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Live your Passion with Frederique Constant!

GENEVA -- Frederique Constant's slogan is "Live your passion", and we do. Passion definitely shows through our craftsmanship, as well as our charitable donations. We create beautiful watches with precision design that are assembled by hand, allowing for a high quality timepiece each and every time. Perceived value is important, so we know that quality must be consistent in our work and is vital to our success. We are equally as passionate about charity, with US$50 from each watch sold in our Double Heart Beat Collection donated to various charities. These charities include those related to the heart and children.

The Frederique Constant 2010 Passion Awards in New York. The COO Aletta Stas & CEO Peter Stas donating a fifty thousand USD check to the American Heart Association. (Photo: Business Wire)

Heart Beat

Frederique Constant focuses on heart related charities as it is in line with its signature, the Heart Beat. In 1994, Frederique Constant developed its first Heart Beat watch. The purpose of the Heart Beat development was to show the mechanical nature of these Frederique Constant watches. Heart Beat watches have an aperture at the position of the balance wheel to show that the movement of the watch is mechanical. Early in the 1990's, automatic mechanical watches were slowly making their return to the market after the quartz crisis of the 1970-1980's. Typically, the exterior of such mechanical watches looks similar to quartz watches except that the second hand moves continuously. On quartz watches, the second hand makes 60 steps per minute. At Frederique Constant, we considered it important to better show the difference between mechanical and quartz watches. In a mechanical watch, the balance wheel beats 28'800 times per hour. The balance wheel rotates clockwise and counter clockwise on its axes in a large ruby jewel. Its rotation is controlled by the hairspring, which constantly coils and uncoils, and can be seen through the open eye of the Heart Beat watches. The Heart Beat has become the signature of the Frederique Constant brand.

Heart related charities

Somewhere out there is a child with a bad heart that could end a potentially eventful life and a future replete with possibilities. Frederique Constant donated two cheques in the value of US$ 50'000 (2008) and US$ 75'000 (2011) to the International Children's Heart Foundation, a passionate organization that brings skills, technology and knowledge to diagnose and care for children with congenital heart disease to developing countries.

In 2009, we lent our support by funding Paint a Smile's bid to decorate the Beijing Children's Cardiology Department and put smiles on the faces of children dealing with heart-related issues.

In 2010, we awarded the American Heart Association with a US$50,000 check for their charitable efforts to prevent heart disease and stroke. We stated, "Driven by Passion since we started our company, Frederique Constant is very honoured to award the American Heart Association and their passionate projects to save lives. We wish and hope that our donation will permit them to actualise their goal."

In 2011, we also held a benefit for the Hong Kong Children's Heart Foundation, with Chinese actress and Frederique Constant brand ambassador ShuQi helping us drum popular support for the cause of children with congenital heart problems.

With passion, we continue to provide support to heart and child related charities. In 2012, we will again donate a major cheque to a charitable cause. The next time you see someone wearing one of the beautiful Double Heart Beat Collection watches, remember that part of the cost for that watch went to help a patient.

About Frederique Constant

Over the years, we have earned a reputation as a leading maker of Swiss luxury watches despite the relative youth of our brand. The quality of our watches and the detail involved in crafting each watch is only part of our success story; the rest was driven by watch aficionados and lovers of our brand who saw that we had something different and unique to offer. It is by appealing to this same group of people that we hope to make a difference in the lives of many by soliciting for their support to extend the same affection they have for the brand, towards charities and causes we are associated with.

Peter Stas Co-Founder and CEO Frederique Constant SA Geneva, December 2011

Live your Passion

Frederique Constant SA, an independent Swiss watchmaker headquartered in Geneva, positions itself in the accessible luxury segment, with most of its watches selling at CHF 1'000-5'000 retail. Founded in 1988 by COO Aletta Stas Bax and CEO Peter Stas, Frederique Constant is expected to continue its annual 25% growth, doubling in size every three years. In 2011, production reaches over 120.000 watches sold in over 2700 points of sale in 100+ countries.

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