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Live Better And Longer With Integral Health.

RENO, Nevada--(BW HealthWire)--Nov. 10, 1997--Integral Health Inc. is made up of three major components: Longevity MetaCenters (Live Better Longer), MetaResorts (Relax...Renew...Transcend) and .

The concepts of Integral Health, Recreation and Lifelong Learning are the touchstones of our vision.

Integral Health Inc. believes that each individual needs to take control of and be responsible for his or her own life and health. One physician, one treatment, one problem, one cure, is no longer a workable paradigm for health and wellness.

Integral Health uses the holistic model of integrating the mind, body and spirit by combining the best of traditional and complementary or alternative medicine.

The centerpiece of our program is a nurse Health Guide who is trained in all aspects of health, wellness and longevity. The Health Guide is an independent contractor with headquarters at the Longevity MetaCenter. The Health Guide gently guides the member through all aspects of their life, from a MetaAnalysis. More than 150 individual biomarkers are evaluated, reviewing such things as stress, relationships, lifestyle, beliefs, etc.

Longevity MetaCenters Anti-aging and Longevity Program offers evaluation and recommendations drawn from cutting edge research and experts and ranges from the simple use of anti-oxidants to complex hormonal replacement therapy, designed so you will live better longer.

The Longevity MetaCenters also stress recreation and lifelong learning. There are programs on diet, habit abatement, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation, massage, skin rejunvenation, as well as many others.

Integral Health Inc. provides a complete turnkey opportunity for other physicians to benefit from this trend. This generates additional income to the physician in this era of diminished payment from government and insurance. This paradigm shift, from the delivery of healthcare to choice among many possible services and products, not only provides individuals with the best medical care, but also provides an investment opportunity for the Nurse Health Guide, the physician and Integral Health Inc. -- everyone is a winner.

MetaResorts are similarly Integral Health, Recreation and Lifelong Learning -- a place to Relax...Renew...Transcend. We offer a 52-week series of Wellness Weeks and a series of conferences and lectures by speakers who are the leaders in their fields. The sale of weeklong vacation memberships enhances the attractiveness for both the visitor and the investor. is our Internet site that ties everyone and everything together. We plan to provide education, chat rooms, as well as a store for ordering products. The possibilities here are endless.

At Integral Health Inc., we are dedicated to deliver the best possible combination of services, programs and products to optimize health, wellness and longevity.

CONTACT: Integral Health Inc.

David Adler, 888/541-1114
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 10, 1997
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