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Literary and Biblical allusions in Swift's correspondence.

THE aim of this note is to complement an earlier listing of |Allusions in Pope's Correspondence' (N&Q, ccxxviii.36-8). The quotations which follow are not identified in The Correspondence of Jonathan Swift, ed. Harold Williams (Oxford, 1963-5), to which a finding reference is supplied. Quotations identified in my previous note on Pope, or in The Correspondence of Alexander Pope, ed. George Sherburn (Oxford, 1956), are omitted here. i.61 |dulce est desipere' Horace, Odes, IV.xii.28. i.64 |Augustus, who used to play at hucklebone with a parcel of Boys': Swift may be thinking of Suetonius, Augustus, 7 1. i.90 |look ye, Sancho, all adventures are not adventures of Islands . . . ': Don Quixote, i. 10. i.100 |sed ego non credulus illis': Virgil, Eclogues, IX.34. i.102 |quibus Hector ab oris': Aeneid,II.282. i.140 |Et Pila minantia Pilis': Lucan, Pharsalia, 1.7. |if Pelion had been Piled upon Ossa': Virgil, Georgics, I.281. i.142 |Hac ego si compellar imagine': Horace, Epistles, I.vii.34 (|compellor'). i.146 |Deliciae Humani generis': Suetonius, Titus, 1. i. 1 47 |Lepidissimus Homuncio': adapted from Suetonius, Horace (|homunicionem lepidissimum'). i.149 |Epicuri de grege Porcum': Horace, Epistles, I.iv. 16. i.256 |qui nunc te fruitur credulus aurea: Horace, Odes, I.v.9. i.326 |stat pro ratione voluntas': Juvenal, VI.223 (|sit'). i.363 |Fert omnia Tellus': adapting Virgil, Aeneid, VIII.310 (|fert omnia ... Aeneas'). i.375 |Two men shall be in the Field...': Luke 7:36. ii.2 |Non tua res agitur': Horace, Epistles, I.xviii.84 (|Nom'). ii.61 |quibus neque animi candidiores': adapting Horace, Satires, I.v.41. ii.165 |ad locum proprium suum': Acts 1:25. ii.183 |forbidden by Horace': Epistles, ii.185 |the earth is not to be forsaken ....': Job 18:4. ii.199 |miseris succurrere rebus': adapting Aeneid, I.630. ii.225 |like the sin of Balaam...': Numb. 22-4. |those that joined with Corah': Numb. 16:1-35. ii.314 |non nisi inter bonos': Cicero, De Amicitia, V. 1 8. ii.329 |nisi cum pituita molesta': Horace, Episties, I.i. 108. ii.331 |Omne solum diti patria': Ovid, Fasti, I.493. ii.332 |diis aliter visum': Aeneid, II.428. |senes ut in otia tuta recedant': Horace, Satires, I.i.31. ii.334 |inopis atque pusilli animi': Horace, Satires, I.iv. 17. ii.336 |Carmina possumus donare': Horace, Odes, Iv.viii. 11-12. ii.337 |me quoque vatem': Virgil, Eclogues, IX.34. ii.398 |the dial of Hezekiah': 2 Kings 20:8-11. ii.402 |the righteous shall inherit ...': Ps. 37:29. ii.406 |subeunt morbi tristisque senectus': Virgil, Georgics, iii.67. ii.435 |the sound of tabret, harp, etc.': Isaiah 30:32. |a cold watery furnace': Dan. 3:1 ii.442 |my Enemyes with Rods of Iron': Rev. 2:27; Ps. 2:9. ii.459 |according to Horace': Epistles, I.xvii.35. ii.468 |quod et hunc in annum vivat et plures': Horace, Odes, I.xxxii.2-3. iii.16 |the flesh-pots of A Egypt':exodus 16:3. iii.28 |omnia probate, quod bonum est tenete: 1 Thess. 5:21. iii.30 |inter vina fugam Stellae moerere protervae': Horace, Epistles, I.vii.28 (|Cinerae'). iii.55 |I cannot sit under my own Vine or my own Fig-tree': Micah 4:4. iii.58 |Tua me Virtus ubi fecit amicum': Horace, Satires, II.v.33. iii.78 |quod ad me attinet': Cicero, Atticus, V. 1 7 and passim. iii.94 |as Don Quixote said to Sancho': Don Quixote, ii.28. iii.171 |Diogenes was Encouraged ... by a Mouse': see Plutarch, Moralia, 77. iii. 172 |a cloud of Witnesses': Heb. 12:1. iii.216 |Serpit enim Res...': Cicero, De Republica, II.viii.33. iii.276 |Alexdr the great when he was dying': Quintus Curtius, History of Alexander, X.iv.5. iii.303 |lo Triumphe!' (recte lo: standard expression, but perhaps recalling esp. Horace, Odes, IV.ii.49-50). ii.313 |as Sancho's wife said': Don Quixote, ii.50. iii.329 |Horace to Tibullus': Epistles, I.xviii. 109-10. iii.345 |Paul and Agrippa': Acts 26:28-32. iii.352 |Quod nequeo monstrare, & sentio tantum': Juvenal, VII.56 (|qualem'). iii.355 |Otium should be sine dignitate': Cicero, Pro Sestio, XLVIII.98 (also III.358). iii.372 |alienos pascere nummos': Horace, Epistles, I.xviii.35. iii.412 |read Plautus': Aularia, III.v.28. iii.420 |The Poor ... you have always with you': John 12:8. iii.466 |non solus Cadenus, sed eris mihi magnus Apollo': Virgil, Eclogues, III. 104. iii.467 |principus placuisse viris non ultima laus est': Horace, Epistles, I.xvii.35. iv.4 |eat my morsal alone': Job 31:17. iv.158 |that precious ointment Solomon speaks of': Eccles. 7:1. iv.265 |manet et mane bit alta mente repostum': adapting Aeneid, I.26. iv.306 |like the Dew of Hermon': Ps. 133:2-3. iv.335 |a passage in one of Cicero's letters to a Friend; Orna me': probably Epistulae ad Familiores, V.xii.2-3. iv.337 |an abandoned people, whose hearts are waxen gross...': Acts 28:27. iv.360 |Sed homo sum...': Terence, Heauton-timorumenos, I.i.25. iv.369 |Bays quoth, i' faith simile good a': inexactly referring to The Rehearsal, i.2. iv.382 |I have sinned greatly': 2 Sam. 24:17. iv.383 |shall I not visit for these things?': Jer. 5:9, 29. iv.450 |the Dogs eat the Scraps': Matt. 15:26-7; Mark 7:27-8. iv.450 |Multa -- veniet ...': |incorrectly identified by Williams, actually Horace, Satires, I.iv.141-3. iv.47a |non sum qualis eram': Horace, Odes, Iv.i.3. iv.537 |having loved this present world': 2 Tim. 4:10. v.65 |the olim meminisse': Aeneid, 1.203. v.89 |I nunc et versus tecum meditare canoros': Horace, Epistles, III.ii.76. v.111 |Mea est Lavinia coniunx': adapting Aeneid, XII.937. v.120 |quoroum pars parva fui': Aeneid, II.6.
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