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Literary News for 2017.

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* David Madden's Marble Goddesses and Mortal Flesh was published by the University of Tennessee Press in June. This collection of four novellas (The Hero and the Witnesss; To Play the Con ; Nothing Dies, but Something Mourns ; and the title novella) tells the tale of Knoxville native Lucius Hutchfield, from a nineteen-year-old merchant seaman to his time as a teacher, con-man, novelist, and purchaser of a theater.

* Two books by Kermit Turner appeared in 2017: a novel, Funland; and a story collection, Culture Wars. The novel, set at a popular southeastern beach resort in the 1950s, is described by the author as "a story of troubled, 'flaming' youth." And he adds a warning to potential readers: "If Funland were a movie it likely would be rated 'R' for language and sexual content."

* Paula Eckard's talk "Tracing Contemporary Lost Children to Thomas Wolfe" at UNC Charlotte Center City on 14 November was part of the university's "Personally Speaking" series. Her comments focused on Wolfe and the lost child theme-- the impact of change and loss on children--that pervades the work of contemporary Southern authors. She also spoke about how she came to write her 2016 book, Thomas Wolfe and Lost Children in Southern Literature.

* The Thomas Wolfe Memorial in Asheville scheduled several literary events throughout 2017--in addition to the Thomas Wolfe Short Story Book Club sessions and the Thomas Wolfe Memorial Literary Award presentation (see page 166). "Look Homeward Riverside Cemetery" walking tours were set for 20

May and 9 and 16 September. The "Writers at Wolfe" events for the year featured Michael McFee with We Were Once Here (20 May); Julia Franks with Over the Plain Houses (10 June); David Madden with Marble Goddesses and Mortal Flesh (8 July); and Paula Gallant Eckard with Thomas Wolfe and Lost Children in Southern Literature (12 August). A staged reading of Thomas Wolfe: Home Again, the two-act play by William Gregg and Perry Deane Young, was performed twice (2-3 October) at Asheville's North Carolina Stage Company. The annual celebration of Thomas Wolfe's birthday was held on 7 October (four days after his actual birthday, but Saturdays are better for birthdays). On 25 October "The Death of Benjamin Gant," a discussion about teaching Wolfe and reviving his literary reputation, was held at the Western Regional Archives in Asheville (the event also featured selections from the film coproduced by Steve Agnew and Tom Rash, A Prayer for Coherence: Thomas Wolfe's Look Homeward, Angel). Finally, "An Angel Christmas" was held on 16 December.

* Scheduled for publication in 2018 are Thomas Wolfe Remembered (University of Alabama Press), a collection of forty-six reminiscences of Wolfe edited by Mark Canada and Nami Montgomery; and a new novel by Terry Roberts, The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival (Turner Publishing).

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