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Lively place with bustling seafront.

Where: Pescara, Italy Currency: Euro Brief Overview: Located mid-way along Italy's eastern flank, off the Adriatic Sea and opposite Split, in Croatia, Pescara is located in the Abruzzo region. The coast is low and sandy and the beach extends, unbroken for some distance to both the north and the south of the river, reaching a width of approximately 140 metres (150 yd) in the area around a pineta (a small pine forest) to the north. To the south the pine forest that once gave shade to bathers along much of the Adriatic coast, has almost disappeared near the beach, but remains within the Nature Reserve Pineta Dannunziana. Pescara is Abruzzo's city and is a heavily developed seaside town. The city was heavily bombed during WWII, but it's been rebuilt and is a a lively place with a bustling summer seafront. There are 16km of sandy beaches and numerous other attractions.

What to do: Beaches are Pescara's principle attraction and unless you're a fan of sun, sand and sea, there's probably no great reason to visit. Away from the beaches, however, there's entertainment and one attraction not to miss is the Museo delle Genti d'Abruzzo, which has plenty that will appeal to kids too. The Museum follows the story of mankind in Abruzzo, from man's first appearance as a Palaeolithic hunter. It highlights the contribution made by nine italic tribes from Abruzzo and Molise to the making of Rome, thus giving the name "Italy" to the entire peninsula. Other sights to enjoy include the Ponte del Mare, a pedestrian bridge over the Pescara River; Gabriele, an historic house and museum; and the region's stunning nature reserve, Nature Reserve Pineta Dannunziana, which covers 53 hectares and was established in 2000.

Where to eat/drink: The Abruzzo region is a foodie's heaven, offering a wide range of food, from the hearty grilled meats of the mountain regions, down to the fresh seafood of the Adriatic coast. Visitors can sample food that arrives directly from the pristine and uncontaminated mountains, lakes, hills and coast. Abruzzo has always been a land of great rural traditions, with a wide selection of flavours and aromas.

Where to stay: There's an abundance of options for people at all price-points, given the area's heavily developed tourist infrastructure. Expect to pay upwards of PS35 per person per night.

How to get there: Budget airlines offer flights from as little as PS25 each way.

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