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Live video cloud streaming: the Discover Video Nimbus[TM] Cloud Service and is ideal for instant live video streaming to desktops and mobile devices, and it can be simpler and less expensive than hosting your own streaming server or contracting with a major Content Delivery Network operator.

About Nimbus Cloud Streaming

Cloud streaming simply means that your streaming server is hosted in a cloud: it is set up on-the-fly exclusively for you and is not shared with other users. You enjoy 100% of the server's capacity for the duration of your use.

Choosing to use a cloud-based streaming service can be an excellent choice for a number of specific streaming needs.


The vast majority of live streams are "events" that have a beginning, middle, and end, and target a specific audience. The other type of stream is a 7x24 such as a "simulcast" of a TV station. Examples of live streaming events include:

* Corporate Webcasts

* Educational Webcasts

* Seminar Webcasts

* Government Webcasts

* Faith Webcasts

Each of these live events typically seek to reach a specific, type and size of audience. For example, a Corporate Webcast may seek to reach a few hundred employees while a Faith Webcast may seek to reach a few thousand worshipers.

Cloud, CDN, or Self Hosting

The size of your audience is the first consideration in selecting your delivery mechanism. If you are trying to reach 100,000 live viewers, you will need the capacity that a CDN can provide. If you are trying to reach only 10 viewers and have the network and technical expertise to host your own streaming sever, then self hosting can make sense.

But if you wish to reach a typical audience of a few hundred to a few thousand viewers, then a cloud service may make the most sense, and here is why.

No Commitment

Content Delivery Network operators compete on a "price per GB" of data served and offer various platform features. While $0.30 per GB might sound attractive, you typically have to commit to at least 1,000 GB of monthly usage so your minimum cost is $300 per month even when you use only 10 GB. And your commitment might extend for a full year so your cost is more like $3,600. A CDN service makes perfect sense for large events and when long-term commitments are sensible.

Cloud streaming service is purchased by the day or month and there is no other commitment. For under $50, you can have 100 GB of streaming capacity, eliminating the "stranded investment" that may otherwise occur with a CDN service. For a little bit more, you can have as much as a TB or more of capacity for just a day.

Stream Live to Any Device

The Discover Video Nimbus Cloud streaming service delivers your live video stream not only to computers running Flash[TM] player (RTMP), but to mobile devices such as Android[TM], Blackberry8 (RTSP), and iOS devices like iPhones[R] and iPads[R] (HLS). This includes the ability to stream to the Roku[R] set-top device on televisions, as well. Some CDN's support live multiple formats, but others do not.

Mobile streaming is the fastest growing segment of the online video market, and viewers now expect to be able to view live events on their mobile devices.

Stream Windows Media to iPhones

Discover Video's cloud service uniquely supports live transcoding from Windows Media to H.264.This means that the thousands of corporate and other organizations who have developed systems around Windows Media can now reach both Flash-based viewers and iOS mobile devices with ease.

Live Transcoding

The Nimbus Cloud service can receive a live RTMP stream or a live Windows Media[R] stream and transcode it to your desired output format, rate, and resolution. This is especially important to be able to stream live high rate / high resolution (HD) to desktops and offer lower rate / lower resolution to mobile and other devices.

Adaptive Bit Rate

Adaptive Bit Rate streaming is supported for HLS. You may stream multiple bit rates, and iPhone / iPad devices will automatically select the best rate. Thus, WiFi connected devices will receive your high rate stream while 3G/4G users may receive your lower rate stream depending on their local network conditions.

Transcode / Stream to CDN

While the Nimbus service supports live streaming to clients, it can also support transcoding and delivery of the stream to your existing CDN service, or to a Discover Video CDN service. This is a very useful capability when you wish to use your CDN service for live RTMP/Flash delivery of a live Windows Media stream or transcode your live RTMP stream to other rates and/or resolutions. You may also use the cloud service purely for delivery to iPhone / iPad while Flash is delivered from your CDN. The service supports RTMP push and pull, too.

Cloud Capacity

The Discover Video Nimbus Cloud service supports up to 2,000 simultaneous live viewers and up to three simultaneous live transcode operations. Actual capacity depends on transcoder resolution settings and other factors, but for typical webcasts with a small or modest audience size, the service is a great choice. The service is available with or without the Transcoding feature.


Using Discover Video Nimbus

You may purchase the service online for one or more days (24 hours). Each day enjoys at least 100 GB of streaming bandwidth capacity. If you reach 90% of this bandwidth limit, you receive an email alerting you and allowing you to extend it. You also receive an email alert an hour before your service expires, allowing you to extend it. If you do nothing, the service expires.

The service gives you a simple control panel with the publishing points, viewing URL's, sample players, and simple bandwidth usage statistics.

Discover Video provides video streaming equipment and services to broadcasters, schools, corporations, and government. The products include multimedia video encoders, decoders, transcoders, media servers, priority video alert systems, and mobile broadcasting kits. Services include event based and long term Internet live streaming, transcoding, and video on demand as well as full webcasting production.
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