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Littlewoods: The Barclays do their own thing.

LITTLEWOODS told the Daily Post they rejected any claims that they may be turning away from CSR.

``Quite the opposite,'' said spokesman Jim Donovan.

``We don't treat CSR in the same way a plc would, but I would say we still have most of the ingredients of a strong CSR agenda.

``Our withdrawal from ETI does not mean a withdrawal from ethical trading - the vast majority of retailers to not belong to the body. But we are still demanding ethical practices from our suppliers.'' Mr Donovan said the company was giving more responsibility for its ethical trading policies to managers in the different sections of the company who deal directly with the suppliers.

``In terms of our community responsibility, the new owners of the company are drawing a line under the approach of the previous owners,'' he said.

``They say they want to redefine the approach and do it their way and not the Moores family way.

``It's very early days so I don't know how that will manifest itself, but they have indicated that they do want to be involved with the community in this city.'' A spokesman for the Big Food Group said they were sensitive to the issues involved in their dispute with the Guyanan government and that the matter was now being considered by an independent arbitration process involving the World Bank.

But he added the company also had a responsibility to look after the interests of its 30,000 employees across the UK at a time when it was trying to recover from a down-turn in trading. ``We have a very strong tradition of a responsible attitude towards employees, customers and suppliers,'' he said.


REDEFINING THE APPROACH: Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 12, 2003
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