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Little Miss Bliss's letterbox drama; Saved by fire brigade.


A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl had to be rescued by firefighters after getting her arm trapped in a letterbox.

Bliss Thorpe was playing with her brother and sisters outside the family home in Mainside Road, Southdene, Kirkby, on Sunday afternoon, when she became firmly stuck.

Her mother Julie-Ann Heskin could not free Bliss and had to ring 999.

The 31-year-old said: "I had picked the kids up from their nan's house and we had been out shopping.

"I was getting the shopping out of the boot and the kids were messing with the front door.

"They like to play with the letterbox and peep through it, so I did not think anything about it.

"One of the kids closed the door and I heard Bliss shout her arm was stuck. I ran over and found she was trapped in the letterbox."

Ms Heskin, who is about to become a student nurse, used olive oil to try to free Bliss's arm, but had to call for help.

"I tried to twist her arm, but it was hurting her. She was crying and I did not know what to do, so I called the fire brigade."

Four rescuers arrived at their house and freed Bliss, a pupil at Aintree Daven-hill primary school, much to the relief of her worried mother.

Ms Heskin said: "They were brilliant. Bliss was frightened, but the fire brigade were very calm with her.

"They were just about to take the letterbox off when they got her little arm out."

Bliss, who has two sisters, Mollie, 10, and Lillie, eight, and a brother Louis, four, escaped unscathed.

Ms Heskin said: "She has got a few marks on her arm, but apart from that she is fine.

"It must have taken only about 10 minutes for the fire brigade to free her arm - they were really good - but it felt like a very long time to a six-year-old."


SORRY, EVERYONE: Bliss Thorpe keeps her hands well away from the letter box after having to be rescued by the fire brigade.; CAREFUL! Bliss and her sister Molly after she was rescued from the letterhrw
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 17, 2008
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