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Little America Hotel: Creating Lasting Memories for Clients and Guests.

Take just one step inside the Little America Hotel and you'll immediately know that you're somewhere special. From sparkling chandeliers to English wool carpets to European decor, every corner of the hotel is a welcoming embrace. But it's not just the immaculate decor that makes the hotel stand out. Whether you're an overnight guest, event attendee or client, or a member of the hotel staff, when you're inside of the hotel, you become part of the Little America family.

Founded in 1952, Little America Hotel is a Salt Lake City treasure. "The goals the Holding family set when they started Little America were high. They always went above and beyond to create a place of quality, consistency and friendliness," says Executive Chef Bernhard Gotz. "Our tradition comes from the Holding family's commitment to family, and that's how we treat everyone who is in the hotel."

A family-focus mission and commitment to excellence has established Little America Hotel as one of Utah's premier hotels, and not just for overnight guests. Today, the hotel is considered one of the state's top meeting and event venues. Home to a reputation for hosting seamless events that leave guests and clients in awe, the hotel boasts a 70 percent event client retention rate.

"We are invested in our client's events as much as they are," says Gotz. "When we work with you, we don't think of you as a client--we consider you part of our family and we are committed to your event."

Jennie Bryson, director of catering and conventions, enjoys working with a myriad of clients to plan the perfect event. She says the hotel is a unique event space for three primary reasons." First, the hotel provides nearly every item an event needs--from flowers to food to chairs and linens. Second, the hotel offers unmatched quality. Each space is meticulously designed. Every menu is thoughtfully planned. When a guest makes a request, chances are the hotel can accommodate it. Third, clients can leave the stress of event planning to an experienced team of planners. The hotel prides itself in creating a worry-free experience for all event and meeting clients.

"We have a lot of new customers that are shopping around for their event's venue. Oftentimes, they don't realize that other places include just the bare bones--they don't offer the chairs, linens, flowers, and they have to call in an outside caterer," Bryson explains. "At Little America, we offer everything from start to finish. We even have an in-house audio/visual team. We create a seamless, flawless experience. At the end of the day, we offer an amazing value. Even if the price is a little bit more, you don't have to worry about anything--we've got it here.

"We want our clients to have a seamless event that makes them look good," she adds. "We want them to leave the event feeling ecstatic, and we will do whatever it takes to pull off an amazing event that is stress-free for them."

Chef Gotz adds that quality is always a top priority. "We never ever cut a cost. If a cost is too low, I'll actually get a call from the Holdings, asking me what I am buying," he says, adding that he gives out his direct phone number to clients, so they can talk directly with him about their menus. "We often work around food allergies or special requests--and I love the challenge."

Hotel staff also work with clients to add special touches to each event. From ice sculptures to specialty cocktails to a one-of-a-kind menu, every detail is meticulously planned. The hotel can even create themed events. "We had fire-and-ice event, where we had a variety of hot foods and cold foods. We've held specialty balls--a real popular ball had a Jane Austen theme and the guests loved it. And, our chef comes up with the most creative menus to match the themes. It creates a special event for everyone," says Ben Christiansen, catering manager.

In the end, the hotel's primary goal is to create an event that leaves a lasting impression with every attendee and client. "Our job--and what we love doing--is to create lasting memories for our clients and their guests," Bryson says. "We want them to have that 'wow factor' and to really stand out. When they're happy, we're happy."
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