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Mary Tyler Moore remembered: TV icon was a giving professional and comic actress without peer. In memoriam Jan 31, 2017 666
After the marches, the hard part: striving for unity: women of all backgrounds, beliefs, and politics must find a way to move forward together. Guest commentary Jan 24, 2017 823
The Voice of rural America: RFD-TV speaks for a population that feels underserved by the media. Jan 17, 2017 804
Close, but not too close: Mark Burnett's Trump ties put him in a tricky situation. Jan 17, 2017 808
The new face of fraud: until she was arrested, Jennifer Choi seemed to have, as she would later describe it, "a fairytale life.". Jan 11, 2017 3939
The pro of the con game: creator, exec producer, actor Bryan Cranston: the star breathes the seedy story of 'Sneaky Pete' to life. Jan 11, 2017 1409
Family-friendly appeal keeps ABC Stalwart humming along: tech advances make DIY video more entertaining than ever. Jan 11, 2017 787
Prizes, name and fame: for winners, the experience and notoriety lives on. Jan 11, 2017 669
Back to basics for local broadcasters: TV station managers huddle to discuss how to bring back viewers who strayed to binge. Jan 11, 2017 611
New boss tweaks NATPE confab lineup: JP Bommel adds music, reaches out to Chinese programmers to boost interest. Interview Jan 11, 2017 585
Hail to the chiefs: NATPE's 14th annual Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards will be bestowed Jan. 18. Jan 11, 2017 362
For AT&T-TW, there's power in numbers: Jeff Bewkes sees the mega-merger's potential for distribution, advertising. Jan 3, 2017 730
Television unbound: cross-market content fuels small-screen boom. Dec 14, 2016 805
A turbocharged TV market in Latin America: deregulation, new affluence driving long-term growth. Dec 14, 2016 1208
Florence Henderson: 1934-2016. Brief article Nov 29, 2016 300
Always a Phenom at ABC, Iger established a reputation as a quick study who earned colleagues' respect. Nov 22, 2016 951
The rough spot: TV: ESPN and ABC continue to be a drag on earnings growth. Nov 22, 2016 726
Entertaining a divided country: Can Hollywood help bridge the cultural gap through storytelling? Nov 15, 2016 758
Meet television's comedy whisperer. Nov 15, 2016 916
For women, a rough road to political equality. Nov 8, 2016 792
Variety's inclusion Summit. Nov 8, 2016 244
Picking apart the megamerger: now that we've gotten used to the idea, big questions emerge about AT&T-Time Warner. Nov 1, 2016 1077
Bakish takes Viacom Helm, for now. Brief article Nov 1, 2016 268
Trump TV a foregone conclusion: post-election media effort will likely focus on a digital service, observers say. Oct 25, 2016 718
Comedies for a Sketchy World: Tracey Ullman's topical new show is one of several in the era of Peak TV. Brief article Oct 25, 2016 260
Changing the world one show at a time: Marion Edwards leaves a lasting legacy on the evolving business of international TV. Oct 11, 2016 1316
What would a reunified CBS/Viacom look like? Oct 4, 2016 548
Remembering Gary Glasberg: 1966-2016 colleagues, friends mourn the longtime 'NCIS' showrunner. In memoriam Oct 4, 2016 707
Hitting the right notes at Radical: a culture of collaboration spurs activity at the West Village production hub. Sep 27, 2016 601
How the net scored a perfect 10: the future for the CW looks bright, thanks to strong programming. Sep 21, 2016 1386
Strategy needs luck: Pedowitz reveals the secrets of his success at the CW. Interview Sep 21, 2016 742
Creative Emmys bow new format: biz gives thumbs-up to new two-night ceremony; 'Thrones' 'O.J' wins bode well for Primetime awards. Sep 13, 2016 1146
9/11 footage gets updates 15 years later: documentarians continue work on film as part of CNN's new digital archives. Sep 6, 2016 818
Sweeping up the laughs: a funny thing happened during Peak TV: comedy's enjoying a comeback, thanks to bold, playful, and even familiar experiments with the format. Aug 30, 2016 3218
Southern comfort: showbiz-savvy jazz man brings the gift of gab and his trademark charm to a syndicated daytime talk show. Aug 30, 2016 1543
Bitter divide tearing up unscripted TV world: legal battle raises wider issues regarding terms of show ownership and nebulous production accounting. Aug 23, 2016 1627
Opportunity still knocks on industry's front door: much ado about diversity means greater reflection of America. Aug 23, 2016 675
Proving herself in the desert: Roma Downey maintains faith in all her creative endeavors, moving from TV star to shepherding tough shoots such as 'The Bible' and 'Ben-Hur'. Aug 9, 2016 1251
Downey's sweet charity: philanthropic efforts such as Operation Smile remain the exec producer's core focus. Aug 9, 2016 448
Spinning out of control: Baz Luhrmann goes on the record about the struggles behind the scenes of his hip-hop opus the get down/ one of the most expensive series in TV history. Jul 26, 2016 2080
The world is watching: as audiences tune in to the most unpredictable convention in years, fabled newscasters can't shake the similarities between today's tumultuous climate and dramatic broadcasts nearly 50 years old. Jul 20, 2016 2155
Laughs come in all sizes. Brief article Jul 20, 2016 232
Sony TV eyes global market: worldwide production chiefs Erlicht and Van Amburg aim to increase synergies as they gain traction outside the U.S. Jul 12, 2016 803
Buyouts signal a generational transition: as cuts hit Fox and others, a wave of veteran execs bail out--and take years of institutional knowledge with them. Jun 21, 2016 587
Viacom woes follow series of missteps: Shari Redstone is cleaning house after years of mismanagement by CEO Dauman and other top execs. Jun 21, 2016 1122
Eye of the storm: with industry upheaval all around him, Time Warner chief Jeff Bewkes is sticking to his vision and fighting the urge to merge. Interview Jun 14, 2016 3855
With 'Vinyl,' Ray Romano leaves Raymond behind. Interview Jun 14, 2016 919
Producer vets, Beckham lead BBC America's new lineup: AMC cabler sees a programming renaissance under chief Sarah Barnett. Interview May 31, 2016 579
Foreign affair: big brands, international titles on display at this year's LA Screenings. May 24, 2016 1067
CEO parachutes off with the profits: Time Warner Cable should ask consumers if handing a $93 million parting gift to Rob Marcus is a good idea. May 17, 2016 691
The lowdown on the upfronts: new at the networks. May 17, 2016 626
Terms vary, but more networks demand the back end. May 17, 2016 800
Shows are finally ready to have a serious talk about religion: series from Hulu and OWN delve deeply into a subject that was once seen as taboo. May 3, 2016 649
Grudge match: after a failed bid to acquire Disney 12 years ago, Comcast's leaders are flexing their muscles with steely resolve to take on the unrivaled champion of family entertainment. May 3, 2016 3074
A funny thing happened on the way to the upfronts: a spike in demand for TV time bucks expectations and paves the way for a robust market. May 3, 2016 1010
The natural. Apr 26, 2016 1558
Shows building buzz in a less-frantic pilot season. Apr 12, 2016 585
Honoring women with power and passion. Conference news Apr 12, 2016 401
A steep climb to the top. Apr 5, 2016 2772
A new world power: Endemol Shine's U.S. leaders are printed to flex the company's muscle on a global stage. Mar 29, 2016 3294
The Malone ranger. Mar 15, 2016 2824
Redstone's shadow looms over Viacom. Feb 9, 2016 1033
A critical test for former relativity division. Jan 26, 2016 548
Taking stock in 'billions'. Cover story Jan 13, 2016 3383
Syndie biz rolling the dice: fragmented audiences lead to more risk, alternative offerings. Jan 13, 2016 818
Turbulent TV scene shakes media stocks. Jan 5, 2016 716
'My life is a work week'. Interview Dec 29, 2015 300
Anonymous no more: Management-production company Anonymous Content 'got its start in film, but it's making its bones with hit TV series like 'True Detective,' 'The Knick' and 'Mr. Robot'. Company overview Dec 15, 2015 1857
Unleashing DC's power: Tsujihara spreads superheroes across all of Warner Bros., giving TV a foothold in what had been film's fiefdom. Nov 24, 2015 1787
'The tears came out of nowhere'. Brief article Nov 19, 2015 266
City of light becomes global face of terror. Nov 17, 2015 1106
TV's third-quarter surprise: optimism. Nov 17, 2015 595
Networks boldly go into digital universe. Nov 10, 2015 1038
Showrunners try out a host of roles. Nov 3, 2015 277
Race to riches: local TV stations are stepping up efforts to attract political dollars as unrestricted PAC cash floods the airwaves. Oct 27, 2015 1778
Nets scramble to put a fast spin on ratings. Sep 29, 2015 1043
Emmys finally celebrate new game in town. Brief article Sep 23, 2015 385
Bold cable vision for a little-known player. Sep 23, 2015 839
Starring New York period pieces set in Gotham tap into city's vibrant energy. Sep 23, 2015 637
NBC Honcho had secret role in 'Hamilton's' Affairs. Brief article Sep 15, 2015 246
Strive to go live changes the game: the push to deliver non-time-shifted event programming has created its own set of production rules. Sep 15, 2015 524
Comedy creative made TV history. In memoriam Aug 24, 2015 660
Media firms plot path after stock meltdown. Statistical data Aug 11, 2015 949
Time to honor the departed? Brief article Aug 11, 2015 325
Meet the new normal: the extraordinary spike in demand for television series has vaulted a generation of women into the ranks of superstar showrunners. Aug 4, 2015 4061
Nothing limited in this race. Brief article Jul 22, 2015 174
Casting a wider net: as revenue from traditional sources shrinks, agencies seek diverse ways to brand their clients. Statistical table Jul 14, 2015 3156
CAA v. UTA opening rounds get ugly: suit over agents' mass exodus sparks courtroom drama--and the trial hasn't even begun. Jul 14, 2015 819
ICM fighting to regain stature: leaving behind a decade of internal drama, agency brass focuses on fostering more collaboration among divisions and rebuilding its faltering film business. Jul 14, 2015 882
Edie Falco on hunt for new challenge. Interview Jun 23, 2015 387
"Fortune favors the brave": will Murdoch's sons be as fearless as their father in an increasingly complex marketplace? Jun 16, 2015 2337
Power to the producers: networks battle for ownership of their shows, as platforms--and buyers--grow. May 18, 2015 1413
Fresh takes fill pilot season flurry. Brief article May 12, 2015 176
5 Burning issues for entertainment. May 5, 2015 208
For talent, pilot pickups aren't the only payoff. May 5, 2015 559
Perfectly synchronized: 'Bessie' director Dee Rees shares its subjects uncommon talent, uncompromising spirit. May 5, 2015 1035
Comcast decision could unleash new merger wave. Brief article Apr 28, 2015 257
Perception problem: uncounted viewing, ad market's dive make dealmaking tough for broadcast, cable nets. Apr 28, 2015 723
Showrunner's pursuit of 'Happyish'. Interview Apr 21, 2015 474
Mad women: a generation of savvy female execs have worked their way to the top in the increasingly complex world of TV ad sales. Apr 21, 2015 2064

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