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Lithium for long life.

Here's the deal with lithium batteries: long shelf life, long run-time, but greater cost. So when does it make sense to use them? One use is emergency lights. Stick them in a flashlight and it can sit on a shelf for 10 years and still work when you need it. Another is smoke alarms. If you have a lot of them, it's a royal pain to replace alkaline batteries every year. With lithium you can get years of use, usually more than five.

Many cameras require lithium batteries because the devices need a lot of juice. And since I'm a camper, I love lithium batteries for use in a headlamp: they're lighter, last longer and do better in the cold. The cost is the only downside: about $1,65 for a "double A" when you buy a handful at a time. For many of us, just reducing the hassle of changing batteries is worth the extra bucks.

Ken Collier, Editor in Chief

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Author:Collier, Ken
Publication:The Family Handyman
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Date:Mar 1, 2014
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