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Little Things Mean a Lot.

Often it is the little things that make a big difference. As this article reaches you, some of us will still be battling the multitude of little flakes known as snow, which create a winter wonderland. Others of us will be reveling in the sight of little buds, as crocus or other little flowers appear. Some may be deluged with the little drops of water that collectively refill streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Wherever you are, it is important to notice the little things that make life more beautiful and meaningful.

As parents and educators, we know the joy of little people. We enjoy holding the hand of a child, sharing the beauty of a smile, watching a child's eyes sparkle over something new--the natural wonder of a bird's nest, the joy of color in a painting, or the sound of a piano playing a delightful tune. Again, these are little things that brighten both our personal world and the global community. The worth and power of these little things should not be underestimated.

As you plan the rest of your ACEI program year, you may decide to implement some little things that could mean a lot to your members, and to other teachers and students in your area. For example, hold a meeting and use part of the time to make favors for children who are hospitalized, homeless, or in need in some other way. Or, sponsor an after-school art time and have children help you make favors to honor a particular group. You could even get a head start on the Week of the Classroom Teacher celebration by joining the children in making paper flowers or placemats to give to teachers.

One little project that the Indiana ACEI started is a state mini-grant for classroom teachers. A little extra in a school fund can mean a lot to a creative classroom teacher. In their August newsletter, the Indiana State Branch invited ACEI classroom teachers to submit proposals for projects that can be funded for as little as $50. Proposals were screened in September and participants were informed of the award later in the fall. Projects funded to date include: Hatching Chickens in the Classroom, Creating and Operating a Terrarium, and a Peace Project. As a Director of Reading for a public school corporation, Joanne Weddle, Chairperson for the Indiana ACEI Mini-Grant project, knows that a little seed money planted by caring teachers can grow learning opportunities for children. To find out more about starting a mini-grant project for your Branch, contact Joanne Weddle at the Administration Center, Monroe County Community School Corporation, 315 North Dr., Bloomington, IN 47401, USA, or through E-mail at

If you have other Branch projects, little or big, that you would like to highlight, please send me an E-mail at We will try to continue to use this publication as a way to strengthen our Branches by sharing our projects. The Program Development Committee also hopes to meet you at our session in Toronto to exchange more ideas! Each of our members and Branches do little and sometimes even big things. When we put all of these together, we do make a lot of difference for children, families, and teachers.

ACEI Constitution

Notice: Proposed revision for presentation at the Annual Conference, April 2001, in Toronto, ON, Canada. At the Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, April 5, 2001, ACEI members will be asked to vote on the following change to the ACEI Constitution. Each member in good standing who is present shall be entitled to one vote (Article IX, Section 2, ACEI Constitution).
 Proposed Revision
Original (New Wording Rationale
 Underlined, Deleted
 Words Crossed Out)


Section 1--Officers. Section 1--Officers. The ACEI Executive
(a)The officers (a)The officers Board reviewed
of ACEI shall be a of ACEI shall be a their official
president, a presi- president, a presi- responsibilities
dent-elect or an dent-elect or an last fall and
immediate past-presi- immediate past-presi- determined that the
dent, two vice dent, two vice work load is suffi-
presidents, a presidents, a cient to warrant
secretary/treasurer, secretary/treasurer, adding another mem-
one member-at-large two member-at-large ber to the Executive
(having no (having no Board. This will
geographical or geographical or better enable the
professional professional Executive Board to
restrictions or restrictions or represent the
designations), and designations), and diversified needs of
one student one student the ACEI membership.
representative. Of representative. Of
the two vice presi- the two vice presi-
dents, one shall dents, one shall
specifically specifically
represent Infancy/ represent Infancy/
Early Childhood, and Early Childhood, and
one Intermediate/ one Intermediate/
Middle Childhood. In Middle Childhood. In
order to hold an order to hold an
office in ACEI, an office in ACEI, an
individual must be a individual must be a
member of ACEI. member of ACEI.

--Merribeth D. Bruning, Chair, Program Development Committee
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Date:Mar 22, 2001
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