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Little England view distorts the truth; VOICE OF THE NORTH.

THERE speaks the authentic voice of Little England. John Warmingham bemoans the abuse England has suffered at the hands of the hordes of Welsh and Scottish MPs who have so distorted the decisions of the English Parliament at Westminster that England has lost out to the regions and principalities (Voice of the North, May 17).

Economic development has been so skewed that the South suffers serious hardship through unemployment. Transport policy has led to high-speed rail and airport development in the outlying regions, and sclerosis of the motorways in the South. People in London have to fly to Glasgow to get access to a wide range of long-haul flights.

Opulent railways crisscross the North while, in the South, Crossrail is denied pounds 16bn, and Heathrow and Stansted refused a couple of measly runways. So many Government departments are based in the North and the Home Counties are starved of quangocracy jobs with fat salaries. Major cultural and media institutions have refused to move south from Salford to Shepherd's Bush.

The Barnett Formula which regulates haircuts nationwide has led to shortages of hair all over Sussex.

This perversion of our parliament by Pictish fifth columnists bending the democratic wishes of the English must stop before the Home Counties adopt the Euro and throw in their lot with the Flemish.

Give over, Mr Warmington-on-Sea. Wake up and smell the tea bag.

ALAN MARSDEN, Gamblesby, Cumbria
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Title Annotation:Editorial
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:May 25, 2010
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