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Little forks.


As with all other Branches the month of January consists of collecting Membership Dues and forwarding Per-Capita Dues to Dominion Headquarters with the reports for the March Council Meeting and the spring issue of the Loyalist Gazette.

In February and March our main objective was fund raising. We must raise sufficient funds ($4,000) to meet our annual operating and maintenance expenses involved with the restored schoolhouse and property. We also recruited new members for our Branch.

April 5th saw the opening of our little schoolhouse when the Compton Historical Society rented the meeting room beneath the classroom to hold their first meeting of the season. Four Branch members attended Volunteer Night for a dinner and recognition evening hosted by the Municipality of Waterville. Tax Rebate Forms were filed along with an application to Canada Summer Jobs with hopes of acquiring a summer student to man the schoolhouse over the summer months and to welcome visiting tourists. It was with great sorrow that we learned of the tragic traffic death of member David Garfat. He leaves behind three children and several members of his family who are members of Little Forks Branch.

In May our ledger was prepared for our chartered accountant so our Charitable Annual Returns could be filed. Our first Branch Newsletter went out to all branches. A twenty-fifth wedding anniversary party was held in the schoolhouse meeting room resulting in great merriment.

June became an extremely busy month with the C.H.S Meeting back at the school. The following Sundaywe held the unveiling of the Interpretation Panel, an exciting event attended by UELAC President Fred Hayward with his lovely wife, Margaret, C.E. Regional Councillor Roy Lewis and President Robert Wilkins of the Heritage Branch with his lovely wife, Maura. The 4' x 10' Interpretation Panel gives a very descriptive history of the first 125 years of the area.

There are many photos of churches, schools and the seven covered bridges that existed at one time. The one remaining covered bridge is located near our property. The panel is located outdoors and thus offers visitors the freedom to read the documentation at their leisure during the day or evening, hot sun or rain, as it is protected with a shingled roof and is situated on a 10' x 20' cement wheelchair-accessible platform.

The next weekend a two-day Antique Garage Sale was held under the tent which brought many visitors to see our schoolhouse. On June 26th a wedding took place under the tent. Two hundred guests enjoyed the beautiful outdoor ceremony. The school was open for many guests to admire while waiting for the bride and groom to have their wedding pictures taken, some in front of the schoolhouse, others near the covered bridge.

New brochures have been printed showing a panoramic view of our Interpretive Centre.

By Bev Loomis UE, Branch President

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Title Annotation:Branch News: HIGHLIGHTS; events at the United Empire Loyalists' Little Forks branch in Quebec
Author:Loomis, Bev
Publication:The Loyalist Gazette
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Date:Sep 22, 2010
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