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Little Forks.

Local members of Little Forks Branch continue to be quite active. In April, members were honoured at Volunteer Night in Lennoxville and during April and May put great effort into filling two chartered 56-passenger buses to travel to Knowlton to attend the musical Louisa. It was a wonderful world premiere musical, but of course I may be prejudiced as Louisa is my husband's great grandmother. Donald Patriquin, Professor of Music who composed the music for Louisa, hopes to take it to other theatres in Canada and possibly the USA.

The Little Hyatt One-Room Schoolhouse was officially opened for the season, May 2nd, to oblige the Milby Women's Institute to hold their spring meeting and our summer student began her duties on July 3rd. Jennie, dressed in period costume, mans the school five days a week, Wednesday to Sunday, 1:00-7:00 p.m. To-date she has had many visitors, some paying a visit alter viewing our school on the web site. The summer student is hired through a six week Federal Government Program--HRDC.

On July 11th, we participated at Friendship Day in Lennoxville with a display table and enjoyed sharing our Loyalist information and photos covering our activities to the many visitors. Saturday July 18th saw us actively trying to make a buck at our huge garage sale held on the school grounds. The first customers arrived at 6:00 a.m. and continued until 5:00 p.m., netting us over $500.

We celebrated Canada Day by sharing our 30' x 60' tent with the Bury Historical Society who was desperate to have a shelter where they could offer strawberry shortcake as their fund-raiser. The tent, bearing our logo, gave us great exposure, along with a monetary donation, and has appeared in many of the photos taken by the local news media.

During the time of all the above-mentioned events we have struggled to keep the Loyalist "Gilbert Hyatt" name on a 5.5 km. section of the provincial Highway 143--a very stressful but meaningful endeavour. We have been encouraged by the tremendous support of many organizations, including the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. We certainly appreciated receiving the news of the ruling taken by the Toponymie Commission that "the Gilbert Hyatt name remains on our highway". Even though the Municipality was notified in April, they have failed to re-erect the Gilbert Hyatt signs, but instead have recently erected new signs bearing the name "Rte. 143" on the already numbered provincial Highway 143. At present, the Dossier has been handed over to the OLF, Office de la Langue Francaise to enforce the law. It has been remarked that we are fighting like true Loyalists!
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