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Little Forks Branch.

Bobby Hull: Special Guest at Little Forks

One can never say that Little Forks Branch goes half way with anything and when the Branch held a fund-raising barbecue last July they had, as their special guest, hockey superstar Bobby Hull.

Dark clouds and rain preceded Mr. Hull's arrival on July 18 at the Mechoui barbecue and sports memorabilia charity auction held at the Hyatt Schoolhouse in the Eastern Townships of Quebec near Sherbrooke east of Montreal. The rain stopped a short time before the arrival of Mr. Hull and perhaps was an omen of what was to come for the fund-raiser was a success with the branch, raising in excess of $2,000.

It was not by chance that Mr. Hull suddenly appeared in the rural community of Milby where the historic Hyatt Schoolhouse, restored by Little Forks Branch, is located. In years gone by, he had business dealings in beef cattle with Milt Loomis, husband of Bey Loomis, president of Little Forks Branch. Milt and Bey have maintained contact with Mr. Hull over the years and he accepted their invitation to attend the barbecue. Despite his phenomenal hockey career, Mr. Hull never abandoned his farming roots and continues, even to this day, to deal in purebred beef cattle.

Upon his arrival, Mr. Hull circulated among the approximately 150 people attending the event and graciously posed for pictures as well as signing many autographs. He also chatted with Roy Lewis, councillor for Central East Region. Both men are originally from the western end of the Bay of Quinte in south-central Ontario.

Among the items sold at the auction was a framed colour photograph of three hockey greats each of whom wore number nine for their respective teams. In the photograph, Mr. Hull is on the left, Gordie Howe is in the centre and the great Quebec hockey star, Maurice (Rocket) Richard is on the right. Along the bottom of the print were three mounted pucks autographed by each of the stars.

A delicious barbeque followed the auction. Members of Little Forks Branch were particularly pleased with the success of the auction as well as the excellent coverage they received in local newspapers and on CBC radio.

In May, a second session of "Sharing Family History" was held in the meeting room in the basement of the Hyatt Schoolhouse. During the day, six speakers presented stories of their ancestors who settled in the Eastern Townships.

President Bev gave the final talk of the afternoon on the Stacey family. A high point of the day was having Donald Patriquin, Professor of Music at McGill University, along with his wife and two of his prime singers sharing some musical selections which will be heard at the presentation of Louisa next April and May at the Sunshine Theatre in Knowlton, Quebec. Louisa Stacey is a great grandmother of Milt Loomis.

Both Bev and Milt had the opportunity to attend the annual conference of The United Empire Loyalists' Association held in Peterborough in early June and congratulate the Kawartha Branch on the efficient running of the four-day event.

Little Forks Branch was pleased that one of its members, Jim Bruce, was appointed as Dominion Treasurer. Jim follows in the footsteps of his brother, Larry, who served as Dominion Treasurer a few years ago.

President Loomis is also grateful to the Association for approving a second grant of $1,500 to assist with the operation of the restored Little Hyatt Schoolhouse.
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