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Literature For Design Engineers.

New! Free Catalog On Perforating

This new, 150-page comprehensive catalog provides information needed to select, specify and order perforated metals and plastics. It addresses uses for perf, raw materials, tolerances - industry vs. Diamond Superior, custom options and 13 design factors affecting cost, quality and delivery. All this, along with over 400 available patterns shown to scale as well as pictures of creative applications, makes this catalog a valuable resource.

Diamond Mfg. Co., Fax: 570-693-3500,

(800) 433-5259, EXT 3052 or Write in 3001

Performance Piezo Alarms

Chimes, sirens, warbles and beeps are among the unique sounds available in this series of piezoelectric alarms. Four mounting options, six termination options and manual volume control options available. Operating voltages from 1 VDC to 22VAAC, low current consumption. Most models available with UL component recognition.

Floyd Bell Inc., (614) 294-4000 Fax: (614) 291-0823,

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Terminal Blocks Catalog

NEW for 2000, this 22-page catalog features a complete line of very price sensitive, high quality PCB mount terminal blocks. Photos, dimensional data, specifications and ordering information are provided. All blocks are CSA, VDE and UL listed and manufactured under ISO 9002 certification. Styles include Euro, Barrier, Pluggable and Spring types. Modified and customized variations are welcomed at the same competitive prices. Contact:

EBY COMPANY, (800) EBY-3430 Fax: (215) 537-4780, E-mail:

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Machine Guarding Systems/Ergonomics

Literature informs readers about machine guarding and ergonomic palm buttons for the industrial workplace. Designed specifically for rigorous industrial environments, products covered offer low pricing, fast delivery, and long warranties. Catalog details how systems are also designed to easily interface with robotic, automation, and FMS systems.

Triad Controls, (800) 937-4334 Fax: (412) 262-1197, E-mail:

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Shock Absorbers

ACE reinvents the shock absorber -- again. Magnum Group out performs any other shock absorber its size. Dramatic increases in effective weight capacity result in cost savings and' using smaller shocks in many applications. More energy in the same package size, increasing the safety factors and range of applications. Fully threaded outer tube (UNF or metric), adjustable and self-compensating.

Ace Controls, (800) 521-3320 or (248) 476-0213 Fax: (248) 476-2470,

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New! Opto-Couplers/Opto-Isolators Catalog

Photo-couplers, or opto-isolators, in this Product Selection Guide are featured in DIP and SMT packages. On the detector side, Photo ICs, Photo-Transistors, and Photo-Darlingtons, with and without base connectors, are available with lead times shorter than competition. Listed are current transfer ratios and classifications. A cross-reference table crossing 13 manufactures with Lumex products is also available. For more information visit:

Lumex, Inc., (800) 278-5666 Fax: (800) 944-2790, E-mail:

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Niagara Plastics Offers Now Expanded Catalog

New, expanded Niagara Plastics catalog provides specifications on industry's most complete source for protective caps, plugs, netting & Industrial closures. Thousands of sizes and types of closures available to satisfy virtually any product protection need. Over 120 million parts are in stock for immediate shipment. Custom design and tooling facilities are also available. For a free catalog, contact:

Niagara Plastics Co., (800) 458-0465 Fax: (800) 358-4391, E-mail:

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Electric Linear Actuator Systems

Linak is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electric linear actuator systems. Their product range includes many: customized combinations that can be utilized in diverse market applications from hospital beds, patient lifts, and workstations to salt sprayers, school buses and combine harvesters. Please visit their website for more details.


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New Cole-Parmer[R] 2001/2002 General Catalog

In the new General Catalog with over 2,200 pages, you are sure to find the products you need for any application. From Biotechnology to Electrochemistry, Industrial to Safety. Catalog features all the top product lines in your industry. In the new Catalog keep a look out for burettes, calibration equipment cell culture, and more.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Co., (800) 443-3434

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Electronic Components Distributor

Mouser Electronics provides complete product & pricing data for over 107,000 components from 200 leading suppliers: Kemet, Seiko, Spectrol, STMicroelectronics, AMP, Vishay, Amphenol, 3M, and more. Our web site offers secure online ordering, downloadable catalog, data sheets, search capabilities, and much more.

Mouser Electronics, (A TTI, Inc. Company), (800) 346-6873 or (817) 483-6828 Fax: (817) 483-6899, E-mail:

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Popular Electronic Test Accessories

New, 171-page catalog features over 12,000 problem solving, time saving solutions to common testing, and hook-up & assembly applications. Products include DIP testing accessories, continuity & voltage testers, multi-lead assemblies, test leads, wire & cable, insulation piercing test leads, components & adapters, & type "N" INC, BNC, SMA/UHF coaxial test accessories specs, configuration diagrams, application samples & ordering information provided.

E-Z-Hook, (800) 995-HOOK Fax: (626) 446-0972, E-mail:

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OEM Operator Interface/Control Panels

Free, OEM Operator Interface Terminal/Control Panel Catalog showcases complete family of microterminals and accessories for Human Machine Interface (HMI) and control panel applications. Since 1978, OEM's System Integrators and Design Engineers have reduced development time and costs by embedding these rugged operator interface/control panels into their finished goods and factory floor control systems.

Intelligent Instrumentation, Fax: (520) 573-0522,

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Design Engineers Digest on Ductile Iron

This highly informative booklet was prepared specifically for the Design Engineer. It is a valuable reference source of technical data, specifications and applications of Ductile Iron Castings. The metallurgical graphs, charts and numerous photos of castings are important tools for familiarizing the Design Engineer with the various grades of Ductile Iron available to meet specific requirements. Send for this FREE brochure.

Ductile Iron Marketing Group, (440) 734-8040 Fax: (440) 734-8182,

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High Energy Catalog

Contains specifications on hundreds of standards short stroke cylinders for use in compact jigs, fixtures, and general purpose tooling. Lists operations for materials, porting, rod ends, and mounting styles including mounting details to metric standards.

Mack Corp., (520) 526-1120 Fax: (520) 526-0473, E-mail:

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Transportation Switches and Controls Catalog

From standard switches to custom control products, Carlingswitch is your source for safe, reliable, cost effective solutions. This new catalog details Carlingswitchs' full line of transportation switches and control products, from standard sealed rocker switches, to custom, multifunction control handles, custom switches and levers. Product selector guide, full ordering information and dimensions specs included.

Carlingswitch Inc., (800) 243-8556 Fax: (860) 793-9231, E-mail:

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Automotive Window Channels/Weatherstrips

Offering more than 70 different cross sections, StanPro can provide the sliding window channel and belt weatherstrips your application requires. Flexible rubber or fabric covered steel core weathersips. All rubber, flocked lining channels offer friction free movement. Roll formed stainless steel beaded belt weatherstrips provide a solution to sealing out moisture and dirt. Our production meets or exceeds OE quality standards to ensure superior products.

Cooper-Standard Automotive, (800) 333-3265 E-mail:

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Product Guide and Index

This bulletin provides an overview of all five types of Atlas SpinTite[TM] fasteners, which can serve as a practical alternative to weld nuts, rivets, and sell-drilling screws. The bulletin also illustrates installation procedure and lists authorized distributors and representatives.

Atlas Engineering Inc., A Penn Engineering Company (877) 682-2505

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Eliminate Static and Dust

Ion Air Gun removes static, contaminants and dust from three-dimensional parts prior to assembly, packaging, painting or finishing. Rugged design combines incredibly fast static decay rates with low compressed air consumption to effectively eliminate static at distances of up to 15 feet. Comfortable grip/ hand position allows hours of continuous use without fatigue. Applications include cleaning molded pans, prepaint dust removal, furniture finishing and package cleaning.

EXAIR Corporation, (800) 903-9247 Fax: (513) 671-3363, E-mail:

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New 2000 Electronics Catalog

The Allied Electronics Engineering Manual and Purchasing Guide contains reference data plus electronic components, supplies, test equipment, tools and accessories from over 275 manufacturers. The Allied Catalog is also available on CD-ROM. This breadth and depth combined with local sales offices nationwide gives you service capabilities found only at Allied Electronics, Inc.

Allied Electronics, Inc., (800) 433-5700

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Grippers/Slides/Rotary Actuators

World leader of precision automation components used in many different industries for over 15 years. We have the largest selection of parallel & angular grippers and slides in the industry. Our rotaries have the lowest profile available to date. Our robot and effector offerings include EOA's Quick Changers & Multi Clutches, Compliance Wrists, Overload Wrists and much more. Call us today for our free 400-page catalog at (800) ROBOHAND.

Robohand Inc., (800) 762-6426 Fax: (203) 452-7418, E-mail:

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Fastener Handbook

This 48-page handbook explains what self-locking fasteners are and how they work. It describes basic type of self-locking fasteners as well as applications and design solutions. This handbook provides valuable design information to any engineer that works with threaded fasteners. Long-Lok makes this new handbook available to engineers, designers and purchasing agents upon request and free of charge.

Long-Lok Fasteners Corp., (800) LONG-LOK Fax: (513) 772-1888,

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Electric Cylinders

Catalog lists Electric Linear Cylinders with ball screw or Acme Screws for Industrial Applications using AC, DC, Servo, or stepping Motors. Clean electric power replaces hydraulic or pneumatic systems, to position or move any object, load or force. RACO offers the broadest performance range in the industry, with thrust capabilities in the RACO EC line of electric cylinders from a few pounds to 100 tons and positioning speeds up to 50 inches per second.

Raco International, Inc., Fax: (412) 835-0338

CALL (800) 433-5259, EXT 3031 or Write in 3022

Servo Amplifiers

Free CD ROM Catalog Features High Performance PWM Servo Amplifiers. Compact, low cost, standard and custom solutions for....

* AC Brushless (sinusoidal)

* DC Brushless (trapezoidal)

* DC Brush type

Contact us when you're ready to discuss your intelligent motion application.

Advanced Motion Controls, Phone: (805) 389-1935 Fax: (805) 389-1165, www.

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Custom Aluminum & Zinc Castings

CUSTOM die casting capability, Value added features, Tooling design with a new CAD system, Finishing, Secondary Machining, Vibratory Deburring, Assembly, Degreasing, X-Ray Inspection, & a Guide to Alloy Selection, Material Properties Comparison, on request. PDCCO is now celebrating 80 years of service. Providing satisfied customers with precision castings at the price and delivery they require and pledges superior state-of-the-art castings in the future.

Pittsburgh Die & Casting Co., (412) 271-5422 Fax: (412) 271-8532,

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Forgings + For Leisure Products

Forged aluminum and brass components combine strength, durability, light weight for recreation/leisure products. In-house RapidTooler[TM] Service speeds prototypes, production from new tools; in-house heat treating; tight-tolerance machining, polishing; buffing; anodizing, plating and other coatings.

Anchor-Harvey Components, Inc., (888) FORGING Fax: (800) 55FORGE,

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Multi-Contact USA's New Complete Catalog

This new 480-page catalog shows the entire line of precision electrical and electronic connectors, test accessories, wire and cable, and specialty items. Available in printed version or Mac/PC compatible CD-ROM.

Multi-Contact USA, (707) 575-7575 Fax: (707) 575-7373, E-mail:

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Let There Be Light

Brochure highlights backlighting of membrane switches, LCD , panels, gauges, and overlays with plastic optical fiber panels. Benefits of low cost, low power (from 2.1 VDC, 30mA) thinness (.013" min.), uniform brightness, EMI, and heat-free, remote light source, rugged and durable. Includes specs of miniature light sources (LED, vacuum, gas filled and halogen).

Poly-Optical Products, (949) 250-8557 Fax: (949) 250-1840, E-mail:

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OEM Group Success Stories

Company has tracked numerous interesting applications of its Masterflex peristaltic (tubing) pump products in various industries. A number of these unique applications are described in a 16-page brochure. Tubing pumps currently used in OEM product design include agricultural, food, beverage, medical, biomedical instrumentation, pharmaceutical, water treatment, printing, and more.

Barnant Company, (800) 637-3739 Fax: (847) 381-7053, E-mail:

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Aerotech's Motion Control Catalog 2000

The new Aerotech Motion Control Catalog features greatly expanded product information on our U-channel and flat linear motors, brushless rotary servomotors, PWM drives, linear drives, indexers, DC servomotors and drives, single and multi-axis PCI- and ISA-bus-based motion controllers, and software. Send for your free copy or visit us at

Aerotech Inc., (412) 963-7470 Fax: (412) 963-7459, E-mail:

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International Wiring Devices and Accessories

New Catalog No. 20 features 1400 high quality European, United Kingdom, Australian and other internationally approved wiring devices for use on exported equipment. Approvals include VDE, OVE, ASTA, DENTORI, CE Mark and others. Product line includes outlets, plugs, connectors, cord sets, adapters for all countries, IEC 320 (60320) devices and IEC 309 heavy-duty devices.

International Configurations, Inc., (860) 749-6380 Fax: (860) 749-2985,

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Precision Dispensers & Motoring Pumps

NEW 30-page catalog covers Dispensers and Metering Pumps for Laboratory, Industrial and OEM applications. These unique piston-type positive displacement units feature no valves, low-dead volume, 1% accuracy and a ceramic/fluorocarbon fluid path. Flows from 2.5 1/dispense to flows of 4,600 ml/min with pressures to 100 psig. Details operating principles, pump capacities, motor characteristics, materials of construction and more.

Fluid Metering, Inc., (900) 223-3388 or (516) 922-6050 Fax: (516) 624-8261,

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Vectra Liquid Ring Pumps and Compressors

NASH Engineerings new line of Vectra liquid ring vacuum pumps is detailed in a 12-page brochure. The line consists of 10 sizes and 2 models with capacities from 120 to 2860 CFM. The GL model is for general industrial duty while the XL model is for the more demanding requirements of the chemical processing industry. Ratings, features, and dimensions are covered along with pre-engineered packaged systems.

Nash Engineering, (800) 553-NASH Fax: (203) 459-3988, E-mail:

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Boots, Bellows, Way Covers

New bulletin PR-100B features Gortite[R] custom-engineered boots, bellows and way covers manufactures of elastomer coated fabric materials. Includes information on molded, folded, sewn folded, and heat sealed covers, and some stock bellows. Gortite[R] covers offer ideal protection on machine tools, robots, lifts, precision slides, mobile equipment, cameras and enlargers, and medical and dental equipment.

A&A Mfg. Co., (262) 786-1500 Fax: (262) 786-3280, E-mail:

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How to Clean Intricate Castings

Because it is an immersion process, a Kolene[R] Kastech[R] Electrolytic[R] salt bath removes 100% of all contaminants from internal passages of intricate castings. The Kastech Electrolytic process also removes exposed surface graphite from castings to prepare surfaces for brazing, tinning, babbitting, or soldering.

Kolene Corp., (313) 273-9220 Fax: (313) 273-5207, E-mail:

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Buy Online: Power Supply Products

The Astrodyne Power Products Catalog offers the world's largest selection of low cost power solutions for any application. Modular, Open Frame, and Enclosed AC/DC Switches from 5 Watts to 2,000 Watts. Modular, Open Frame, and Half-Brick DC/DC Converters from 1 Watt to 175 Watts. Guaranteed Lowest Prices.

Astrodyne Corp., (800) 823-8082

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Pressure Switch Solutions

New 16-pg. catalog, featuring its unique line of miniature pressure switches. With a product range capable of sensing ultra-low to moderate pressure, vacuum, or differential and the ability to switch loads ranging from dry circuit to 1HP, MPL offers custom-engineered solutions for designers in appliance, medical, automotive, and many other OEM industries.

Micro Pneumatic Logic, Inc., (888) 386-4270 or (954) 788-3611 Fax: (954) 788-9958, E-mail:

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Pressure Controls for Industry

This 16-page, color brochure describes Tescom's comprehensive line of standard and custom regulators, valves, manifolds and electropneumatic controllers. Pressure reducing, back pressure, vacuum and differential pressure regulators for control of gases or liquids from sub-atmospheric to 20,000 PSIG. Numerous porting configurations and sizes, materials of construction and loading styles.

Tescom Corp., (763) 441-6330

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New Conduit Typo Cable Carriers Gortube

New full color brochure describes Gortube conduit type cable and hose carriers now available in 24 size/radius combinations. Bulletin GT-200 includes dimensions, design data and ordering information for determining proper track length, width, radius, and flange arrangement for Gortube carrier applications on machine tools, industrial robots, and other moving quipment.

Gortrac Division, A & A Mfg. Co. Inc., (262) 780-1500 Fax: (202) 786-3280, Email:

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Quantum - Quietest Cable Carrier

Quantum is a new carrier design for totally flexible cable management solutions. The quietest cable and hose carrier in the world, running at <60dB(A). Perfect for clean rooms with no wear at hinges. Link-less design eliminates vibration. Flexible design allows for twisting and/or misaligned operation. Cavity sizes range from 1.10" high x 1.14" wide on the Q40 to 2.83" high x 23.62" wide on the Q100. Larger and smaller sizes are coming soon.

KabelSchlepp America, (800) 443-4216 Fax: (414) 354-1900, E-mail:

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Color brochure outlines capabilities of this 50-year-old, family owned business located just outside Chicago. Performance specializes in metal and non-metal stampings with complete tool and die building maintenance and repair capabilities. Performance President, Scott Spencer states: "We're a family-owned business founded in the 1940s and now operating with the technology of the 90's and beyond."

Performance Stamping Co., (800) 935-0393 Fax: (847) 420-2368

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Die Cast Design Data for Instant Download

Four free bulletins on designing housings and components for cost-effective die casting, for OEM product engineers and specifiers. Documents available in PDF format for instant download from CWM website. Subjects cover Evaluating Materials & Processes; Designing Optimum Part Shapes; Prototyping for Die Casting; and Surface Finishing for Die-Casting. Prepared by Diecasting Development Council of NADCA. Go to

Chicago White Metal Casting

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Duralon[R] Composite Bearings

Duralon[R] FTFE composite bearings are used in mechanical linkages that pivot, have linear motion, or travel at slow speeds, high loads, and full rotation. Achieve a maintenance free mechanism by replacing linear ball bushings, powder metal and molded plastic bearings MAPTIS 01660 Toxicity testing "K" rating - TVS test "A" rating.

Rexnord Corporation, (800) 591-0886 Fax: (630) 969 8752

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Cylinders Delivered In 3-5 Days

Flairline's lightweight, heavy-duty line of cylinders, check valves and flow controls are described in 32-page catalog. Double acting, spring return, tandem, miniature, magnetic switch cylinders, and NFPA-interchangeable cylinders. Standard cylinders are shipped in 3 to 5 days. Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders in bore sizes 1/2" to 4" with stock strokes 1" to 18" at 200 psi pneumatic/500 psi hydraulic.

Flairline, (248) 478-3330 Fax: (248) 478-332,

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Continuous Hinges

Application and selection criteria for continuous hinges of virtually any type are defined in a 16-page catalog. It includes an instructive section on hinge terminology, data on secondary and finishing options, dimensional drawings, specs and tolerances, standard sizes with metric conversions and estimated shipping weights. The hinges are available in almost any length, width and finish.

Stocker Hinge, (800) 637[-2600 or (708) 485-3400, Fax (708) 485-0058

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Precision Drawn Metal Structures

Full color brochure details the ShapeForm Advantage. Utilizing exclusive metal forming technology and unique equipment, ShapeForm engineers and produces superior, close tolerance, deep-drawn parts from most metals at competitive prices. Our engineering, tooling, & manufacturing capabilities produce complex seamless, one-piece shells, tubes & other shapes for the commercial, military, and aerospace industries.

Buckeye ShapeForm, (800) 728-0776 or (614) 445-8433 Fax: (614) 445-8224,

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Catalog D124 features over 2,400 NEMA and BU-ORD size gearheads and motors. NEMA sizes 17, 23, 34, 42 and 56 are available in planetary or spur gear design in inline, right-angle, single output or right-angle, dual output configurations. BU-ORD gearheads and speed reducers are available in sizes 8, 11, 15 and 18. The catalog features a large selection of metric gearheads and D.C. gearmotors ranging from 12 mm round O.D. to 60 mm square housings. Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument, (516) 328-3300 Fax: (800) 737-7436,

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Linear Motion Components

This new 48-page catalog H811 features over 950 linear motion components to make it a lot more affordable to design, build or repair Linear systems and/or automated production, dispensing or testing machinery Products include: belt driven slides, linear bearings, ball slides, acme lead screws, precision shafting, and pillow block bearings, Techno-isel, (516) 328-3970 Fax: (516) 358-2576,

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New Bearings Catalog B605

Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings have been added to this new 200-page catalog describing a full line of over 19,000 ball bearings, thrust beatings, sleeve bearings. Needle bearings, roller clutches, guide wheels & rail systems, linear ball bearings, aluminum lined linear bearings and inner & outer ring spacers: Also included is a technical section to help designers/engineers plan, design and specify bearings.

Quality Bearings & Components, (516) 616-0436 Fax: (516) 616-0443,

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Linear Motion Products

New 176-page catalog H830 features complete product and technical information for a full range of affordable linear motion systems. Products include a new series of heavy-duty slides with integral dust covers, 5 new rotary tables, XXY/XYZ stages, electronics components, CAM software and servos available from stock. A 30-page application section on machines, motors, sizing systems and more is included. Techno-isel, (516) 328,3970 Fax: (800) 737-7436,

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Motion Control Products

API Motion introduces its exclusive MotionSELECT program, the fastest, easiest way to get motion control products. Selected motion control products from API Motion are detailed in a free 272-page catalog - motors, drives, feedback devices, gearbox and brake solutions - all pre-engineered to work together, with no mismatches. API Motion ships the products within 24 hours of receipt of order.

API Motion Inc., Fax: (716) 691-9181, E-mail:

(800) 433-5259, EXT 3028 or Write in 3054

Flat Panel Display Solutions

Designer Guide offers the industry's largest selection of display systems for the OEM and industrial end user. Flat panel computers (featuring Pentium II to 500 MHz) and monitors available in variety of enclosures and open-frame. Touchscreens, membrane keypads and brilliant sunlight-readable panels are options. Custom system design is our specialty Industrial serial terminals, single board computers and support products offered. Visit us at: Computer Dynamics, (864) 627-8800 Fax: (864) 675-0106, E-mail:

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Select The Right Knob Or Handle!

New Standard Parts Catalog takes the guesswork out of choosing the right knob or handle for your application requirements. This 32-page, full-color catalog -- complete with detailed engineering specifications -- features hundreds of variations of styles, sizes, materials and inserts.

Davies Molding L.L.C., (800) 554-9208 or (630) 510-8188 Fax: (630) 510-9944,

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Easy to Use Inverter

Four page, color brochure describes the KBFV series converters designed to control standard 3-phase motors rated through 1HP from either 115 or 230VAC 50/60 Hz single phase. The drives are simple to install since no programming is required. Complete specs, technical and application info are presented. The KBVF is stocked worldwide. Request Data Sheet D-800.

KB Electronics, Inc., (954) 346-4900 Fax: (954) 346-3377, E-mail:

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iglide[R] Oil-free Plain Bearings Catalog

iglide[R] self-lubricating plain bearings are made from engineered polymers and are available in 8 standard material grades. They offer superior wear resistance, easy installation and maintenance-free operation compared to their oil-filled and PTFE-lined metal counterparts. The 176-page color catalog features over 2,500 standard inch and metric sizes from stock, including a linear bearing line (Drykin[R] ) and a self-aligning series (igubal[R]). igus, inc., (888) 803-1895 or (401) 438-2200 Fax: (401) 438-7680, E-mail:

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New Flow Meter Catalog

Hedland's new catalog includes over 7,000 models, featuring the new line of variable area flow meters. These new flow meters are available in aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, feature an easier-to-read linear scale and are accurate to [+ or -] 2%. The new meters operate in any position, come in SAE, NPTF and BSPP threads and are available in port sizes from 1/4" to 3".

Hedland Flow Meters, (800) HEDLAND (433-5263)

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New Master Catalog Distributed by Olflex[R]

Olflex[R] Wire and Cable, Inc., has announced the release of its expanded master catalog of products and technology to distributors and electrical design engineers throughout the United States. The 260-page, four-color catalog is larger than any previous Olflex catalog and contains new sections for Clean Room products and Custom Cable Capabilities, as well as many new products, including, flexible cables, conduit and cable management products. For more information, call:

Olflex Wire and Cable, (888) 789-FLEX (3539)

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First Time & On Time

Sons Tool Inc. prides themselves with doing the job right the first time and on time. Our customer base includes major corporations that are world leaders in their industry. Our philosophy is to produce parts as complete to print as our customer requests. Customer references are available upon request.

SONS TOOL INC., (715) 698-2471 Fax: (715) 698-2335

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Auto-slides Motor Ready Lead Screw Driven

Positive drive stages are motor ready (Nema 23), lead screw driven, and feature a zero backlash coupling in 1, 2 or 3 axis configurations. Driven by 3/8" diameter 0. 10" lead screw with anti-backlash nut, travel up to 12". Each stage uses either a ball or crossed roller slide as the linear guide with load capacity up to 110 lbs. Accuracy in a straight line, of 0.0001" per inch of travel and repeatability of 0.0001".

Tusk Direct, Inc., (800) 447-2042 Fax: (203) 748-5147, E-mail:

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Expanded Component/Hardware Catalog

New & expanded Catalog M1 features over 5000 advanced design products incorporating SMT & Thru-Hole PCB components. These include: SMT coin cell contacts & holders; SMT test points; fuse clips/holders; computer brackets; screw terminals; modular terminal blocks; SMT audio jacks, "F" connectors; USB & IEEE 1394 plugs/sockets. All SMT products are on tape & reel. Keystone is an ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of standard and custom products.

Keystone Electronics Corp., (718) 956-8900 Fax: (718) 956-9040, E-mail:

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TPE Tubing

Two-sided sheet describes non-latex, thermoplastic elastomer tubing. Complete specifications for 19 different compounds are provided covering hardness, tensile strength, ultimate elongation, and opacity. Also listed are performance characteristics, properties, sizes, colors, and packaging. With TPE's becoming more popular company has used their expertise to produce an extremely soft and flexible polymer sharing many of the same physical characteristics as rubber.

Kent Elastomer Products, (800) 331-4762 Fax: (330) 673-1351, E-mail:

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Precision Hot Air Flow to 1600 [degrees] F

Element burnout protection and precise hot air flow in whatever size heater you need from the hottest name in process heat - OSRAM SYLVANIA. Wide industrial applications from packaging, plastics, electronics and semiconductor to textiles, chemicals and printing for bonding, sealing, melting, curing, drying, cutting, and soldering.

OSRAM SYLVANIA, (800) 258-8290 In NH: (603) 772-4331 Fax: (603) 772-1072,

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Cherry Switch Catalog

Cherry's complete line of innovative and reliable switch products is featured in their new 166-page catalog. Choose from thousands of variations of standard snap-action, line interrupt, and selector switches. The catalog features complete performance specifications along with detailed technical product illustrations. It also includes a discussion of common switch terminology, international standards, electrical life charts and a complete glossary of terms.

Cherry Electrical Products, (800) 927-6298 Fax: (262) 942-6566,

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Precision Aluminum Extrusions

An informative brochure from Minalex, leader in close tolerance shapes from 3 1/2", illustrates typical applications and describes capabilities including short runs. Minalex, the quality leader delivers on time, every time.

Minalex Corp., (908) 534-4044 Fax: (908) 534-6788, E-mail:

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Spiral Bevel Gear Boxes Offer Design Flexibility

Versatile "Z" Series spiral bevel right angle gear boxes work as reducers or increasers. Forward, neutral, reverse, 2-shaft and 3-shaft models available. Feature 30 mounting configurations; counter-clockwise and clockwise rotation of input, output shafts; 4-320 HP; ratios 0.5:1-6:1; speeds to 3500 RPM; 7 sizes; backlash 3 arc minutes on request.

Andantex USA, Inc., (800) 713-6170 Fax: (732) 493-2949, E-mail:

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Complex Tubing & Parts

Precision Tube's catalog details its award winning, precision manufacture of tubing and tubular parts fabricated from Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Bronze - 22 non-ferrous Alloys. With strictest tolerances from .00025" and OD's from .010" to 2.00", the firm delivers straight length and coiled tubing, waveguide tubing and complex small parts for many uses: aerospace, electronics, medical, defense, HVAC and recreation.

Precision Tube, Co., Inc., (215) 699-5801 Fax: (215) 699-0761

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Precision Ceramics

Aremco produces a complete line of machinable and fabricated dense ceramics for use in high temperature design and process applications to 3000 [degrees] C. These ceramics are based on alumina, alumino-silicate, boron nitride, glass-Ceramic and zironia phosphate. Each product offers unique advantages with respect to thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. Aremco also manufactures a broad line of adhesives, coatings and potting compounds used throughout industry in the manufacture of high temperature sensors, electrical components and analytical instruments.

Aremco Products Inc., (914) 268-0039 Fax: (914) 268-0041, E-mail:

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PrecisionAire[TM] Pneumatic Linear Positioning System

PrecisionAire[TM] combines a pneumatic actuation system and electric control system to provide precision positioning at multiple programmed points. Capable of strokes up to 18 feet, at speeds up to 100 inches-per-second; with repeatability unaffected by changes in load, stroke length, pressure, orientation, or line communication. PrecisionAire[TM] offers inexpensive alternative to electric systems.

Tol-O-Matic, (877) 385-2234

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Linear Position Transducers

Rugged NEMA 4 environmentally sealed transducers for linear position measurement in adverse environments. Thirty ranges with up to 2000" maximum measurement capability Electrical outputs include voltage divider, bridge circuit, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 VDC, [+ or -] 10 VDC and digital. Linearity to [+ or -] 0.03% full scale.

UniMeasure, Inc., (541) 757-3158 Fax: (541) 757-0858, For immediate specifications, see

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Manual Hydraulic Pumps

Full-color catalog presents Star line of manual hydraulic pumps including single and dual-piston models. Options include reservoirs, adjustable overload relief valve, manual pressure relief valve, 4-way valves, stainless steel construction. Photographs, dimensional tables, and complete specification list describes each unit.

Star Hydraulics, Inc., (708) 453-3238 Fax: (708) 453-0297, E-mail:

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Clamping Devices Catalog

New Color catalog outlines the features and benefits of Ruland's new Hublok[TM] clamping devices for zero backlash shaft to hub connections. An ideal way to attach components such as gear, sprockets and pulleys to shafts when high amounts of torque will be transmitted and a keyway is not desired. Allows shaft mounted components to be positioned precisely, removed or repositioned without damaging the shaft.

Ruland Manufacturing Co., (800) 225-4234 Fax: (800) 929 9205,

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New Cherry Sensor Catalog

Cherry's line of high performance speed and proximity sensors is featured in their new 16-page catalog. Choose from a complete selection of magnetic proximity sensors, geartooth speed and direction sensor assemblies, vane switches and other products and accessories. The catalog includes complete performance specifications along with detailed technical product illustrations.

Cherry Electrical Products, (262) 285-0773 Fax: (262) 942-6566,

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Precision Mechanical Components Catalog

Over 50,000 Precision Components - bearings, belts & pulleys, shaft couplers, gears, hardware, slides, lead screws & nuts, positioning tables, linear motion systems and more.

* Easy Online Ordering

* Application Guides

* CAD Drawings

* Also On CD-ROM or Printed Catalog 44

* Design Wizards

* Calculators

Pic Design, (800) 243-6125 Fax: (203) 758-8271, E-mail:

For Catalog Write in 3073 * For CD-Rom Write in 3200

Switch Seals (Boots)

Elastomeric, one piece switch seals (boots) seal and protect panel-mounted switches and internal components against oil, moisture, dirt, dust, chemicals, and more, eliminating the need for gaskets or packings. Available in standard and miniature sizes, they fully encapsulate switch and bushing to the panel and do not interfere with switch operation. Catalog details seals for hex and round base toggle and push button switches, rotary and potentiometer switches, plus adapters for non-standard switch threads. AME Corp., (973) 263-1700 Fax: (973) 263-8199, E-mail:

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New Cable Carrier[R] Catalog from igus[R]

Energy Chain Systems[R] catalog from igus[R] provides technical data and design information on cable carrier and cable products. Includes hundreds of all-polymer Energy Chain[R] /Tube cable carriers for guidance and protection of cables and hoses, the extensive line of Chainflex[R] continuous-flex automation cables, a broad range of strain relief, mounting, shelving, and separation accessories, guide trough options, and more backed by a complete warranty igus, inc., (800) 5211-2747 or (401) 438-2200 Fax: (401) 438-7270, E-mail:

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New Amacoil/Uhing Brochure

Written for design engineers, the brochure covers a wide range of linear motion products and solutions using Amacoil's unique Rolling Ring Technology which converts rotary input into linear output on a smooth, unthreaded shaft for reciprocating, positioning and indexing linear motion systems. Brochure details how Amacoil's full-range of linear motion solutions eliminates complex controls, reduce maintenance, contain cost and improve operation.

Amacoil, Inc., (215) 453-8700 Fax: (215) 453-1670, E-mail:

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Precision Disc Springs

(CB) precision disc springs are produced to DIN 2092 & 2093 specifications. (CB) springs can be produced with linear, convex or negative curve characteristics for dynamic or static loading. Pre-loaded disc and ball bearing springs are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel alloys, heat resisting steel and a range of alloys, which provide quality performance for corrosive conditions high or low temperatures and anti-magnetic applications.

Bauer Springs, (800) 455-5252 Fax: (412) 787-3882

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Thermoelectric Cooling Products

Teca's 52-page catalog, featuring our complete line of thermoelectric cooling products. We have modules designed to thrive in harsh & hazardous locations, such as NEMA 4x and Class 1 Division 2. Thermoelectric cooling uses semiconductor materials, eliminating fluorocarbons and compressors. Models include Air Conditioners, Cold Plates, Liquid Chillers. We welcome custom designs. Ask for our free sizing software (for Windows[TM] - just mention this ad.

TECA Corporation, (773) 342-4900 or (888) TECA-USA Fax: (773) 342-0191,

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Tiny Screws, Nuts and Washers

Precisioned by us for stock and to order, screws, nuts and washers are available in sizes 0000-160 to -56 and popular UNM sizes which are stocked in many head styles and lengths with slotted and new socket drives in burr-free stainless as well as brass. Matching taps chasers and gages are on hand. Write or fax for catalog or send print for prompt quotation.

J.I. Morris Co., Fax: (508) 764-7350

(800) 433-5259, EXT 3051 or Write in 3079

Precision X-Y Stages

NEW catalog is filled with cutting edge products to satisfy the most demanding automation and inspection applications. Includes motorized X-Y and single-axis tables, Z-elevators, and stepping and servo motor drives and controls. Air bearings, linear servo motors, & piezo-driven flexures are among the technologies showcased, along with an extensive engineering considerations section- an invaluable design tool.

Kollmorgen Precision Systems Div.,

(978) 685-4900 Fax: (978) 688-8027, E-mail:

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Air Saving Blowoff is Super Quiet

The Super Air Knife[TM] dramatically reduces compressed air usage and noise when compared to other blowoffs. It delivers a balanced sheet of laminar airflow with hard-hitting force across the entire length. Compressed airflow is amplified 40 to 1. Many sizes in aluminum or stainless steel are available. Applications include blowing liquid, chips, and contaminant from parts and conveyors, cooling hot parts, and air screening. Exair Corp., (800) 903-9247 Fax: (513) 671-3363, E-mail:

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AST Plain Bearings

A 6-page full color brochure details AST's new line of self-lubricating bushing series, spherical plain bearings and rod end bearings. The literature contains general company information as well as photos, specifications, features, benefits, sizes, types and typical applications for the products.

AST Bearings, (800) 526-1250

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Decco Industrial Solenoid Catalog

Expanded 20-page catalog from Detroit Coil Company serves as a helpful guide to the proper selection and installation of industrial grade solenoids. It details the complete Decco line of push or pull, AC or DC solenoids, including the brand new Decco Tubular DC Solenoids for use in office machinery, computer peripheral equipment, and test and medical equipment.

Detroit Coil Company, (248) 398-5600 Fax: (248) 398-0481,

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New Switches and Lights

Expanded technical catalog features lighted, process compatible SMT switches. Pushbutton and membrane switches are available with black-lighting, panel, throughhole, or surface mounting, gold or silver contacts, sealed or unsealed. LED assemblies, clips, neon & incandescent lights boast more than 700 variations, as well as holders for snap-in panel, peb or solder terminal mounting.

Schurter, Inc., (800) 848-2600 Fax: (707) 778-6401, E-mail:

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PORON[R] Urethane Foam Sealing & Gasketing Guide

Guide covers the benefits of PORON[R] Cellular Urethane Materials. The guide provides detailed information, including charts and graphs outlining effective methods for selecting and sizing, gasketing material using PORON[R] cellular urethanes. PORON[R] urethane foams offer a broad range of design solutions for gasketing, sealing, and energy absorption. Free copy of the Sealing & Gasketing Design Guide call:

Rodgers Corp, Poron[R] Materials Unit, 800-755-6766 Fax: 860-928-7843, E-mail

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Corporate Capabilities Brochure

This new brochure details Phoenix Contact products and solutions for the electrical and electronic interface. It describes a variety of system solutions including industrial connectors, relays, data converters, DIN-rail power supplies and more. Network solutions detailing INTERBUS as well as a variety of Industry Solutions show how Phoenix Contact can provide time and cost saving solutions.

Phoenix Contact Inc., (800) 322-3225 E-mail:

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Earthquake Resistant Enclosures

A line of seismic hardened electronic enclosures successfully tested through Zone 4, the most severe test for earthquake resistance, is available. Catalog includes both standard enclosures and EMI/RFI shielded cabinets from FCC through TEMPEST applications. Cabinets are available in 37 panel heights, four depths and panel widths of 19", 24" and 30".

Equipto Electronics Corp., 351 Woodlawn Ave., Aurora, IL 60506. 800-204-RACK.

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Hinges, Gas Springs and Other Hardware

The new Guden Catalog 2000 makes it fast and convenient for engineers and designers to find the right hardware, including continuous, butt and specialty hinges, weld-on hinges, gas springs, dampers, lid supports, handles and latches. New product photography, CAD illustrations and tables give precise details, dimensions and materials of each item. Guden is an ISO 9002 Registered company

H.A. Guden Co., Inc., (800) 3-HINGES, (631) 737-2900 Fax: (631) 737-2933, E-mail:

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Unlimited Linear and Rotary Motion

8-page catalog describes the linear rotary ball bearing for applications requiring unlimited linear and rotary anti-friction motion in one housing. Provides information about design and installation, lubrication, and shaft characteristics. Contains complete specifications and charts for shaft-to-bearing selection.

Linear Rotary Bearings Inc., (914) 241-8215 Fax: (914) 241-0094, E-mail:

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New Expanded Guide For Optical Encoders

Design & Specifying guide is the most comprehensive summary available dedicated to the design and specification of optical encoders. Includes examples with special attention to operation in extreme environments. Regulatory approvals are listed. Offers motor adapters from NEMA 23 through NEMA 56, as well as common accessories. Contact Mr. Scott Orlosky, Sales & Marketing Manager, Industrial Encoder Division.

BEI Sensors & Systems, (800) 350-2727 or (805) 968-0782 Fax: (805) 968-3154, E-mail:

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Free Multi-Beam[R] Couplers Guide

Are multi-beam couplers an ideal choice for your application Huco-Engineering's Multi-Beam[R] Couplers Guide discusses optimum multi-beam coupler applications, design considerations such as speed, torque and misalignment, as well as construction material options (stainless steel, aluminum and nylon). 3-Beam single stage and 6-beam two stage couplers are each profiled in detail. Complete dimension; bore size and ordering information is also contained in this handy guide.

Huco Engineering Industries Inc., (800) 398-4529 Fax: (415) 472-4584, E-mail:

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Power-Core[TM] Gears

INTECH offers solutions where lubrication, wear, noise, vibrations, shock loading, moisture, and chemicals present problems for nylon, Delrin, or metal gears. Metal core ensures secure attachment to the shaft & even torque transmission. Drive elements are precision machined. OD's range from 1 1/2" up to 36" with corresponding metal core sizes. Larger sizes available. We will size your gear for you. Designs backed by proprietary gear durability calculation.

Intech Corp., (201) 767-8066 Fax: (201) 767-7797,

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Sealing and Trim Products

Hundreds of products provide solutions to your Sealing and Trimming Applications. Push On Trim Seals weatherstrip and trim doors and windows quickly and easily. QuickEdge Trims decorate and finish exposed edges. Channel/Belt Weatherstrip designs accommodate most vehicles. Self Sealing Weatherstrips provide a secure method for installing stationary windows.

Cooper-Standard Automotive, (800) 333-3265 E-mail:

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Solid Solution To Liquid Epoxy Problems

UNI-FORM[TM] EPOXY PREFORMS provide a simple method for sealing components. Uni-Forms are one-part epoxy resins that are solid at room temperature. When heated, they melt and cure, forming a consistent seal. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate diverse applications. Dispensing rates of 200 to 600 ppm. Eliminates drips, mess, and pot-life problems of liquid epoxy.

Multi-Seals, Inc., (860) 643-7188 Fax: (860) 643-5669,

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Plastics Materials, Wire & Cable

Port Plastics Inc. provides quick access to 334 pages of plastic technical information and 87 pages of Electro-Connect Materials Information. The viewer has access to Bearing and Wear, High Performance, Static Control Materials, Laminates, Acrylic, PTEG, Polycarbonate and Tygon, plus downloading of information from the technical guides.

Port Plastics, Inc.,

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Die Cast Specifications Standards CD-ROM

The Die Casting "Product Specifications Standards" manual is now available on interactive CD-ROM This newly updated version includes dimensioning, tolerancing & specification standards; checklists for die construction, part production and surface finishing; and properties data for all alloys. Ordering information and a sample chapter are available from:

Diecasting Development Council, (847) 292-3625 Fax: (847) 292-3613, E-mail:

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New Export Designer's Reference & Catalog

New Interpower[TM] Export Designer's Reference & Catalog #9 aids in designing primary power circuits of international products. Shows world plug/socket patterns, voltages & frequencies, international safety agencies and standards published by IEC, VDE, UL, and CSA. Products include high power connectors, power entry modules, IEC 60320 power connectors, molded cords & cordsets, plugs, sockets, and a wide range of other components with all major agency approvals. Panel Components Corp., (800) 662-2290 Fax: (800) 645-5360, E-mail:

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Custom Molded Urethane Parts

This firm specializes in custom molded urethane parts for industry. Why settle for off the shelf items when they will custom mold your specific need. Their unique tooling system allows them to keep mold charges very low, often under $100.00. They are capable of producing a single prototype or large production runs in less than two weeks.

American Urethane, Inc., (410) 672-2100 Fax: (410) 672-2191, E-mail:

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The New Stafford Full-Line Catalog

Catalog features more than 2,000 standard collars and couplings, most in stock for immediate shipment. The catalog's updated, easy to use format is divided into six major sections for quick reference. Many brand new items are featured including 3-piece couplings, balanced 2-piece collars, and more. When budget is a factor, check out Stafford's new improved collars, top quality products at extremely competitive prices. They are clearly marked in catalog for easy identification. Stafford, (800) 695-5551 Fax: (800) 649-5101,

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Quick Couplings for Plastic Tubing

Catalog of couplings and accessories for plastic tubing including over 100 new products: the APC Series the ChemQuik[TM] CQH Series the UDC Series, the SST Series and the FL Series Aluminum couplings. Over 1,000 standard sizes and configurations: Thermoplastic and metallic couplings for 1.6mm (1/16") to 19 mm (3/4") ID plastic tubing; pipe thread, panel mount, in-line or multiple line; straight through flow, single or double-sided shutoffs.

Colder Products Company, (800) 945-3814 Fax: (651) 645-5404, E-mail:

CALL (800) 433-5259, EXT 3024 or Write in 3115

Flennor Motion Control Products

Norco's Ball Reverser[R] Actuator is a unique reciprocating screw assembly which converts rotatation of a shaft into reciprocating linear motion. Configuration of the groove machined into the shaft determines the characteristic of the reversing turn-around: standard, instant, or dwell. Standard stroke lengths range from 0.44 to 148 inches. A typical application is on level-wind reels.

Norco, Inc., (203) 544-8301

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Photochemically Etched Parts

PEI produces precision metal parts such as RF/EMI shielding, heat sinks, lead frames encoder disks, etc. at competitive prices with short lead times. Our process produces burr-free and stress-free pans, and is a superior alternative to metal stamping. We etch almost all common and exotic metals including pure titanium and zircaloid/zirconium alloy in thickness from 0.0005" to 0.90".

Photofabication Engineering (PEI), (508) 478-2025 Fax: (508) 478-3582,

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Improved Pneumatic/Hydraulic Precision Slides

New catalog depicts improved line of precision slides incorporating slotted housings & extra mounting holes. Six basic sizes. Strokes to 32". Cylinder bores 9/16" to 4". Accessories include Reed & Hall switches, proximity switches, bumpers, cushions & shock absorbers. Stainless steel and super precision variations available in fixed or moveable housing configurations. For special tooling and mounting arrangements, contact:

Ultramation Inc., (254) 772-4860 Fax: (254) 772-0558,

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Diaphragm Pump Selection Guide

Features variety of diaphragm pumps available for the OEM, from tiny micro's to dry, deep vacuum roughing pumps that achieve 1.5 Torr (29.86"Hg) in only 2-stages. Significant advancement in high capacity diaphragm pump technology includes reduced pump size and Dynamic Mass Balancing, resulting in compact, smooth running, high performance. Complete specs available at

KNF Neuberger Inc., (609) 890-8600 Fax: (609) 890-8323, E-mail:

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Master Bond, Inc. manufactures over 3,000 grades of adhesives, sealants and coatings. Line consists of epoxies, anaerobics, cyano-acrylates, silicones and acrylics. Both one and two part systems are available. Systems are designed and packaged to meet specific requirements. Personal, one on one assistance available with our highly knowledgeable technical staff.

Master Bond, Inc., (201) 343-8983 Fax: (201) 343-2132,

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Precision Orifices

Data sheets introduce laser drilled, wire lapped orifices and nozzles with or without stainless steel micro screen filtration. Flows from [is less than] 1 cc/min, sizes .0004" to .081". Fittings, connectors and inserts in stainless steel, brass and plastic or retrofit of customer's supplied fittings.

Bird Precision, (800) 454-7369 Fax: (800) 370-6308

(800) 433-6259, EXT 3010 or Write in 3121

UL-Recognized Switch Seals

New 28-page catalog contains specifications and application data for environmental sealing boots for pushbutton, toggle, rocker and rotary switches. Boots protect switches from washdowns, salt water, oils, grease, dirt, cleaning solvents and other harmful contaminants, and seal panel cutout in which the switch is mounted.

APM Hexseal, (201) 569-5700 Fax: (201) 569-4106,

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Switching Products Catalog

This short-form catalog features a large selection of pushbutton, keylock and lever switches; several different keypads including vandal- and weather-proof models; sealed toggle and pushbutton switches, emergency stop switches, and unique flush mount switches. Descriptions, illustrations, and applications are included in EAO's catalog SF-204.

EAO Switch Corporation, (203) 877-4577 Fax: (203) 877-3694, E-mail:

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PANELdraw Software from Hoffman

Designing control systems just got easier. With new PANELdraw software from Hoffman, users can create panel and enclosure layout drawings quickly and precisely. This AutoCAD[R] add-on tool has an easy-to-use process for Bill of Material generation, documentation reporting, panel selection and drawing functions. PANELdraw streamlines the design process. Find out more at:

Hoffman, (800) 355-3560

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New Foam Chart from illbruck, inc.

This foam chart provides a small sampling of the many flexible foam solutions illbruck can offer OEMs. Foam characteristics, special treatments and available options are listed on back of the chart. A full-color brochure further details how illbruck can assist OEMs with their applications. For a FREE copy of this new chart, contact:

illbruck, (800) 438-0678 E-mail:

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Serial Box

Lumberg Inc. introduces an innovative IP67/NEMA 6P safety serial box. Cable pulls, e-stops, and similar safety equipment wired in series can provide protection for workers and equipment. These junction boxes were designed with safety in mind. Our colorful flyer highlights the safety benefits and includes technical specifications, wiring diagrams, line drawings, and part numbers and ordering information. Save time and money- GO Enclosure-less.

Lumberg, Inc., (804) 379-2010 Fax: (804) 379-3232,

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Molded, Extruded & Fabricated Rubber Parts

Twenty-four page catalog describes NERAC's standard line of Grommets Bumpers, Bushings, Tips, Caps, and Poly Bumpers, along with Nerac's standard extrusion products. NERAC also offers extensive custom manufacturing capabilities.

NERAC-The Rubber Co. (800) 545-3690 or in NH (603) 293-0450 Fax (603) 293-0312

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New Emax[R] Catalog

PHD's New Emax[R] Catalog has recently been released, and features all of PHD's electromechanical products including Series EC Cantilever Slides, EQ Base Slides, EGP Grippers, and Series FS Motors and Controls. PHD's Emax[R] products provide maximum design and application flexibility to fit industrial automation needs. And, the controls package is easy to program. Emax[R] products can be used individually or combined in a modular configuration with other Emax[R] or pneumatic actuators.

PHD, Inc., (800) 624-8511 or (219) 747-6151

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Temperature Sensors & Transmitters

Bulletin TS-102 describes a complete range to resistance temperature detectors (RTD's) thermocouples, and transmitters for precision sensing in OEM and user applications. The 108 page bulletin includes industrial probes and accessories, stator and bearing detectors, HVAC sensors, precision platinum elements, laboratory standards, and flexible Thermal Ribbon[TM] sensors. Bulletin TS-102 also contains a list of stock models, comprehensive technical data, and a custom design guide.

Minco Products, Inc., (612) 571-3121

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Heater Power Estimation

Application Aid #21 presents a simplified procedure for estimating wattage requirements of electric heaters. It discusses equations and data for calculating heat sink warmup and losses due to convection, radiation, and conduction. Included are sample calculations and tables of physical constants. Application aid is 12 pages.

Minco Products, Inc., (612) 571-3121

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Flex Circuits

Bulletin FC-301 describes precision single-layer, double-layer, multilayer and rigid-flex circuits for aerospace, military and medical use. Mince circuits are certified to MIL-P50884C for high reliability applications. The 8-page bulletin presents design options, quality provisions, capabilities and flex-circuit benefits.

Minco Products, Inc., (612) 571-3121

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Thermofoil[TM] Heaters

Bulletin HS-201 describes etched-foil heating elements and assemblies for precision heating in aerospace, medical, and commercial devices, Kapton, Nomex, silicone rubber, or mica insulation are standard. Included are 2,000 standard models, plus custom design information. Heaters may be furnished with integral temperature sensors. 32 pages.

Minco Products, Inc., (612) 571-3121

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Thermofoil[TM] Heater Prototyping Guide

Application Aid #25 helps designers specify and test etched foil heaters for optimum thermal performance. It discusses analytical and experimental methods for sizing heaters and profiling output for uniform temperature distribution. The Application Aid also describes the use of thermal imaging to evaluate heater behavior. Guide is 4 pages.

Minco Products, Inc., (612) 571-3121

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Thermofoil[TM] Heater Installation

Application Aid #22 compares various methods for mounting flexible etched-foil heaters, pressure sensitive films, epoxies, cements, shrink bands, and stretch tape. Discusses performance and operating conditions. Publication is 4 pages.

Minco Products, Inc., (612) 571-3121

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Resistance Thermometry

Application Aid #18 describes the theory and use of resistance thermometers and thermistors, two common temperature measurement devices. Included are resistance vs. temperature equations, discussion of common thermometer types and techniques to reduce error, 12 pages.

Minco Products, Inc., (612) 571-3121

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Flex-Circuit Design Guide

Application Aid #24 assists in the design of flexible printed circuits for aerospace, medical, and other critical electronics. Included are circuit types, materials, dimensional limits and tolerances, conductor current ratings, and tips on designing for controlled impedance. The 28-page aid also compares terminations such as connectors and pins. A section on artwork design provides guidance for drafters.

Minco Products, Inc., (612) 571-3121

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Electric Heating Elements for 45+ Years

New and expanded, comprehensive catalog features cartridge, air process, immersion strip and filmed strip, tubular, band, foil, flexible glasrope and ceramic heaters for a wide variety of OEM and industrial applications. With Hotwatt's worldwide distribution, this well illustrated catalog simplifies heater selection from a broad range of types, sizes and options.

Hotwatt, Inc., (978) 777-0070 Fax: (978) 774-2409, E-mail:

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ChemQuik[TM] CQNO8 Series Valve

Free literature on the revolutionary ChemQuik[TM] CQN08 Series non-spill dual shut-off valve, quick disconnect couplings that offer unparalleled performance with high-purity, aggressive chemical or ultra-pure DI water lines. Literature describes the product attributed including extremely low spillage that is achieved with a patented double-sided shut-off valve design. CPC's keying system allows for 64 different keys.

Colder Products Company, Fax: (651) 604-0214, E-mail:

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[Devicenet.sup.a] Compliant Motion Controller

MVP Series [DeviceNet.sup.a] compliant motion controls provide motion, velocity, and position control for brushless and brush type DC motors. Containing a myriad of standard features including MACRO programming support and integrated drive amplifier, the MVP 2001 offers unparalleled performance, reliability and economy. Price is under $600.

Micro Mo Electronics, (727) 572-0131 Fax: (800) 477-1133, E-mail:

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Instant Stress Analysis

Beam 2D provides instant, detailed analysis of complex beams in static bending. Single beam may have an unlimited number of materials, cross-sections, supports and loads of various types. Results presented in easy to interpret graphic and text formats. Productivity features include built-in databases, cross-section properties calculator, variety of unit systems, automatic units conversion and more. Price: $285.00 with a no risk 90-day trial and free technical support. Free brochure.

Orand Systems Inc., (905) 569-0055 Fax: (905) 569-0045, Free evaluation download:

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Spec Select[TM] 11 Available

Spec Select[TM] 11 software helps you work more effectively to select springs and accessories. The Window[R] -based Spec Select 11, which mirrors the Spec[R] catalog, is available on CD-ROM and in a simplified version at our website. The CD version allows you to estimate spring cycle life for compression and extension springs; search for products based on absolute values of length, load, and deflection, and export 2-D drawings and data to a CAD system.

Assocociated Spring Raymond, Barnes Group, Inc., (800) 872-7732 Fax: (419) 891-9192,

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Free Data Acquisition Starter Kit

Maybe you've always wanted to try PC-based acquisition. Or maybe you acquire data now but aren't pleased with the results or performance. Here's your chance to try our solution absolutely FREE. Sign up to receive DATAQ Instruments' WINDAQ Starter Kit that includes data acquisition hardware and CD-ROM containing WINDAQ software, a multimedia tutorial, and an electronic catalog.

Sign up for your free kit NOW at

New Teflon[R] Encapsulated O-Ring Guide

Creavey Seal Company, the recognized leader in the manufacture of encapsulated o-rings, originated flexible Teflon[R] encapsulated o-rings for the aerospace program and continues to advance o-ring technology in such areas as pressure-actuated seals and encapsulated o-rings.

New catalog offers a comprehensive overview of why, how and where Creavey encapsulated o-rings perform better. Includes design data, material and size availability and chart on chemical compatibility

Creavey Seal Company, (570) 587-4588 Fax: (570) 587-4599,

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Air Movers to Exhaust, Vent, Dry & Cool

New Super Air Amplifiers[TM] use a small amount of compressed air to produce air-flows up to 250 miles per hour! Amplifies airflow 25:1 at outlet. From a "blast" to a "breeze", they are ideal for exhausting smoke, cooling hot parts, distributing heat movens or molds and drying components. Many sizes available in aluminum or stainless steel.

Exair Corp., (800) 903-9247 Fax: (513) 671-3363, E-mail:

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New T-Slot Assembly System Catalog

New 112-page catalog H510 from Techno Profi-Team greatly simplifies the building of everything from lightweight fixtures to heavy-duty machine bases. Applications involve: robotic systems, machinery guards, furniture, displays, etc. Now you can quickly build your own customized machine frames, ergonomic work stations, safety enclosures, partitions, dollies and carts, trade show displays, plus racks and shelving -- with little labor and without welding or painting.

Techno Profi-Xeam, (516) 328-3970 Fax: (516) 368-2576,

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Measurement, Control and Instrumentation

Over 3,500 pressure, flow, level, temperature and valves for control & measurement described with technical and application information. INCLUDES PRICES. A must for all engineers and designers. Industry's indispensable source guide to Dwyer[R], Mercoid[R], W.E. Anderson[R], Proximity, and Love[R] lines.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc., (800) 872-9141 Fax: (219) 872-9057, E-mail:

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Grippers - Free Trial

New Gripper and Automation Components Catalog, H922" from Techno-Sommer Automatic includes a CD-ROM that features over 1,000 off-the-shelf modular pneumatic components plus CAD drawings. Includes grippers of all types plus: tool changers, swivel units, linear actuators, rotary actuators, suction cups, plus many accessory products.

Techno-Sommer Automatic, (800) 948-3246 Fax: (516) 358-2576

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Machine Guards

New full-color catalog showcases metal and fabric covers and guards which shield machines and personnel from workplace debris. In-stock and custom products include bellows, helical spring guards and way protectors. Design section simplifies product specifying and ordering. "Quick Quote" services also available by phone, or fax.

Centryco, Inc., (800) 257-9537 or (609) 386-648 Fax: (609) 386-6739

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Metric Gear Components

NEW 432-page catalog Q410 features technical specs for over 3400 standardized stock metric gear components, including spur, helical and internal gears, straight and helical racks, straight and spiral bevel gears, worm and worm gears, rachets, splines and gear couplings in modules 0.5 to 10.

Quality Transmission Components, (516) 437-6700 Fax: (800) 737-7436,

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Inductosyn[R] Position Transducers

Engineering Guide describes how to select and use Inductosyn[R] position transducers for demanding applications. Rotary Inductosyn[R] transducers provide absolute and incremental position information accurate to +0.5 arc second or better. Resolution to 26 bits. Linear Inductosyn[R] transducers are accurate to +[micro]40 inches, or better, with sub-pinch resolution. Specifications given are representative incremental and absolute units.

Farrand Controls, Division of Ruhle Co. Inc., (914) 761-2600 Fax: (914) 761-0405, E-mail:

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CAD/CAM/CNG - 2nd Ed. "What To Know Before You Buy"

New free 144-page primer (H840) explores what to know before you invest in CAD/CAM/CNC technology. A comprehensive technical section covers: scanning, tooling, fixturing & stepper vs. servomotors. Application case histories cover: wood, plastic, prototypes, engraving, education and more. Shows how CNC routers can expand business as well as provide quick payback. Includes selection specifications for 14 CNC router systems and 15 software packages.

Techno-isel, (800) 948-3246 Fax: (516) 358-2576, www.

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DZUS Quick Acting Fasteners

DZUS presents the most diverse range of quick-acting hardware. Products include Toggle and Slide Latches, Push-to-Lock fasteners, and our unrivaled scope of Quarter Turn solutions. With years of experience, DZUS offers fasteners that meet your requirement of design, quality, and target cost. View the new, fully featured DZUS catalog and reference guide on our website.

DFS International, Inc., (407) 858-9848 Fax: (407) 858-9601, E-mail:

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Plastic Fasteners And Components

New 38-page catalog describes a comprehensive line of quality plastic components in stock for immediate delivery. Featured are molded, machined screws, washers, spacers, nuts, threaded rod, knobs, bumpers, rivets, balls and pipe plugs. Materials include nylon, glass filled, Lexan, Isoplast, Ultem, Delrin, PVC and Teflon. Custom orders and metrics are available.

Product Components Corp., Fax: (925) 228-8933, E-mail:

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Operator Interface Terminals

QSI Corporation manufactures a full line of handheld, pedestal and panel-mount operator interface terminals for OEM, vehicle and industry. Products include character and graphic terminals with touch screen that are programmable, customizable, CE Certified and NEMA- 4/12/13 rated. Units start at under $175, and 30-day demonstration units are available for evaluation.

QSI Corporation, (801) 466-8770 Fax: (801) 466-8792, E-mail:

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CE-Compliant Machine Guarding Safety Products

Free 48-page handbook and 208-page catalog present design techniques and products to meet ANSI, OSHA and European safety standards. Topics include risk assessment, positive-break contacts, positive-guided relays and control reliability. Products include positive-break-keyed interlocks and limit switches, coded-magnet sensors, emergency cable-pull switches and safety relay modules.

SCHMERSAL, (914) 769-5006 Fax: (914) 769-4169,

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Free Catalog of Tooling Components

The Reid Tool Supply catalog offers over 40,000 items. Items include handwheels, handle knobs, spring and ball plungers, vibration isolation items, leveling pads, clamps, set up accessories, locating devices, linear motion slides, latches, hinges, thread inserts, bearings, and more. Most items available in inch and metric. All items are in stock for same day shipment with no minimum order requirement.

Reid Tool Supply Co., (800) 253-0421 Fax: (800) 438-1145,

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New Reali-Slim[R] Ball and Roller Bearings Catalog

Save weight, space, and cut manufacturing costs with thin section bearings, ideal for design of machine tools, food processing equipment, SME equipment, scientific apparatus, medical, and aerospace products. This 102-page catalog gives selection information and engineering data on over 350 in-stock bearings. Bearings for extreme services are also available.

Kaydon Corp., (800) 514-3066

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Pneumatic Cylinders

Brochure describes AIRPRO 250A-1 available in bore sizes 1.5-6". Standard adjustable cushions at both ends and magnetic piston; also available with nonrotating piston rod or oversize piston rod. Case hardened piston rod is made of high strength steel. Body is constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum. These USA-made, NFPA interchangeable cylinders come in 17 NFPA mounting styles and use 250 psi non-lubricated air. 24 hour delivery on expedited orders as well as standard 3 day shipping and a 3 year warranty. Airpro, Inc., Fax: (630) 691-8817,

CALL (800) 433-5259, EXT 3008 or Write in 3159

New Variable Volume Pump Manual

LPV Series Variable Volume Pumps offer the accuracy and precision of conventional syringe pumps in a smaller, lighter package. Designed to be completely maintenance free, the pumps can be located wherever the fluidic requirements dictate, regardless of maintenance accessibility. The pumps are available in three standard volume ranges (50, 250, and 750 [micro] L). The coefficient of variation (CV) is only 0.04% at full stroke.

The Lee Co., (860) 399-6281 Fax: (860) 399-2270

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Silicon Delay Lines

These all silicon delay lines are low-power CMOS technology, Inputs/outputs are ITL compatible, combining the reliability and quality of semiconductors with the stability and accuracy of hybrid lines. Other features:

* High Reliability

* Voltage/Temperature compensation

* Operating frequency (up to 200 MHz)

* Delay Tolerance of 1% Available

* Dip, Gull-wing & SOIC Packages

* Tapped, Multiple & Programmable units available

* Low cost and delivery from stock

Data Delay Devices, Inc., (973) 773-2299 Fax: (973) 773-9672

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35,000 Designs, 300,000,000 Springs in Stock

Century maintains the largest stock spring selection in the world. With over 35,000 designs and 300,000,000 springs in stock, Century ships all orders within 8 working hours. Our 350-page catalog includes complete specifications of compression, extension, torsion, die, tapered, disc, urethane and assortments. If your spring requirement is not in stock, we can custom manufacture according to specification or sample.

Century Spring Corp., (800) 237-5225

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Custom Parts In One Week or Less

318 illustrated pages of the most extensive product offering in the industry. ASM specializes in same day shipping from stock and custom parts in one week or less, no minimum quantities. An expressed favorite of design engineers, the catalog provides ease-of-use in specifying/ordering such products as spacers, standoffs, captive screws, washers, handles and much more. All products are available in standard or metric.

Accurate Screw Machine, (888) 208-2008

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Carlingswitches to Technologies!

Carling's new website, coinciding with their new corporate name shows their broadened product offerings including electrochemical switches, hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers, custom packaged power control systems and electronic controls. Web site includes product information with dimensional specs and ordering info. Online product configurator and selector guide available winter 2000.

Carling Technologies Inc., (860) 793-9281 Fax: (860) 793-9231, E-mail:

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New "Pressure Product Brochure"

New "Pressure Product Brochure" designed to assist engineers & scientists in selecting high accuracy pressure transducers, transmitters, & accelerometers. Features applications, specifications, product description, & special features & options. A "Pressure Transducer Handbook" is also included to assist in specifying & applying Setra's pressure measurement products.

Setra Systems, Inc., (800) 257-3872 Fax: (508) 264-0292, E-mail:

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Off-The-Shelf-Optics Catalog

"Optics for Industry" contains 140 pages of product data, photos, performance graphs & ordering information with new items added in the past year. Included are: simple & compound lenses, prisms, optical flats/flat glass, flat & concave mirrors, absorption & thin-film filters, beamsplitters, reticles, instruments & many others. Rolyn offers 24-hour delivery on stock items. Also provides custom cutting, coating, edging or complete fabrication if nesessary.

Rolyn Optics Co., (888) 559-8239 Fax: (626) 915-1379, E-Mail:

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Self Locking Studs

In-Thread Studs resist loosening under extreme vibration, impact & shock stresses & provide permanent 360 [degrees] metal to metal set. Designed to avoid problems of pre-coating, inserts or taps, wires or pins, locknuts or lockwashers. Eliminate messy sealants. American standards and metric sizes available in steel, aluminum, brass, exotic metals. Company also offers Double-Ended Studs & other automatic screw machine parts.

Accurate Automatic Parts, Inc., (800) 657-0786 Fax: (262) 782-6890,

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Yardley Sharp-Sert Threaded Metal Inserts

Flyer details the Sharp-Sert & Short Series Sharp-Sert inserts for use in wood, particle board, plastics and other similar soft materials. Thermal, ultrasonic & pressed-in installation methods are discussed. Slightly curved hooks lock into host material providing high resistance to rotation and pull out. Short Series available for shallow depth applications. Sharp-Sert is available in brass, in thread sizes 2-56 to 1/4-20 and metric. Flyer provides complete specifications.

Yardley Products Corp., (215) 493-2723 Fax: (215) 493-6796

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Clear/Anti-Glare Hard Coatings

As a custom coater, the Duravue[TM] families of coatings are available as sheets, finished fabricated parts or applied to molded or formed parts. High-resolution electronic display windows are produced in a clear or contrast enhancing colors and may feature screen-printing. Samples of these coatings are provided with the literature.

TSP Inc., (800) 277-9778 Fax: (513) 732-6988, E-mail:

3M[TM] Pneumatic Mufflers

3M[TM] Pneumatic Mufflers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and can be used for pumps and other air-operated equipment. Pneumatic mufflers reduce noise levels by as much as 30 decibels or more depending on the insert material, air flow rate and mechanical noise. For additional information, contact:

3M Bonding Systems Division (800) 362-3550

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Fastener Specialty Connector Hardware

Catalog offers detailed information on our standard product line of mounting brackets for electronic connectors. Self-wrenching Nut Rings allow for easy installation of connectors in tight spots. Fastener Specialty manufacturers standard and custom brackets in a vast array of sizes, shapes, and options (including commercial and Mil-Spec lines) providing versatile, affordable solutions to many fastener needs.

Fastener Specialty, Inc., (972) 988-0064 Fax: (972) 660-3153, E-mail:

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Innovative IOS Motor Systems

Low cost and small footprint make an IOS motor ideal for a wide range of high performance motion applications. Linear Actuator systems deliver up to 1,200# of thrust within a 4.25 inch/square footprint Transport Systems position loads horizontally or vertically at high speed with ball screw precision. Direct Drive systems replace couplings and gear boxes for inertia damping and zero backlash.

Intelligent Motion Systems, (860) 295-6102 Fax: (860) 295-6107, E-mail:

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Washers, Spacers and Shims!

Catalog 2001 includes over 16,000 non-standard sizes with no tool charges. Outside diameters of 0.080" to 2.631", a wide variety of inside diameters and thicknesses, with 2,000 material variations offer millions of washer possibilities. Materials include low carbon steel sheet, aluminum, brass, copper, and nickel silver. Quick reference washer list displays all non-metallic materials, such as Delrin[R], Teflon[R], Mylar[R], and nylon.-FAST DELIVERY-

BOKER'S INC., (888) 927-4377 Fax: (612) 729-8910,

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Sealed Bulkhead Electrical Connectors

A diverse range of electrical and fiber optic hermetic or Exxd cable assembly or multipin connector versions are available for a wide range of pressures and vacuums in small or large quantities. Virtually any type of insulated cable can be specified in low cost standard, semi-custom or custom designs. Seal versions vary from low pressure 15 psi (1 bar) moisture-proof seals to high vacuums to 10^-8 Torr or high pressures to 10,000 psi (700 bar) sealing fluids or gases in a chemically resistant epoxy seal. Temperature ranges are -100C to 80C, 150C or 200C. Standard versions for immediate delivery.

Pave Technology, (937) 890-1100x14 Fax: (937) 890-5165,

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Free 2000 - Color Catalog 73

ALL NEW 2000 COLOR CATALOG includes the biggest and best selection of hard-to-find electronic tools, tool kits, production aids, test equipment static control, solder/rework systems and accessories. Catalog is filled with more than 16,000 plus items from over 600 manufacturers. Techni-Tool carries a full line of items for production, computer repair and maintenance, surface mount technology, ESD, static control and cleanroom items.

TECHNI-TOOL, (800) 832-4866 E-mail:

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Design Flow Solutions

ABZ presents Design Flow Solutions (DFS) fast & reliable solutions to flow problems. DFS uses time tested calculation techniques & methods. DFS includes Branch & DesigNet programs. DF Branch solves single time problems with multiple components and DF DesigNet. Solves flow networks. Both solve compressible and incompressible flow problems. DesigNet includes a complete graphical interface for entry and viewing of network data and results.

ABZ Inc., (800) 747-7401 Fax: (703) 631-5282, E-mail:

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Precision Machining of Sapphire and Ceramics

Insaco's new 8-page brochure describes the precision machining of sapphire, ceramic, quartz, glass and other crystalline materials. Parts are fabricated to customer specifications--from prototypes to full production runs. Machining tolerances to millionths of an inch with surface finishes to Angstroms and fractional wave flatness. Call, write or E-mail for an immediate quotation.

Insaco, Inc., Fax: (800) 959-0267, E-mail:

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Wave Springs

New 2000 edition, #WS-2000, contains thousands of stock size wave springs (hundreds of new sizes added), spring design formulas, materials guide and typical applications. Helping engineers solve problems, this 40-page engineering and parts manual describes the many advantages of wave springs.

Smalley Steel Ring Co., (847) 537-7600 Fax: (847) 537-7698, E-mail:

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Total Magnetic Solutions

New information package from Magnet Applications describes company's capabilities in the magnetic field. Included are in-depth product descriptions, along with complete properties charts, of their bonded Neodymium Iron Boron and ferrite magnets.

Magnet Applications, (800) MAGAPPS E-mail:

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Complete Roller Services

Kastalon[R] is your complete source for roller services and custom polyurethane, rubber and plastic parts. Our brochure describes our capabilities from repair and covering to complete roll construction. Surface finishes available to your exacting standards. Along with custom roll manufacturing, standard products include crane bumpers, standard shapes, Koat-A-Roll[R] and mill specialties.

Kastalon, Inc., (800) 527-8566 Fax: (708) 389-0432,

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CD-ROM Catalog of Metals & Materials

The Goodfellow CD-ROM Catalog of Metals and Materials contains product information, technical data, and pricing for more than 40,000 different items. Search for products by chemical name or formula, item number, or trade name, then be linked directly to forms, properties, and pricing. Comparative data tables are presented for metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, and composites.

Good fellow, (800) 821-2870

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