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20 Years Ago in These Pages. Adams, Mary E. Jul 1, 2022 263
EDITOR'S NOTE. Simon, Daniel Editorial Jul 1, 2022 632
EDITOR'S NOTE. Simon, Daniel Editorial May 1, 2022 705
Remembering the Final Years of Leningrad: A Conversation with Yelena Lembersky. Blumberg-Kason, Susan Interview May 1, 2022 2324
Meeting James Purdy. Goodman, Martin Interview Mar 22, 2022 4015
Enduring Words from Two NSK Prize Laureates. Jan 1, 2022 179
75 Years Ago in These Pages. Jan 1, 2022 339
"Imagining a Better Place": A Conversation with Masiyaleti Mbewe about Revolutionizing and Constructing Black Futures. Johnson, Michelle Interview Jan 1, 2022 2126
Writing the "Almost Nothing" of Life: A Conversation with Noemi Lefebvre. Moore, Sarah Interview Sep 22, 2021 2979
Photographing the Tulsa Massacre: A Conversation with Karlos K. Hill. Simon, Daniel Interview Mar 22, 2021 1539
Boulevard Craft Interview: Emily St. John Mandel. Krull, Ryan Interview Mar 22, 2021 3522
A Tribute to Ismail Kadare: Surviving and Subverting the Totalitarian State: As part of the ceremony honoring Kadare as the 2020 laureate--with participants logging in from dozens of countries around the world--Kadare's nominating juror, Kapka Kassabova, offered a video tribute from her home in Scotland. Kassabova, Kapka Essay Jan 1, 2021 1440
Why Should We Read Ismail Kadare? Reading Kadare, David Bellos finds the whole world in literary form: a masterful blend of myth and folklore with portraits of modern minds and local realities--plus a cunning, wry kind of humor. Bellos, David Critical essay Jan 1, 2021 1925
25 YEARS AGO IN THESE PAGES. Jan 1, 2021 290
Apocalyptic Scenarios and Inner Worlds: A Conversation with Gloria Susana Esquivel. Jaramillo, Camilo Interview Jan 1, 2021 1115
Animals at the End of the World. Jaramillo, Camilo Interview Jan 1, 2021 1946
Dead Storms and Literature's New Horizon: The 2020 Neustadt Prize Lecture: During the Neustadt Prize ceremony on October 21, 2020, David Bellos read the English-language version of Kadare's prize lecture to a worldwide Zoom audience. Kadare, Ismail Speech Jan 1, 2021 2800
HEADPHONE MASTERPIECES: On Gil Scott-Heron's Winter in America. Morrison, John Critical essay Jan 1, 2021 2039
APPROPRIATION AS RACIAL HOAX. Rekdal, Paisley Critical essay Jan 1, 2021 8710
NOTES FROM THE WILDERNESS: AN INTERVIEW WITH PHILIP METRES. Purushothaman, Karthik Interview Jan 1, 2021 5639
EDITOR'S NOTE. Simon, Daniel Editorial Sep 22, 2020 733
Completism, Retranslations, and Discovering New Writers: A Conversation with Margaret Jull Costa. Esposito, Veronica Interview Sep 22, 2020 1462
Ruminations on Defeat: A Conversation with Antoine Volodine. Hippolyte, Jean-Louis Interview Sep 22, 2020 2655
The Insolent Gaze of Chilean Poet Elvira Hernandez: When police are blinding protestors on Chile's streets, eyes like poet Elvira Hernandez's become more important than ever. Marambio, Soledad Essay Sep 22, 2020 2649
ENGAGEMENT, AGAIN: American Poetry Then and Now. Gray, Jeffrey Critical essay Sep 1, 2020 7954
"WHERE POETRY COMES FROM": The Phenomenon of Oksana Zabuzhko. Melnyczuk, Askold Critical essay Sep 1, 2020 3444
Public Taste: Bathos Ain't Always Bad. Akenson, Donald Harman Critical essay Jun 22, 2020 7349
A Common Misconception: (Inspired by Franz Kafka's "A Common Confusion"). Grady, Wayne Essay Jun 22, 2020 1898
Exploring Translated Lit's Ecosystem: A Conversation with Bonnie Huie. Esposito, Veronica Interview Jun 22, 2020 1751
Desegregating Language: The New Afrikaans Crime Novel. Constantine, Peter Critical essay Jun 22, 2020 1829
Broken Novels, Ruptured Worlds: A Conversation with Michelle de Kretser. Trape, Roberta Interview Jun 22, 2020 3989
There Is Also This Civil War Inside of Me: A Conversation with Zisis Ainalis. Goldwyn, Adam J. Interview Jun 22, 2020 2346
Cataclysm. Askew, Rilla Essay Jun 22, 2020 2107
Symposium. Mrjoian, Aram; Button, Rachel; Wheeler, Theodore; Levy, Lisa; Weyi, Brenton; Relyseus, Tye; Pursell, Essay Mar 22, 2020 8185
"What's Living but Courage?" The Poetry of R. S. Thomas. Zaller, Robert Critical essay Mar 22, 2020 8879
EDITOR'S NOTE. Simon, Daniel Editorial Mar 22, 2020 756
3 Online Book Clubs with a Global Perspective. Stevens, Elizabeth Rae Mar 22, 2020 669
Translating History: A Conversation with Isabel Fargo Cole. Bryant, Andrea Interview Mar 22, 2020 2855
Our Nations, Ourselves: A Conversation with Robin Hemley. Hawk, Tiffany Interview Mar 22, 2020 2179
Refocusing on Women and the Obscene in Viet Nguyen's The Sympathizer. Gradisek, Amanda R. Essay Jan 1, 2020 9479
Pandemic Hours A Conversation with Jesse Goolsby. Lingle, Brandon Interview Jan 1, 2020 2239
"Transitory Indignities" Trauma and the Commuter Train in The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. Sopiarz, Josh Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 7028
Translation's Trends and Blind Spots An Interview with Elisabeth Jaquette. Esposito, Veronica Interview Jan 1, 2020 1629
Night School: or, The Ancient Art of East European Heavy Breathing. Ban, Zsofia Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 3626
Writing as Spiritual Offering: A Conversation with Leila Aboulela. Parssinen, Keija Interview Jan 1, 2020 2898
Cross-Cultural Romance with Global Itinerary: A Conversation with Sarah Ladipo Manyika. Gleibermann, Erik Interview Jan 1, 2020 3172
Two Wings, One Generous Heart: A Tribute to Margarita Engle. Rivera, Lilliam Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 3915
Two Cultures, Two Wings: The 2019 NSK Prize Lecture. Engle, Margarita Speech Jan 1, 2020 746
For a Vital and Unlimited Art. Anaya, Jose Vicente Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 1441
The Bro-mides of American Poetry. Treacle, Geoffrey Essay Jan 1, 2020 1192
The Munro Woman: History as We Read It in the Stories of a Nobel Laureate. Fulford, Robert Critical essay Dec 22, 2019 2104
ART IN THE AGE OF THE MEDIA-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. Shaw, Alix Anne Essay Nov 1, 2019 3012
Cultivating Empathy and Humility: A Conversation with Laila Lalami. Frelier, Jocelyn Interview Sep 22, 2019 2518
A Date with Svetlana Alexievich in Berlin: or, Smuggling Bugs into Soviet Moscow. Ferrer, Jorge Essay Sep 22, 2019 3263
An Active Measure. Coke, Allison Adelle Hedge Editorial Sep 22, 2019 1204
Resisting the Violence through Writing: A Conversation with Tommy Orange. Shotton, Heather Interview Sep 22, 2019 3233
Guam and Literary Activism. Perez, Craig Santos Essay Sep 22, 2019 1843
Exodus, Labor, Love: A series of troubling questions leads a child of immigrants to write a novel imagining a young Mexican mother deported, leaving her half-American, California-born daughter to be raised by a foster mother. Sep 22, 2019 984
Immigration and Transformation: My Literary Metamorphosis: All of us who love books, we are all in this fight together--as writers, as readers, as human beings. Grande, Reyna Essay Sep 22, 2019 1882
Celebrating the Tribes and Species of the World and the Radiant Symmetries That Join Us: Curating an exhibit for the Central Park Zoo, a poet and her collaborators create a celebration of our connection to the physical world, using the work of poets who strive to sustain that world. Alcosser, Sandra B. Essay Sep 22, 2019 1753
MOSTLY JUST A SCREAM: AN INTERVIEW WITH HALLE BUTLER: On capitalism and The New Me. Etter, Sarah Rose Interview Sep 1, 2019 2288
Thoughts Returned from Exile on Black Case Volume I & II. Davis, Thulani Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 1129
from BLACK CASE VOLUME I & II: RETURN FROM EXILE. Jarman, Joseph Excerpt Jun 22, 2019 332
Reframing Blackness: The Installation Aesthetic of In Our Terribleness. Nishikawa, Kinohi Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 9620
Nancy Morejon Discusses Race and Culture. Edison, Thomas Wayne Interview Mar 22, 2019 3111
The Troubled Man In The Picture. Guidi-Signorelli, Mauro Short story Jan 1, 2019 6161
Introduction. Marshall, Daniel; Vickery, Ann; Whatman, Emma Critical essay May 1, 2018 3160
Reflections on Legacies and Solidarities from the Perspective of a 50s Fem: Fragments of Stories, Encounters, Perils and Cries of Possibilities. Nestle, Joan Essay May 1, 2018 3760
Ghost Town Travels: Homo-recollections in a Post-gay Era. Venzo, Paul May 1, 2018 4187
'I am no longer a fiction but a real human being': The Modernist Queer Body in Patrick White's The Twyborn Affair (1979). Rowen, Dylan Critical essay May 1, 2018 8047
Reading Cane in the Anthropocene: Toomer on Race, Power, and Nature. Taylor-Wiseman, Rebekah Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 9912
EDITOR'S NOTE. Simon, Daniel Editorial Mar 1, 2017 734
"Tough as Ox Tendons": Korean Literature and Returning Catastrophe. Eun-Gwi Chung Essay Mar 1, 2017 3387
Dead Reckoning: The Darkening Landscape of Contemporary World Literature. Fifer, Elizabeth Critical essay Mar 1, 2017 1702
Dystopian Lit Rising: A Conversation with Michelle Pretorius. Messitt, Maggie Interview Mar 1, 2017 3239
Politics & Prose. Heing, Bridey Mar 1, 2017 630
World book. Maso, Carole Jan 1, 2004 879
Politics of poetry. (Culture). Betts, Tara Sep 22, 2002 1736
Families reading together: connecting literature and life. Barrett, Theresa M. Mar 22, 2002 8460
What makes Lord Byron go? Strong determinations--public/private--of imperial errancy. Gonsalves, Joshua David Mar 22, 2002 14987
"Strange longings": Keats and feet. Turley, Richard Marggraf Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 7438
Billy Collins: mischievous laureate. (interview). Secor, Laura Interview Mar 1, 2002 1432
"It could have happened in other countries too": Von der Phanomenologie zur Anthropologie der Gewalt bei Vladimir Nabokov ("Korolek" und "Oblako, ozero, basnja"). Engel-Braunschmidt, Annelore Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 8143
How Gay Paperbacks Changed America. (Essay). Young, Ian Nov 1, 2001 3606
Fictions about Pulp. (Essay). Bronski, Michael Nov 1, 2001 3257
August, 1953: One magazine tackles the marriage issue. Glover, Billy Reprint Nov 1, 2001 1319
What to think of Mordecai Richler (1931-2001). Dooley, David J. Obituary Oct 1, 2001 1830
Vraisemblance and Motivation. Genette, Gerard Critical Essay Oct 1, 2001 10859
Style and the Sentimental Gaze in The Last of the Mohicans. Herndl, Diane Price Critical Essay Oct 1, 2001 13525
Speaking "Chrissandra": Christa Wolf, Bakhtin, and the Politics of the Polyvocal Text. Jacobs, Karen Critical Essay Oct 1, 2001 11558
Entre paraitre et disparaitre: Le "Testament" de Nina de Villard. Harismendy-Lony, Sandrine Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 4468
Le Ventre de Paris de Zola: il y a eu un mort dans la cuisine. Rollins, Yvonne Bargues Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 6778
La proie et l'ombre. Durtal et la confusion gastrosexuelle. Smeets, Marc Sep 22, 2001 4132
Marcel Pepin: La fidelite l'affaire de toute une vie. Rioux, Michel Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 2341
Specialized Materials. (Guide to the Year's Work). Hall, Donald E. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 2615
Traveling with Joyce: Derek Walcott's discrepant cosmopolitan modernism. Pollard, Charles W. Jun 22, 2001 7121
Carving a literary exception: The obscenity standard and Ulysses. Pagnattaro, Marisa Anne Jun 22, 2001 8769
Literature and reality. Allan, Derek Jun 1, 2001 6299
The silence of contemporary Syrian literature. Kahf, Mohja Mar 22, 2001 8639
The idea of cultural continuity in G. Chaucer's house of Fame. Wicher, Andrzej Jan 1, 2001 5754
A candid interview with young Canadian fiction writer Robert Edison Sandiford who presently lives in Barbados. Joyette, Anthony T. Interview Sep 22, 2000 3578
Literature and racial integration. de Almeida, Jose Mauricio Gomes Sep 22, 2000 7000
Protest poetry: the voice of conscience. (Research Note). Srestha, Ananda P. Jul 1, 2000 2828
Triangulated Desire and Tactical Silences in the Beat Hipscape: Bob Kaufman and Others. Damon, Maria Critical Essay Jan 1, 2000 8379
Desperate but Not Serious: The Situation of Hungarian Literature in the Nineties. DAVIS, ROBERT MURRAY Jan 1, 2000 7851
"When Fantasy Meant Survival": Writing, Class, and the Oral Tradition in the Autobiograpies of Rick Bragg and Harry Crews. WELDON, AMY E. Critical Essay Dec 22, 1999 9257
The Magi vs the Magpie. Lenger, John Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 1755
Paul Val[acute{e}]ry: Literature as Such. Genette, Gerard Critical Essay Sep 22, 1999 4808
Literary Study and the Social Order. Tanner, Stephen L. Sep 22, 1999 6207
Bearing Witness to Apartheid: J. M. Coetzee's Inconsolable Works of Mourning. DURRANT, SAMUEL Sep 22, 1999 13846
Reading the Texts that Read the Profession: Ads for Literature Texts in College English, 1960-1995. Wadden, Paul Sep 22, 1999 11099
Darwin and Dickens. Gillespie, Nick Nov 1, 1998 5283
Notes & Comments: March 1998. Mar 1, 1998 1549
King Arthur, Scotland, Utopia, and the Italianate Englishman: What Does Race Have to Do with It? GUTIERREZ, NANCY A. Jan 1, 1998 4754
The discourse of oppression as expressed in writings of the Intifada. Meghdessian, Samira Jan 1, 1998 9095
Literature in Lesotho: some reports. Gray, Stephen Jan 1, 1998 5287
Rereading the Caribbean through Dubbelspel by Frank Martinus Arion. Hambuch, Doris Jan 1, 1998 3528
Sterling Brown: maker of community in academia. Camper, Joyce A.A. Sep 22, 1997 2869
The writer and society: an interpretation of 'Nausea.' (Jean-Paul Sartre) McGinn, Marie Apr 1, 1997 5514
Robert Hass. Pollock, Sarah Interview Mar 1, 1997 1961
Word's worth. Morriss, James M. Dec 22, 1996 1332
Past, present, future, and postcolonial discourse in modern Azerbaijan literature. Vatanabadi, Shouleh Jun 22, 1996 4161
Post-socialist Kyrgyz literature: crisis or renaissance? Shamshiev, Bektash Jun 22, 1996 2242
American poetry in American life. Pinsky, Robert Mar 1, 1996 5810
Salad bowl. Blatter, Silvio Jun 22, 1995 4559
The journey. Pedretti, Erica Jun 22, 1995 3897
The centipede. Becker, Jurek Jun 22, 1995 3893
"Us and them": stories about strangers. Nadolny, Sten Jun 22, 1995 3992
All my foreigners. Schneider, Peter Jun 22, 1995 6025
On the denial of the multicultural in the novels of Hanns-Josef Ortheil. Ortheil, Hanns-Josef Jun 22, 1995 4595
The postcolonial view: writers from the German-speaking countries report from the Third World. Lutzeler, Paul Michael Jun 22, 1995 6262
Literary theory and the role of the university. Baker, Peter Jun 1, 1995 6970
Evelyn Waugh's early novels: the limits of fiction. Lynch, Richard P. Sep 22, 1994 5003
Gender and genre: nature, naturalism, and authority in 'The Sea-Wolf.' (The Genders of Naturalism) Gair, Christopher Sep 22, 1994 7292
Jane Barker, 'Poetical Recreations,' and the sociable text. King, Kathryn R. Sep 22, 1994 8746
An interview with Marilynne Robinson. Schaub, Thomas Interview Jun 22, 1994 7795
Nadine Gordimer: dark times, interior worlds, and the obscurities of difference. Barnouw, Dagmar Jun 22, 1994 11286
Audience and closure in 'The Grapes of Wrath.' Visser, Nicholas Mar 22, 1994 8164
"All was lonely, darksome, and waste": 'Wieland' and the construction of the new republic. Rombes, Nicholas, Jr. Mar 22, 1994 4840
Postcolonial identity and gender boundaries in Amitav Ghosh's 'The Shadow Lines.' (Practicum on Teaching Postcolonial Literatures) Mongia, Padmini Oct 1, 1992 2184
Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard. Reference Source Jan 1, 1989 3314

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