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An Introduction to Rubber Technology. By A. Ciesielski. 174 pages. Price, $135. Rapra Technology Ltd., Shawbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, U.K. (1999).

Said to be the ideal basic guide for anyone who is about to start working with rubber, this handbook has information about every aspect of using rubber, from the initial selection of the rubber compound to the measurement of its physical properties. A brief history of the uses of natural and synthetic rubber is included, but the bulk of the book concentrates on the compounding and processing of rubber to produce rubber products. The different types of rubbers and their properties are described, and a detailed description of how to formulate rubber compounds, including the use of additives, fillers, antioxidants and plasticizers, is given.

The Desk Reference of Statistical Quality Methods. By Mark L. Crossley. 350 pages. Price, $68. ASQ Quality Press, Milwaukee, WI (2000).

This book contains clear explanations of over 40 essential statistical quality improvement methods in one reference guide. Arranged in alphabetical order for quick reference, this book provides the quality practitioner with a single resource that illustrates, in a practical manner, how to execute specific statistical methods frequently used in the quality sciences. Each method is presented in a stand-alone fashion and includes computational steps, application comments and a brief presentation on how to use the tool or technique.


Polyurethanes. "Polyurethanes V" is the subject of a comprehensive, multiclient study that will detail the profit opportunities in this $9 billion business. According to the publisher, the success of polyurethanes can be attributed to several factors, most of all their versatility. This material is available in every polymeric form, including rigid and flexible foam, elastomers, coatings, adhesives, sealants and fibers. The report will facilitate entry into new markets, aid current producers in assessing the potential for new products and expanding their position, and assist end users in evaluating competitive approaches. (Skiest)

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Specialty chemicals. This producer of specialty chemicals has released its new products catalog that highlights the features, benefits and applications of monomer, oligomer and other specialty chemical products. This catalog is said to help chemists select and specify specialty chemicals that improve the performance properties of coating, adhesive, ink, sealant, rubber, chemical intermediates and formulations for various other materials. The company's specialty chemicals improve pigment dispersion and adhesion, lower viscosity, etc. (Sartomer)

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Elastomers/fluoroelastomers. The company's Cri-Sil and Cri-Tech divisions offer an Internet web site promoting their lines of custom and readymade high performance elastomers and fluoroelastomers. The site, www., offers a listing of products, applications and new product information. It also allows customers to contact both companies, request technical data on compounds, contact technical support personnel and access on-line rubber resources. (Immix Technologies, LLC)

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Lab scale processing. "Innovative solutions for lab scale processing, rheometry and thermal analysis" is the title of the company's comprehensive instrumentation brochure. The company offers a range of equipment for laboratory scale polymer processing applications, enabling users to better characterize and process their materials. Featured are the low cost PolyDrive dedicated mixing and extrusion systems for quality control or sample preparation purposes, as well as the PolyLab system used for studying mixing, extrusion, compounding and rheology. Also featured are dynamic mechanical rheometers, capillary rheometers and melt flow index and melt flow rheometers, a differential scanning calorimeter, thermogravimetric analyzers, high mass, high temperature and high pressure TGA, thermomechanical analyzers, dynamic mechanical analyzers, the pvT100 unit for the measurement and analysis of the thermodynamic properties of a range of polymers, the Thermoflixer for measuring the thermal conductivity of plastics and other materials in solid, liquid and melt-phase as a function of temperature, and dynamic contact angle instrumentation. (Haake)

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Testing instruments. Literature is available describing the company's Model 2000-AM table top ozone test chamber with UV analyzer and the facility to choose different sizes of exposure chamber, and the BS770 Durotech durometer with Micromode, in which operators can measure small samples like o-rings. (Hampden Test Equipment Ltd.)

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Cutters/trimmers. The company's 28-page catalog features precision cutting and trimming machines. The catalog describes lathe cutters and knife trimmers which are designed to cut or trim round or cylindrical parts from rubber, plastics and other composite materials. Photographs, descriptions and specifications for each of the models are included in the literature. The company's lathe cutters are capable of cutting a wide range of parts with square or beveled sides, including gaskets, belts, washers and rings, to precise lengths. The lathe cutters, which are sometimes referred to as jar ring cutters or mandrel cutters, are available in ten different models. The company's knife trim machines are designed to trim flash from round or circular molded parts, such as dust caps, diaphragms, and transmission or shaft radial seals. They are available in eight different models. (Mitchell)

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Moving die rheometers. RheoTech MD+ moving die rheometers are featured in a four-page, four-color brochure. The RheoTech MD+ is said to be a state-of-the-art moving die rheameter designed to provide years of reliable performance and dependable service. Single button operation and a safety shield are said to allow for quick, easy and safe operation. The RheoTech MD+ comes standard with the CompuGraph for Windows data acquisition system, allowing the user to acquire, store and analyze an unlimited amount of data points per test. (Tech Pro)

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Tire x-ray inspection. The Axis automatic x-ray inspection system for tires is featured in a two-page bulletin. Axis proprietary software is Windows NT-based for easy set-up and use, according to the literature. Nine region tests can be pre-programmed for automatic inspection of body cord, sidewall, belt, turn-up and bead area. Tests performed include body cord for average cord spacing and cord diameter, sidewall for wide cords, wide spaces, narrow cords, missing cords, broken cords, crossed cords, foreign material, etc. (Yxlon International)

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Total line control. Literature is available describing the TLC 100G total line control 100 gauge, targeted for the single extruder hose, tube, wire and cable manufacturer who has previously suffered from the lack of an integrated, low cost product directed to his needs. The TLC 100G system is said to combine the merits of a high performance line control strategy with the precision of thickness and diameter gauging at an affordable price, according to the literature. The TLC 100G is said to offer simplified installation, is supplied complete with appropriate gauges, and is compable with almost all commercially available gauge heads. (Facts)

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Industrial/laboratory products. The company's comprehensive, 32-page catalog describes instrumentation for industry, science and education, including a digital contact tachometer, electronic balances, coating thickness gauges, digital conductivity/temperature/pH meters, analog and digital resistivity/conductivity/TDS meters, durometers, hardness testers, moisture meters, humidity/temperature transmitters, moisture/concentration analyzers, pH/temperature meters, refractometers, speed indicators, tachometers, viscosity testers, and much more. (Kernco Instruments)

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Thickness profiler. The traversing thickness profiler, featured in a two-page bulletin, is an in-line thickness gauging system designed for thin nonconductive material. The technology used can measure material thickness to an accuracy of [+ or -] 0.0006" with a resolution of 0.0002". The system is said to make readings every 0.1 inches while traversing across the web. Literature is also offered on the LMS 100 Series length measurement system. The LMS 100 is said to provide online, non-contact length measurement of continuously flowing sections of product. The operator loads the product style. The,, product setting button will allow the user to set the nominal length limit. The system output can be tied to an external alarm lamp or to a tagging system to mark out-of-tolerance product. (Systronics)

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Swing arm cutting machines. Hydraulic swing arm cutting machines are featured in a four-page, four-color brochure. This group of cutting machines is said to be suitable for cutting various sheet materials, rubber, soft plastics, etc., with single or double edged cutting knives in one or multiple layers. The machines are said to be operated quietly and safely. The power transmission of the machines is electrohydraulic. The Model C 106.7 is provided with an advanced stroke adjustment feature and two overcut buttons. (Indusco U.S.A.)

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Splice width measurement. Literature on improving operating efficiencies in material prep with continuous splice width measurement is available from the company. Utilizing precise, non-contact laser triangulation technology, the company's in-line splice width monitor provides real-time product and process quality feedback for both automatic and manual calendered fabric bias cutting/splicing operations without affecting process cycle time, according to the literature. The splice width monitor is said to provide the opportunity for significant improvements in operating efficiencies in the material preparation area. (Bytewise Measurement Systems)

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