk of the cash may well end up with EU companies.

The proposal for trams is little more than a demand for an expensive toy and for an economy in its present state the expenditure would be childishly irresponsible. JF Lambert, Mossley Hill
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 17, 2010
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