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Litigation Research Associates Helps Clients Uncover Facts And Hidden Patterns.

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Beth Maser is an expert in unearthing hard-to-find facts. With her team at Litigation Research Associates (LRA), Maser discovers the facts - and the patterns of events - that are crucial to building a case or investigating a business.

"History can be a powerful diagnostic tool," says Maser, whose Washington-based firm is the hub of a nationwide network of investigators, researchers and historians. "Legal and business issues often hinge on being able to reconstruct the past."

A leading national litigation consultant and strategist, Maser also helps law firms, corporations and government agencies determine the most cost-effective research strategy, and how to go beyond Internet tools to dig out non-digital information from libraries and archives. Her firm has an impeccable reputation for timely, accurate and confidential work.

"We understand how to follow a corporate paper trail and investigate crucial issues like the succession of liability," says Maser, whose research experience extends to due diligence engagements, patent research, environmental issues, health care, and corporate intelligence covering multiple jurisdictions. "Our legal and business clients rely on us to provide essential background information and analyses they need to evaluate potential new business relationships."

Since 1999, LRA, has emphasized traditional research techniques in an increasing technological environment. Maser's countless hours spent in federal, state, local and corporate libraries, combined with her legal and consulting skills, have allowed her to conduct competitive intelligence investigations in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, scientific and recruiting.

Maser began her investigative career after earning her masters degree in history and public policy from George Washington University. She joined PHR Environmental Consultants, a California-based firm run by public historians whose clients included attorneys working on Superfund Litigation and the initial tobacco cases. Detailed field research and compilation of historical documents allowed Maser to construct ground-floor research plans and strategies for these ongoing suits, including their impact on Native Americans as well as Medicaid reimbursement.

As senior research analyst at Johnson & Tyler, P.C. in Washington D.C., Maser honed her research skills working on 30 Attorney General lawsuits with extensive historical analysis. While managing research assignments for a staff of 25, Maser trained new and existing staff on effective research techniques, and prepared witnesses for expert testimony.

Maser has worked on cases involving the contamination of World War II military bases. Her research contributed to the discovery of convincing documentary and photographic evidence that military activities involved the use and disposal of hazardous solvents and materials at defunct military bases. With her findings in hand, the client negotiated favorable settlements with the federal government and other potentially responsible parties.

Today, Maser and her LRA researchers have immediate access to some of the best public and private record collections in the world. "We can mine data from public and private archives, libraries, museums and special collections to identify documentary evidence," she says. LRA has professionals with the American Association of Law Libraries, Special Libraries Association, and Association of Independent Information Professionals among others.

For more information on Litigation Research Associates, log on to: or call 202-262-9436.
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Date:Apr 22, 2004
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