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Littering? I blame parents.

IN reference to the concern over littering, which was raised in The Gazette by a visiting American family (Feedback, 01.08.16), I would not place any blame at the door of packaging companies or any government, but rather at the standard of parenting in this country. The lack of respect for people and environment is evident throughout this country now, and starts with young children having no boundaries. You see the parents of some young people and realise the kids will grow up just like them. No selfrespect or respect for others. They behave in public as if no-one else is there. We are to blame also, as we just stand and watch.

You will see this played out daily in restaurants, or any public gatherings. There are no deterrents. It requires in-built self-discipline. A desire to be decent. Good luck fixing this.

ALAN HUNTON, Coulby Newham

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Aug 5, 2016
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