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Liverpool's DREAM; PART five OF A FIVE -PART GIANTS SOUVE NIR SPECIAL; Your stunning pictures of a truly Giant weekend.

Byline: Sue Lee ECHO Print Editor @SusanLeeEcho

YOU'VE seen the professional pictures, you've read our reports. Now, in our final Giants ECHO supplement, it's over to you.

We asked for YOUR images of a sensational few days in the city and were inundated with the response.

It's clear the Little Boy, Little Girl, Big Giant and, of course, Xolo have won all our hearts -and dominated our cameras.

We've had photos from street level and taken from a bird's eye view, images of the Giants and the crowds, pictures of Lilliputians and of our wonderful region's beaches, streets and waterfronts. You'll find them all here -a snapshot from our readers' perspective of what for many will be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

But we've turned our lenses on you, too, and captured the faces - the joy, wonder and magic -of the inhabitants of this place we call home as we lined the streets to see the spectacle.

The Giants won't return, but the series of supplements we have produced over the past few days and this one in your hands now serves as a permanent reminder of a time when Giants walked the streets - and Merseyside showed the world how to put on a show.

||If you would like to order any of our Giants supplements from previous days, please email: David Shore captured this shot of Xolo waking up Big Giant looks down on the crowds, by Emma Thompson How the magical Giants brought happiness to the city


Picture by reader Robert Hughes

Owen Fleming took this beautiful picture of The Big Giant

Another fabulous picture of the crowds, by Graeme Currie

Emma Thompson captured this photo of the stunning crowds on The Strand

Angi Bell sent in this stunning picture of the Big Giant

Who's is that washing? Picture: vev collinso n

Little Boy Giant standing and Lilliputians, by David Shore

Crane Driver takes a break from steering the Little Boy Giant, captured by David Shore It's a constant balancing act being a Lilliputian, as this great picture shows

The Little Boy Giant is full up after his breakfast in Liverpool Picture: DAVID SHORE

Graeme Currie captured this impressive shot as the Big Giant walked down The Strand

Gail sent in this picture of her son, Riley, who had a great time following the Giants

A lilliputian stands on the shoulders of Giants -captured by David Shore

Lilliputians at work, by Robert Hughes

Beautiful Xolo, by Owen Fleming

Robert Hughes took this shot of cheeky Xolo jumping up to have a look at what the Little Boy Giant was having for lunch

A fork in the road next to St Luke's Bombed Out Church, Liverpool. Picture taken from the top deck of the 86 bus by Twitter user @Superblouse

Jemma Shaw captured this beautiful picture of Xolo

David Shore captured the moment Xolo had his teeth brushed

Watch the tree! David Hampson took this great image

Why shouldn't a Giant eat cake? Picture: DAVID SHORE

Xolo stops to meet another furry friend in the crowd Picture: courtesy of Emma Gothard

David Shore captured the moment cheeky Xolo stole a string of sausages

Poppy failed in her attempt to chew the giant sandal at Princes Park, says owner Dominic Farrell

Three-year-old Holly Teresa Maureen loved seeing the giants this weekend, says dad Eric

The Big Giant surveys the crowds at The Strand, captured by Susan Ellis

The Big Giant soaks his feet, and has a snooze - captured by Robert Hughes
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 9, 2018
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