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Liverpool Echo comment: Heart of the matter.

THIS region has a long and proud history of being at the centre of medical excellence.

We have some of the country's top doctors and we lead pioneering research into the cause, treatment and prevention of a whole range of diseases and conditions.

Merseysiders are also rightly famed for their generosity and willingness to put their hands in their pockets to help others.

Which is why it is entirely right that the Red Dress campaign should have its UK launch at the Cardiothoracic Centre here in Liverpool.

The drive aims to highlight the threat which heart disease poses to women everywhere, a threat which will see more women die of the condition than from breast cancer.

One-in-six will fall victim to this killer -one for so long perceived as something which predominently affects middle-agedmen.

In this region,because of our poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle, the age women develop the condition -and therefore die from it -is younger than anywhere else in the country.

And that is another reason why nowhere else in the UK is better qualified to lead the fight against this modern day timebomb.

Of course the official launch of the Red Dress campaign later this month is only the start.

Organisers hope that their symbol, a vibrant red dress, will become as synonymous as the pink ribbon is to breast cancer and the yellow daffodil is to Marie Currie.

It is up to us all to support and encourage the fight against a killer which,if it doesn't directly affect us,may well touch someone we know.

Merseyside has a relatively poor health record but an excellent reputation for supporting good causes.

And there's none better than the drive to save lives.
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Title Annotation:Comment
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 2, 2004
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