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International Rubber Forum 1999. Price, $144. International Rubber Study Group, Middlesex, U.K. (2000).

The compendium of papers presented at the IRSG Forum, held in Veracruz, Mexico, October 7-8, 1999, is available in two volumes. "The rubber industry in 2000 - emerging from crisis?" contains 10 papers. The second volume, "Rubber and the environment," records the workshop proceedings, including five papers.


Nanocomposites. Polymers that contain molecularly dispersed inorganic compounds, nanocomposites are poised for commercialization this year, according to this market and technology report. (Bins & Associates)

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Conductive polymers. Organic semiconductors, conductive polymers are said to have tremendous potential for applications in optical memory, electromagnetic shielding, aircraft, batteries, cable insulation, etc., according to this review of the latest developments in polyacetylene synthesis. (Rapra Technology Ltd.)

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Scrap tire reduction. Complete turnkey solutions for reducing scrap tires for high quality crumb rubber are presented in the company's six-page, four-color, fold-out brochure. The literature describes functions of the complete system, including primary shredding, secondary processing, primary granulation, final processing and custom material preparation. (Granutech-Saturn Systems)

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Polymer processing. Leading technologies for thermal treatment of polymers are presented in this 12-page, four-color brochure. The company supplies continuous-operation systems for heating, cooling crystallization, drying and solid-state polycondensation. These systems, described in the literature, are used for both mass-type and special polymers, as well as for recycled polymers. All systems can be operated with either flakes, pellets or powder, according to the literature. (Buhler AG)

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Injection molding machines. Special machines for thermoplastic and thermoset rubber injection molding are featured in this 46-page brochure, including clamping units, injection units, machines for co-injection processing and rotating tables. Descriptions, specifications and photographs are included. (MIR S.p.A.)

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Retreading/extrusion. This 16-page, four-color brochure describes equipment for tire extrusion and retreading, including molds and containers, mold cure retreading equipment, pre-cure retreading equipment, extruders and extrusion heads, accessories and more. The company uses the latest advances in integrated design and manufacturing to ensure the highest product quality and rapid customer response, according to the literature. (A-Z Formen- und Maschinenbau GmbH)

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Dry ice blast cleaning. The company's RDS-500-CUB dry ice blast cleaning system, described in a four-page, color brochure, uses non-toxic, non-hazardous dry ice pellets in a high velocity air flow to blast away unwanted surface materials. On impact, the pellets instantly vaporize without generating any secondary waste, according to the literature. The remote delivery system (RDS) CUB is said to be an easily portable dry ice pellet blasting system. The unit offers stainless steel construction, is lightweight, compact and operates from any 120 volt AC outlet. (Cold Jet)

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Process equipment. This 60-page, color catalog provides photographs and descriptions of the company's process equipment, including agitators, attritors, autoclaves, blenders, blow molders, homogenizers, chillers, compressors, continuous and internal mixers, converting equipment, dispersers, double arm mixers, dryers, dust collectors, extruders, granulators, heat exchangers, high intensity mixers, hydraulic presses, laboratory equipment, mills, mixers, pelletizers, rubber machinery, preformers, presses, reactors, rubber extruders, slitters, etc. (Federal Equipment)

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Extrusion technology. Extruders and extruder systems, rubber calenders, profile production lines, rotary presses, v-belt manufacturing machinery and plastics extrusion equipment are featured in a color pamphlet. The company's technical center is also described. (Berstorff)

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Laser sensor head. A two-page, full-color brochure details the LSH 2401 laser sensor head, specifically designed to replace capacitive sensors on existing tire uniformity machines for tight work areas and high speed profiling of problematic materials such as green rubber and high silicon rubber. The concise and detailed literature provides product information and advantages of the LSH 2401, including its small footprint sensor head for tight work areas, easy interface with control systems and robust design for industrial environments. As described in the literature, the LSH 2401 can be connected to either a 19 kHz SLS sensor controller or up to a 64 kHz Optocator controller, and has a measurement range of 20 mm or 50 mm at stand-off distances of 50 mm or 80 mm. The brochure also describes precise laser triangulation methods used that are said to make the LSH 2401 ideal for numerous on- or off-line applications in the rubber and associated industries, including profiling green rubber, sidewall bulge and dent, splice width and radial runout. (LMI Selcom)

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Compound developments. The company's newsletter contains news and information on a developmental family of PVC/olefin elastomer alloys that require less liquid plasticizer than conventional flexible vinyl, and in some cases none at all; a case history on the use of oil-resistant Flexalloy OR vinyl/elastomer compounds in industrial boots; and seminars on flexible PVC compounds. (Teknor Apex)

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High-temperature polymer analysis. This 14-page, color brochure describes the Alliance GPC 2000 Series systems for polymer analyses. The brochure details applications for the instruments, which are geared for polymer scientists and others responsible for analyzing plastics that are soluble at either ambient or elevated temperatures. The Alliance GPC 2000 Series systems are said to feature several innovations that advance gel permeation chromatography (GPC) of polymers. Illustrations document the instruments' attributes. (Waters)

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Polymer processing. The company's line of polymer processing equipment, described in a four-page, four-color brochure, is said to offer significant application diversity and flexibility. The line, comprised of mixers, compounders, mills, gear pumps, extruders, pelletizers and laboratory equipment, is designed to combine high productivity with economical operation, according to the literature. Equipment featured in the literature includes the FTX twin-screw extruder, the CP compact compounder and F-Series Banbury mixers, in addition to control systems. (Farrel)

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Injection molding. Injection molding technology for the economical production of molded rubber parts is featured in a 24-page, color brochure. The company's product line includes rubber injection molding machines, as well as complete production solutions with molds, cold runner blocks, automation equipment and more. (Klockner Desma/KDE Sales and Service)

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